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How Professional Hollywood Editors Set Up a Timeline – Video Editing Tutorial


  1. Film Editing Pro Author

    Did you find this video helpful? Have any timeline tips of your own? Let us know!

    You can check out longer free tutorials here –

  2. Mani ratnam Author

    Very helpful .. i was a premiere pro user and now in thoughts of giving a try to avid media composer ..can you make tutorials of avid media composer ?

  3. Ilia Chulsky Author

    Ever since I decided to learn video editing I wanted too see a video like this.
    You show the "Big picture" of an edit in a great way, and you managed to do it in just under 7 minutes.
    This is really great, thank you for making this video!

  4. Studios Black Pix Author

    Hey thank you for this video! I didn't really know how to set my audio tracks but I already organize them as you tell us in the video. So now I will set my tracks like this and I can do better edits. Thanks 😉👍

  5. Judah Mwania Author

    Thank you so much! I've been editing for some time now and always wondered why there are so many layers in Hollywood projects.

  6. Kathy Roberts Author

    I really am not at this level at all. So many layers, the most I have ever worked with was about 7. I would love to be able to sit and watch a professional editor, not sure I would say much as I would be in awe of what they were doing! What program are you using in your demonstration?

  7. Zegmaar Bas Author

    I can't believe it. A youtube video that just cuts right into the subject, without any word spend on giving an introduction to the channel, sponsor or whatever. Amazing!

  8. Davies Kaluba Author

    I like this but the problem is that many asked questions are not answered here. Can some body answer please what program is used here please?


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