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How to Hang a Picture – The Picture Stick and Vertical Arrangements

(Music) Hi everyone, I am Ernie Reschke, President
and Founder of PHP. In this video, I will show you how to use The Picture Stick to hang
a vertical picture arrangement. I promise, once you start using The Picture Stick, you
will never hang another picture arrangement without it! Hanging a perfect picture or artwork arrangement is time consuming and often extremely difficult.
If you’re like most people, behind each picture or artwork are extra holes in your walls trying
to get it right. The Picture Stick not only eliminates the frustration and the extra holes,
you can hang picture arrangements like this one in minutes with ease and enjoyment.
With each Picture Stick is a vertical arrangement pin. This pin allows you to “see” your arrangement
on the wall before you install the anchors. This is an awesome feature of The Picture
Stick. Let’s see how it’s used. Put your Picture Stick in the ready position
as described on our first training video and again, I recommend you start at 70 inches
and adjust from there. Now that your Picture Stick is in the ready
position, hang your top picture first then insert the vertical arrangement pin several
inches below the top picture then hang your second picture.
First, hang and level the top picture. The vertical arrangement pin has a hanging
point here. You’re going to insert it into the holes in the top pole a couple inches
below the top picture, and hang your second picture and confirm it’s level. Simple!
Now that your picture arrangement is on the Picture Stick, you can see if it looks right
on the wall. Take several steps back and look at it.
Most likely you will want to adjust the picture arrangement. With The Picture Stick, adjustments
are very easy. If you want your arrangement adjusted left
or right, remove the bottom picture, make your adjustment, then rehang the bottom picture
like this. Simple!
If you want your arrangement lower or higher, again, remove the bottom picture, make your
adjustment, then rehang the bottom picture like this.
Simple! Now that you have made your adjustments, recheck
how it looks. This looks good so lets install our arrangement.
Note the difference between the two pictures. In this arrangement, the distance is approximately
1 inch. Next, remove the bottom picture then remove the top picture.
Next, mark the hanging point for the top picture. Next, remove the vertical arrangement pin,
lower The Picture Stick and keep it in place. With my anchor point marked on the top picture,
I am going to install my achor and hang my top picture.
Simple! At this point, rehang the bottom picture on
The Picture Stick; confirm it looks good on wall and that it is spaced to your satisfaction.
After you have confirmed the bottom picture location, remove it, mark the anchor location,
install the picture. That’s it! The Picture Stick is very easy
to use when hanging picture arrangements! Once you get the hang of it, no pun intended,
you’re gonna love hanging picture and artwork arrangements.
If your watching this video on YouTube, please leave your comments and questions below. If
your watching from our website, please send me an email if you have any questions.
That’s it. Thanks for watching and we have lots more training videos coming soon. Bye.

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  1. Ernest Reschke Author

    Hi Brad,
    Thanks for the interest in The Picture Stick! Any product that helps people hang pictures and artwork is good! I look forward to seeing the Apex Clamp on the market soon. Good luck!


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