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How to Hang a Picture : How to Use Various Types of Picture Hangers

Hi. I’m Bobby Hester on behalf of Expert Village.
In this series we’re going to show you how to hang big pictures, small pictures, and
every size in between. We’re going to show you how to use hangers, and we’re going to
show you how to quickly and easily hang a picture just like a professional. In this
clip I’m going to show you some different hangers that are available on the market.
Just some of the basic ones. There’s a huge assortment of different types of hangers and
gadgets and gizmos that you can use to hang a picture with. But I’m going to show you
some of the more common ones in this next clip. The first one I’m going to show you,
it’s pretty much a classic hanger and there are several different kinds that are similar
to this one. They basically all have a little hook to hang your picture on and then a nail
that slides through. And that nail goes into the sheet rock. And that’s a very strong hanger.
It comes in several different models, this one is a 30 pound, this one is a 100 pound
version that has 3 nails in it and there is also a tiny little 10 pound one. Moving along,
we have these larger ones. This is a100 pound hanger, really good for hanging large pictures
or big mirror or something that you really need that much strength for. There are also
these hangers that screw into the wall. And, they’re very strong. Well, this one’s only
35 pounds, but you can get these that are pretty large. The thing that I don’t like
about these is it makes a really large hole in your wall so if you ever decide to move
your picture; you’ll have a really big hole that you’ll have to fix. But they’re simple
to put in, you just put them in with a screwdriver and they screw right into the wall. The next
one I want to show is a hanger with a self adhesive on the back that’s really good for
hanging in many of your libraries, you want to hang a picture on a cabinet or on your
refrigerator. They’re not real good on sheet rock. I’ve noticed sometimes if you leave
them on for very long on sheet rock, it’ll rip away some of your texture on your sheet


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