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How to Make a Video with Pictures and Music (Slideshow)

A video you make from your favorite photos
will always be unique and special. This is why it makes a perfect birthday or
wedding gift for your loved ones. A slideshow is also a great way to get your
point across in a business presentation or school project. Watch this tutorial to learn how to make amazing
videos from your photos! Step 1. Open the Movavi Video Editor program If the software is not already installed on your computer, click here to download a free
version and follow the tutorial steps Step 2. Add photos to the program Click Add Media Files to choose the desired photos. All files will be added on the Timeline board. Reorder the photos to create a complete story. Step 3. Set up smooth transitions and slide durations Click the Transitions tab and choose from the extensive library of artistic transitions
using the preview window. Then click the Add transitions to all clips
button – in the pop-up window, locate the chosen transition style on the list, set the
transition and slide duration, and click OK. The settings will be applied to all slides. If you want more variety, you can select different
transitions between individual slides – make another selection from the library, drag the
icon and drop it between two slides. To change the duration of a stand-alone transition,
right click on the transition and choose the Transition Properties. You can also change the duration of each slide
manually – simply drag the left or right edge of the slide. Step 4. Add captions and titles Open the Titles tab and choose your preferred preset – from simple titles to artistic
captions with detailed backgrounds and animation. Drag the icon to the Timeline and drop it
above a slide. You can adjust the duration by trimming the
caption clip the same way you did with the slides. Double click the caption clip and enter the
desired text in the preview window. You can also at this time rescale and reposition
titles and backgrounds, change fonts, colors, animation speed, and other settings. When you’re finished, click Apply. Step 5. Set up the background music Go to the Import tab, click Add Media Files and choose an audio file. You can have several audio tracks playing
at the same time – for example, to combine background music, narration and sound effects. Trim the audio the same way you did with the
slides to make the background music length the same as the video track. Finally, preview your slideshow. If you like it, click the Export button to
save the result as a video file. Download a free version of Movavi Video Editor
and start making amazing slideshows from your pictures! Like the video? Have a question? Please leave us a message in the comment section
below! Subscribe to our Youtube Channel to get more
useful tips and learn about other Movavi products.


  1. Movavi Vlog Author

    Check out the NEWEST version of that tutorial here:
    Trust us, Movavi Video Editor 14 Plus has much MORE to offer you 🙂

  2. Drafgon Author

    I have been searching for 4 HOURS looking for an editor to make this dumb school project. THANK YOU! for this, like I saw it on some random forum post about good video editors and well, eat my cheeks and call my bubbles this is perfect for what I'm doing!

  3. Andrew P Author

    Can you add another song at the end on the other? Say I want 4 to 5 songs in a video.. Is that possible. Also, is there a length limit?

  4. Ashish Jose Author

    I cant download the app for free my browser is not able to open the links pls see for the solution and give the appropriate link…
    And when I open it in my android it just shows to buy the app not to download it for free

  5. pradeep puliyakottil Author

    after i exported the video i had Movavi video editor in the middle of the pictures how can i remove it please answer me?

  6. Nasos Skaltsas Author

    Bad video Tricks you to download and lose time After 2 hours editing i understand that it isnt free and i cant save it Thank you man

  7. Debayan Roy Author

    I have tried to make a video using this app.. I m successful in the 1st 4 steps.. But I am unable to add a background music. I am not getting any option for trimming the music. Please help me out. I want to make a video using this app

  8. Cool Coyote Author

    this sux compared to the ease of w movie maker 2012. i cant use it in w10 though. how do i make the pictures turn over to time it so is not to show the same picture twice? this was just straight forward in movie maker 2012.

  9. Hung Le Author

    It has some cool tools, but believe me I got very stressed out with this program. They made it confusing between Mac and Window versions, the basic version and the plus version. I had to email them a lot to ask for Active Key and emailed again again to ask for Registration Key in order to export my video…I wish I did not waste my time and money for this shit!

  10. Surya 007 Author

    nice app for those who edit for their loved ones……thank you for this fantastic video tutorial.After a long search i got the perfect app.the video was nice….

  11. GreenGummyBear31 Author

    How HARD can it be to find a free video maker?? I'm trying to make a Gacha Studio video with a bunch of screenshots I took of it, so is there any way to do this for free?

  12. ponlok chham Author

    Thank you for your video . I have created one already but it always appear the words ( This Video was made with Movavi Video Editor Trail.
    How to delete that letters ?

  13. Оксана Сверлюк Author

    Why don't you write that free version has a huge watermark in the middle of everything BEFORE USER STARS THE WORK! I just wasted a half of the day on it!

  14. Arispil Author

    why almost every screen recorder,editing video software had watermark on it and to remove it you need to pay money is it difficult to make every program without watermark whats the problem???

  15. Foodaholic Reviews Author

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