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how they mix the audio for home release movies

Hey Jeff, I finished editing the movie Yeah what? I said I finished the movie Okay I need you to mix the audio for the home release version Oh for like Netflix and DVDs and stuff? Yep Okay


  1. Michael S Author

    Same situation with tv show reruns from the 50s-80s. You change the volume to hear the dialogue and then the commercials are louder then a garbage truck in your living room.

  2. Spinks Author

    Absolutely Sir…or anyone you probably need a Fucking Drink. People are fucking Crazyyyy…like do you know if the Next Fucking Person is Sane or not….

  3. DamageIncM Author

    Actually inaccurate, but anyway….
    Streaming-services like Netflix and Spotify suffer from level-compression. But while, sure, many physical home-video-releases do suffer from that as well, there are also plenty of great ones that are well-balanced and dynamic. – Maybe you've been getting the wrong ones if you think it's all the same.
    (Yea yea, I know it's a joke. But it's just highly inaccurate.)

  4. Gabriel N Author

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    how they mix the audio for home release movies

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  5. Hiro Bray Author

    Idk why but explosions and other loud sounds are always really quiet on my tv/stereo set (idk what does it). Like I get the music and dialogue bit, but for whatever reason my thing gets way too quiet whenever there is a sudden loud sound.

  6. Michael Valdes Author

    My sister hates when my brother in law and I watch movies because we have to blast it to hear the dialogue. Then an explosion shakes the house and wakes the baby 😂

  7. Dragonetta Author

    Dude, I now watch all my movies with the captions on, because if I turn up the volume loud enough to hear and understand the dialogue, when the action scenes kick in, the walls will shake from the loud ass volume, and my neighbors will assume that I've lost my damn mind. They also do this for commercials. When they come on, it's blasting. Thank you for bringing this up.

  8. Hoganply Author

    Even with pro headphones on it's rediculous. I swear it's getting worse with each movie too. Watching the Endgame Blu-ray I had to turn it up so loud to comfortably hear the dialogue the explosions literally hurt my ears.

  9. Ginsu131 Author

    Guys, don't watch movies using TV speakers. Get external ones with a center channel, which is where all the volume is piped to these days.

  10. Neknerp Author

    TVs/dvd players/netflix usually default to compressing the 5.1 to come out of TV speakers, which makes the dialogue relatively quiet.

    If you switch to the standard "stereo" audio option, then the volumes will be much more balanced on tv speakers.

  11. eru san Author

    I'm guessing a lot of this has to do with home equipment, as well. If you're playing surround sound through an HDMI cable in stereo, you'll have terribly quiet dialog and terribly loud explosions.

  12. Mary Darko Author

    I was watching Thor: Ragnarok on my tv, listening to Thor talk and all of a sudden you hear Immigrant Song 'AAAAAA' was really something

  13. Jilk Author

    Gotta have my remote in my hand so I can turn it down when loud shit happens and not wake up my family and then turn it back up again so I can hear dialogue.

  14. Ssj3Gokulegend! Author

    Obviously anyone who agrees with this video clearly watch their movies with shitty tv speakers. The audio for home media is specifically mixed for a proper home theater system in mind with dynamics intacted. Granted they should release like a 2.0 mix for tv playback it self but this is clearly not an issue for anybody with the proper setup. I refuse to let them mess up great mixes for people that only watch with their tv speakers or crap speakers in general. Get better equipments!

  15. Laser Mayonnaiser Author

    I swear there are some movies in On Demand or Netflix or DVD where I have to clench my remote to turn up the volume for dialogue and turn it down for music and sound effects. I might as well be playing a video game with all the button pressing


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