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How to Connect a Fluance Turntable to a Home Theater A/V Receiver or Stereo Amplifier

In this video, we take you through the process
of connecting your Fluance Turntable to your home theater or stereo receiver. Before we move into connecting your turntable,
confirm if you need a pre-amp. The RT80 and RT81 models include an internal
pre-amp if needed. If your Receiver has a Phono Input
Connect the Red and White RCA cables to the left and right audio inputs on the receiver. Connect the RCA cables to the audio outputs
on the back of the turntable. Ensure each colour is connected to the same
channel on the turntable and the receiver. The Preamp switch should be in the PHONO Position. If the receiver has a grounding nut, you can
connect the ground cable between the receiver and turntable. If your Receiver does not have a Phono Input
Connect the RCA cables to an available input on the receiver, some may be TV, CD for example
Set the preamp switch to the LINE position The ground cable is not required when using
the internal preamp If using an External Preamp
Connect the RCA cables from the turntable to the preamp. Set the preamp switch to PHONO. Connect the ground cable to the grounding
nut on the preamp and on the turntable. Connect the preamp to the receiver
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  1. joyrider08 Author

    Great video but i need help. My speakers are new and have RCA cables to a line in input. That's the only connection i have to audio. I followed your instructions line out on TD to Phono on Receiver. Now i need to plug my RCA cables on LINE OUT (receiver) to LINE IN (speakers) ?


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