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How to pay your bills in 3 easy steps using Dupaco’s Picture Pay

Hey everybody, this is Brad from Dupaco. And I’m here to tell you how you can pay your bills in three easy steps using Dupaco’s Picture Pay. Picture Pay is an easy to use bill pay system that’s available to you through Shine Online and Mobile Banking. Picture Pay makes is super simple to pay your bills. No more sending them through the mail or worrying about if they’re late. You do everything from within Shine, and make sure it’s accurate and on-time. Access Picture Pay by choosing Pay Bills from the main menu within Shine Mobile. Choose Continue to Picture Pay. Click on the camera icon. And simply use your device to photograph whatever bill you want to pay. Picture Pay will automatically complete the fields for you. You just enter the amount that you want to pay and the date that you want the payment sent. Dupaco does the rest. Picture Pay will even save your payee information So if it’s a bill that you need to pay say on a monthly basis that information will always be in there. Just choose it again fill in your amount and your payment date, and you’re done. Picture Pay, Picture Pay, lots of fun with Picture Pay. I just wanted to say that in real life.

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