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How to Look Amazing in your Senior Pictures!

Hey guys! My name is Hope, and in this video
I’m going to share my top 5 tips on how to look your best in your senior pictures. I
work as the photo editor at Arising Images photography, a studio in Michigan that specializes
in natural and fun senior pictures. As the photo editor, I have gone through thousands
of senior pictures, and there are a few things that come up quite often that could make or
break your senior pictures. So, here are my top 5 tips on how to look your best in every
shot. Tip one: Don’t be too adventurous with your appearance. Senior pictures are a big
deal, so we know it can be tempting to get a new haircut, get a spray tan for a nice
glow, or go for some bold makeup for a look that pops. But, the majority of our clients
who do these things end up calling us to reschedule their shoot. So, stick to a look that you
feel comfortable in, and a look that you know that you’re gonna love. Take Rachel for example.
Her look was soft but glamorous, and we think that she absolutely killed it, and her pictures
look awesome. Tip number two: Wear soft colors. We know that some people love how they look
in bright colors and bold patterns – and it’s true, you probably look awesome and it shows
off your fun personality. But unfortunately, photos work a little bit differently. Light
will bounce off your bright clothes and cast a hue of that color on your face. So, for
example, if you’re wearing a lime green shirt, your face will show a greenish cast. Not to
mention, some bright colors are just too distracting. So to keep the focus on you, we really recommend
wearing neutral or more muted colors so that you shine through. Here’s some pictures of
Jordyn’s senior session, and she had some amazing outfits that made her pictures that
much better. Tip number three: Wear fitted clothes. I have heard so many girls – and
even guys – say that they wear loose, flowy, or unstructured clothing because they feel
that it’s more flattering. Ladies, I get it! My closet is FULL of flowy clothing. But again,
photos work a little bit differently. As the photo editor, when I’m going through a senior
session, if a girl is wearing flowy or unstructured clothes, she ends up just looking bigger than
she actually is. So like Emma in this picture, wear something fitted, structured, and something
that accentuates your natural waist. Nothing too tight, just nice and fitted against your
body, and it’ll look great in every shot. Tip number four: Dress for the weather. I
know this seems obvious, but I have seen many sweaty photo shoots, and many cold ones as
well. You don’t want that sweaty shine in your pictures, but you also don’t want that
muscle-tense shivering, that freezing cold forced smile, or the pain in your eyes either.
Olivia had a really hot day for her shoot, so she chose a cute sundress which turned
out perfect. Dress so that you’ll be comfortable outside for about an hour. Tip number five:
Just have fun! Go for that funky necklace, wear a pair of awesome heels, make one of
your outfits a super fun, trendy sundress. The more personality you show, the more that
you’re gonna love your pictures. Michaela took her photo shoot into her own hands and
hopped into a nearby stream. It was totally unexpected, but her pictures turned out awesome.
We know it can be intimidating to be professionally photographed, especially if you’ve never had
it done before. But the more that you can just relax and be yourself, the more that
your pictures are going to create some amazing memories for you. Those are all the tips we
have for you today, we hope they were helpful. This video was brought to you by Arising Images
photography studio in Michigan. Please check out our website to see more senior sessions
that we’ve done. And to all you seniors out there – good luck on your senior sessions,
and we hope you have an amazing experience.


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