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How to Remove a Person from a Picture in Photoshop Elements – Remove People Tutorial 2019 2018 15


  1. Peter Head Author

    Excellent, George. Yet again you make out look so easy, whilst it is just as easy to make a total hash of the cloning – leastwise that's what I've found!!

  2. puddy007 Author

    George, Great tutorial on how to remove objects. I was absolutely amazed on how you copied the chain using the polygonal lasso tool. I have never seen that method used in any other tutorial. Always learn something new from your videos.


  3. Christine Williams Author

    Great tutorial but to my disappointment, you didn't go through the settings for the tool. I am a newby at this and often that sort of guidance.

  4. Bonnie Brannon Author

    Please help. I set up an account and password, but the site will not accept it. I get repeated message informing me that either my user name or password is invalid…? My paypal payment was accepted.

  5. Carlton Pinney Author

    I especially enjoyed this tutorial for some reason……must have been that magic with the chain! You mentioned once that you were considering doing that “picture-in-picture”, I guess you could call it, where we could watch you do the training while in your studio. Is that still in the works?

  6. How To Gurus Author

    More Photoshop Elements photo retouching videos


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