How to Set Up a Home Theater System : Choosing Rear Speakers for a Home Theater

Hello, I’m Reggie Hayes here with Expert Village.
Now we’re talking about choosing a rear speaker for your home entertainment system. Now remember
we said that this room that we’re sitting here is about 12 feet across? Okay. So we’ve
chosen a smaller rear speaker right here because number one, we’ve got a small room and number
two, because of our room constraints we have to put the speaker close to the couch. Now
you don’t want a big speaker here because you don’t want the rear sound to be dominating
over any other size speaker. So in this case we’ve chosen to go with a small speaker. But
if you’ve got a bigger room, and you’ve got a lot further distances across a speaker like
this, remember this one we thought we might use as a main speaker in this little room?
Well then in a much larger room, this one would probably be a better candidate for a
rear speaker. Now the reason is it has a greater, a bigger cone on it and it can push more air.
Remember in our audio segment we covered that? Well that’s why sometimes home-theater-in-a-box
systems, now we’re not bashing them, they’re fine. But if you’re trying to go for a true
well-balanced system sometimes a home-theater-in-a-box doesn’t take these things into consideration.
So if you’re really trying to go for that really nice, clean, well-balanced home theater
system choosing the right rear speaker will definitely help you achieve that goal. Now
let’s talk about the subwoofer next.

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