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How to bake textures in Cinema 4D for Element 3D | Tutorial

hello in this video we are going to see how to bake high quality textures in Cinema 4D for using in Element 3D sometimes the C4D file looks stunning inside Cinema 4D but when imported in Element 3D, the file may look awful so to fix this problem, we open the C4D file in Cinema 4D expand all the subdivisions select all by pressing Control A click on Make Editable now select the main layer go to objects, bake objects set the width and height to 2048 or its multiples change format to PNG enable Ambient Occlusion, Normals and Single texture choose a path to save the bake files click on Bake it will take some time for the textures to be baked after the bake process is completed save the C4D file using different name there will be three images Surface Color, Normal, Ambient Occlusion go to After Effects create a new composition create a new solid let’s import the 3D model by using Element 3D open scene setup import import the file that you have saved after baking click on OK I am increasing the scale of the object for visibility double click on the texture now click on Diffuse go to the path of baked textures and select the surface color file click on Open click on OK let’s apply Normal Bump by clicking on it open Normal file click on OK click on Occlusion click on Load Texture open Ambient Occlusion file click on OK click on OK now we can see that the textures are applied perfectly but still the glass part of the object is not transparent I will show a way to make it transparent in next tutorial hope this video is helpful to you thanks for watching


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