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HOW I FINESSE MOVIE THEATERS | Movie Theater Hacks, Tips, and Tricks for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Hi Movie Theater Employee can I have your money? Gimme your money You Puny MORTAL GIVEMEYOURMONEYYYY NO GIVE ME MONEYYYY NOOOOO THISCANTBE!!! NOTAGAIN TAKETHECARD TAKE THE CARD NOO! I DONTWANTTO! What Did I say?? TAKE THECARD THISCANTBE This Aint FAIRR Hey guys! Whats up IT’s PORTIA SO I’ve Figured all the good movies are coming out Black Panther, incredibles 2, I just saw the trailer AWESOME! I can’t wait to watch the movie THere’s also a bunch of new movies coming out this year cuz maybe I should help you guys out you guys may need help cuz honestly like why would i pay about $14 to $16 every single time i enter a movie theater Now, I’m going to tell you a little little secret So I have this thing Called moviepass and moviepass is this from the lord above this is not an ad but moviepass, you can go into almost every movie theater.. over 4,000 movie theaters across the united states i know it’s at amc okay well get you into almost every single movie theater you can think of, thats not really private so for some movie theaters they want 18 and above with your id. But other ones that I went to, that amc solely they accept you even though your not 18 so you bring in the card and then once you bring in the card, you show them your id and then they will be like “oh ok” so actually, first you need to check in with your phone and then once you check in with your phone you check in with your id, and you bring the card up to the register and then once that, you are into the movie theater and moviepass costs $10 a month that’s even cheaper than actually paying for a normal movie ticket not only pay less but get into any movie theater IWANt so that’s my biggest tip of all I have been waiting in this line for 10 yrs so glad that i finally get a chance…. P: I am a stubs member.. i’m sorry sir but she has to go first cuz she paid $12-$13 a yr i’m sorry sir but you have to wait i’m really really sorry NO OKAY I have waited longer! so for subscription cards, I am subscribe to amc and i only paid about $12 -$13 a year and with this, I can cut the lin and then like there is a side line and they would be like well we would accept the side line people first if your the front of the line, like the huge line and then the people in the huge line would be like when you walk in your just like subscription line idk people would give dirty looks to anybody in that line cuz its the boujee line but you dont have to pay $12-$13 a yr. So it’s WORTHIT IN my opinion. and you get free refills on sodas and.. let me tell you another secret huggggeee secret when i go to any movie theater. I make sure if it’s packed.. or not and there is this movie theater that I go to that is amc but nobody goes there in the amc santa anita people like everywhere, it’s packed all the time when i go to the monterey park one, NOBODYSTHERE idk why it’s a nice theater, okay and the best part is with the moviepass app so you see like there’s a whole list whole list okay the atlantic times square one like nobody’s there it doesn’t make sense but see like..uh.. they provide a whole list on the app so.. thats the cool and then you just simply see if i wanted to go to the glendale one i click the time uhuh a hottie you got to check in within a hundred yards and you got to check in and once you check in you are done so that is how to truly finesse a movie theater and make sure to like and subscribe and click the notification bell i know this is like WHATKINDA VIDEOISTHIS PORTIA i just want to help you guys movie season is coming think about it, we have here is my list black panther, incredibles does infinity war come out? but marvel movies like its all there cuz its like its the best quality for the best price and you could just go to any kind of movie theater each month just because you can see my dad used this rick and morty quote and rick said because i can think about it you can go to a movie theater YOU CAN about how to truly finesse a movie theater and i think you enjoyed it i know you enjoyed it cya guys next week bye BYE

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