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How to Get the Best Picture Quality on Your Sony BRAVIA TV

Hi, I am Peg from Sony and I’m going to show you how to get the best picture possible on your Sony Bravia TV. With our custom and preset options in our menu, you can customize your viewing experience. Remember, all products can be slightly
different, so be sure to check the owner’s manual or visit us at for your specific features and menu options. Let’s begin by selecting a preset
picture that best suits the content you will be viewing. On your TV remote, press the Home button, then select Settings. Select Preferences. Select Scene Select. Select the desired settings, such as Cinema, if you’re watching a movie or Game, if you’re playing video games.
Another option is to adjust your TV’s brightness according to the ambient light. This will
help you also to save some power. To do this, press the Home button, then
select Settings. Select Preferences. Select Eco. Select Light Sensor. Select On. To return, press the Home button twice. I hope you enjoyed this video. For more
tips, tricks, and how to videos, please visit us at or on our SonySupport USA YouTube channel. Thank you.


  1. SINister Gaming Author

    Horrible video this is all common sense stuff. If you ACTUALLY want to be helpful give a detailed picture setup and show us what numbers are best to use (yes i know it varies i don't give a shit at least it will put us in a DECENT ballpark vs the stock highly over saturated settings you get out of the box that cause you to lose a lot of picture detail).

  2. MrProTechHD Author

    let's be Honest Sony   Your"re Low-Mid range tv's are ok  all i know is to get the best from Sony is you have to buy the high End  XBR'S not the Low end Xbr's  you can notice a big difference in picture quality instantly

  3. Tanvir Hasan Author

    Hello.. I was thinking about buying Sony KDL-W700B… But at the showroom when I connected my Ext. HDD (in exFAT format) the TV simply couldn't find mp4/mkv files larger than 15GB, it kept on searching & searching. Can you tell me why that happened? Or any solution? Anything to do via software update? One thing to mention is that later I tried the Samsung smart tv (H5500), & it played everything smoothly. But I want to buy the Sony one, as I prefer Sony's picture quality more.

  4. Ken Beckett Author

    We have KDL46EX720 Model, that until recently was running well. Now the picture settings revert to the Zoom setting, Zoom has an overlap, so parts of the picture can't be seen. The menu shows the Full setting to be best, but even this setting doesn't filll the screen totally. I tried to re:set to factory setting but can't fiqure out how to do this either.

  5. annasan68 Author

    Nice vid. But how do you change eh resolution settings on a particular input? I have one input which is locked at 720 but all the other ones are at 1080i. Can find the place to change it. Please help. Thanks

  6. saga Author

    hi I need the best settings for TV on the bravia kdl55w950b ..I can't seem to be satisfied with the picture…it looked way better in the store…please help

  7. sukhraj gill Author

    I have Sony Bravia W70C 48" Led.
    I have a little problem.
    Whenever I use scenes (like cinema,game or sports),it automatically turn back to general scene after some time.
    Why is it so?
    How to fix it?

  8. Irfan Ali Author

    I own a Sony bravia KLD the picture quality is ok but I would rather choose Samsung over Sony. This video dose not go into detail and not much help

  9. hipermlexon Author

    I'm looking for best sony TV for PS4 gaming only. I consider kdl-48w705c (the slowest input lag) or kdl50w805c (higher latency but probably better picture quality). I am not a pro gamer, but I cannot stand motion blur effect. Could anyone help?

  10. William 0502 Author

    I just returned a Samsung ks8000. I decided to go with the Sony xbr55x930D tv. Its a great tv but i been checking around in the settings and i cant seem to make the tv as bright as the Samsung. No matter which setting i pick or picture mode i select the tv seems dark. I even had the brightness all the way up. Please help because I dont want to return this tv.

  11. TJ tanzim Author

    My tv is not working,it shows a red light blinking on its middle downward side of my tv.So what should I do to recover my sony tv.Details: Invoice No.INV-SE-2016-001133, SONY 40 Inch TV

  12. Dynamite Merchant Gamers Nim Author

    My tv in demo mode,when tv is on demo mode display top area,when we go to setting they didn't go for setting.with in second go to setting and exit light blinking regularly.can you suggest me how to solve this problem.

  13. ASHISH G Author

    How do I turn off picture(video) when watching songs youtube on Sony KDL-55W900A(There is no "pic off" button on the remote RM-GD028, and I can't find any option on the sideview app as well), is there a way to add the shortcut on any other remote button…please help


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