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How to Pronounce THEATER – American English Pronunciation Lesson

everyone this is Jennifer from Tarle
speech with your pronunciation lesson giving you a few free lessons this week
as I try out some new lighting so let me know what you think I’m kind of loving
it but I will look for your feedback it’s always very helpful so the word
today is how do I pronounce theater or the place where you would watch a
performance I think this is a very confusing word because it’s pronounced
differently in British English and as you know I’m not going to comment on
that because I speak American English and that is how I pronounce words so
let’s look at the word t-h-e a t e r we’re going to have two beats in
American English THEE voiceless th that means your voice box is not on and it is
not vibrating to make that sound stick your tongue out of your mouth and do not
touch your teeth for that sound okay TH many people say Titor or Deter by
touching their teeth and then the air can’t move out of the mouth so make sure
you keep that air moving out of your mouth TH and then smile to say E and make that nice and long THEE and then we’re going to end with syllable number two by
saying der this is a case of a flap T again I try to make everything as easy
as possible so to make the flap T think about saying the D sound and then end
with that ER think of square lips tip of your tongue can point down with the back
raised up or it can be flipped back away from the teeth teeth whichever you
prefer just remember do not touch your teeth and do not move your tongue for
that ER make it long and strong at the end there der let’s put it all together
thee der theeder theeder theeder theater theater theater
Theater the old theater was beautiful give it a try I know people are going to
notice the difference if you found this helpful we would love a like and a share
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  1. Qumer Nisa Author

    Hey Jen
    Thanks a lot for all of your lessons. I've learnt so many things . But still I have difficulty to pronounce "Th " sound . Plz help me .

  2. Shel Kaphan Author

    Maybe your pronunciation of this is a valid alternate, but the way I learned it and hear most people pronounce it, and the way all the other pronunciation videos I can find say it is to voice the "a" after the "e" is as a schwa almost as separate syllable.

  3. Carolina Alejandra Author

    Thank you very much, I am a non native english speaker and you helped me pronounce a word that I had been struggling for a while to pronounce. Thank you!


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