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How to clone your actors | HitFilm Express

Welcome back to another HitFilm tutorial everyone.
In this video we’re returning to HALO Jump with an effect that works in both HitFilm
Pro and Express. When we shot HALO Jump we knew that we didn’t have enough actors or
uniforms to fill up the plane. So we used visual effects to duplicate our 6 actors onto
either side of the scene. I’ll show you how to do that now, plus how to add realistic
camera shake onto a locked off shot. Here we have our two video layers in the timeline.
One of them is for the soldiers standing on the left, and the other on the right. On this
one you can actually spot the red light that we used for the scene, but it won’t be visible
in the final shot so it doesn’t matter that it’s there. The important thing with this
shot is that the camera was locked off and did not move between takes.
Lower the Opacity of the top layer. Now we can see both at the same time. It looks like
the soldiers on the right don’t really go past this point here, that’s where we’re going
to draw the mask. Select the Freehand Mask tool and click the top layer. Draw your shape
around this piece of footage to separate a section of it.
If I turn off the right layer you can see the effect of the mask on the left. Playback
your footage and check for any mistakes in the mask.
If our lead character wasn’t in the middle of the frame, we’d be done. His arm currently
gets cut off so we have to correct that. On the same layer I’ll disable the isolation
mask real quick to see it in full. We’ll draw another mask on his arm here. In the Transform
properties, activate keyframes for the Path. We’ll go almost frame by frame and align the
mask with his arm appropriately. You can use the comma and period keys on your keyboard
to move backwards and forwards. You don’t have to go through the whole scene, just the
moment when his arm crosses the boundary. Once you’re done with that, feather the mask
a little to blend it in better. Here is the top layer by itself, to give you an idea of
what exactly is going on. We’ve added a piece of footage onto the initial cutout to preserve
his arm. The next step is to add camera shake. Both
Pro and Express do have the Shake effect, but it is possible to use the camera shake
from real world footage. We have done a tutorial on this in the past, check that out if you’d
like to watch a full detailed video from Josh. The first step is to film something. It can
be a picture on your wall, it can be your computer screen, it doesn’t really matter.
As long as there are trackable features and it shakes. For this I filmed a poster on my
wall. After importing this footage and bringing it into my timeline, I’ll motion track the
whole scene, then apply the data to a Point layer. This is covered in Josh’s tutorial
but we also have a dedicated motion tracking video by Axel if you have any more confusion.
Once the tracking data has been applied to the Point, you can delete the source video.
Select both layers of the HALO Jump and parent them to the Shaking Point.
Once the footage is shaking it will likely not reach the ends of the screen all the time.
In the Point layer’s Transform properties, increase the Scale until the edges of the
video reach the edge of the canvas. If you’re having trouble seeing the edges, you can change
the background color to something bright to help with the visibility.
Thanks for watching everyone, I hope you enjoyed this simple technique. We’ve got a couple
more HALO Jump videos coming out very soon, so subscribe and click the bell icon to be
notified as soon as they come out. Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll see
you all in the next video.


  1. Bob DiMarzio Author

    Great tutorial as always Javert. Smooth, informative and concise. Audio levels always spot on. Almost perfect. To make it perfect please put a small piece of black electrical tape on the stove's clock. I find the pulsing of the little green blob distracting.

  2. alchemy alchemy Author

    Could you guys add a tutorial on ground-cracking superhero entry? I mean..we have been waiting for it to arrive it in worlds best ever video editing software: hitfilm

  3. jeff miguel Author

    Love your work. I am interested in doing a video similiar to George Michaels "As" video. Where he and Mary J Blige were cloned several times throughout the video. How can this be done in HitFilm. Please advise.

  4. 4P5 Author

    I have recently grown attached to hitfilm. I love every aspect of it, though I do have a suggestion: Possibly a more simple way to add text, instead of making composite shots and all? Many thanks!

  5. GSR Plays Author

    I've been using Hitfilm 4 Express for a year and I'm still learning a lot of things from you guys. Thank you so much for making such a great software available to the public.

  6. Kartik Singh Author

    I'm following u guys frm a long long time guys
    Awesome work 馃憣馃憤
    Keep improving especially when i drag timer on editor timeline is feels a bit laggy
    Means it isnt that much buttery smooth 馃憤

  7. Anarghya Kodam Author

    I am working on a project in hitfilm express 2017. I have a clip which is 35 mins long and it wouldn't add to the editing timeline. i figured out the problem is the length of the timeline. could someone plese tell me how to increse the length, this is realy urgent. thankyou

  8. VOKZEL Author

    Quick question. Is the Shake effect only on Hitfilm 4 Express? I am currently using 3 and I don't see the shake effect. Or is it only available for Pro users?

  9. MinecraftSurvivalGaming Author

    WAIT A SECOND why was this video demonetized. I checked twice, there are no ads on this video. What even are the youtube terms of service, this video actually got demonetized :/ sad

  10. Debajyoti Halder Author

    Hey, i love to use HITFILM EXPRESS. But when I make youtube videos sometimes i need to do voice over. I request to have the ability of voice recording in the NEXT version of HITFILM EXPRESS .

  11. Isaac The Animator Author

    Hi Hitfilm! I finished my latest movie! Please watch and give feedback if at all possible!

  12. NITRO.OVRDRVN Author

    Hi Hitfilm, I wanted to thank you for these educational videos. I'm a 12 year old in 6th grade with a passion for building computers and film making. My next film is going to be a mix of cloning and the iron man HUD. It;s going too take some work, but i'm positive that i can do it. I'll send you my video once it is done. This is my previous video that i made using your software:


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