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How to Set Up a Home Theater System : Connecting a DVD Player to a Home Theater

Hello, I’m Reggie Hayes here with Expert Village.
It’s starting to get a little hot in here. I want to go ahead and make a point right
now, this is why it’s important to watch all these series before you go and try to build
your own home theater system, I encourage you to watch really all these clips that are
associated with this series. For demonstration purposes, these components have been unplugged.
This is our stereo receiver from earlier, this is our DVD player. If you will notice,
our stereo system has a lot of components underneath it right here. It has breather
holes on it, and those are very, very important that this machine be able to dissipate its’
heat. So, I have the DVD player stacked on top of it to show you how to hook it up. Don’t
do this when it’s in operation mode, and even when you put it into your entertainment center
cabinet, you’re going to want to make sure that you allow breather holes both in the
top and the sides as well so that it can breathe. You’ll want at least one to two inches around
the component, if it has breather holes. Our DVD player is very basic, and it doesn’t need
breather holes, but our stereo is much bigger, and it requires it. Okay, so let’s hook up
a DVD player. Now, a DVD player is just an output device, it does not need to take any
audio or video into the player, not if it’s a player. Now if it’s a recorder, that’s a
whole other ballgame. But right here, you can see, this DVD player has, as we stated
earlier, your basic video, which is your composite video, going up a level is your “S” video,
and going up another level is your high definition component cables. Newer DVD players are also
going to offer HDMI. Over here on the audio, you can see it has digital coax, which is
a digital audio form, and it also has optical, which is going to be fiber optic, they’re
also called toslink connectors. It uses rays of light to interpret the audio signals, or
to send out the audio signals in this case. So, these are really simple to hook up. They’re
very, very easy. If you have a basic TV, you’re just going to use the three right here, the
yellow, the white, and the red, or maybe the “S” video to get a little better picture quality.
But we’re going for a nice elaborate home theater system, so we have our little toslink
cable right here. These are kind of expensive, especially this particular brand right here,
these are THX certified, and we’ll get into that later, but it uses light through these
little tubes right here. So basically what you do, they’re both the same ends, you just
connect it right here, it will only go in one certain way, and it snaps in. Now, (I’ll
move it out of the way so you can see here), the bottom stereo receiver does just that
– it receives the audio, and in this one, also the video. So we’ve got two optical inputs
right here, so we’ll go with optical one. We’ll be able to set up all the receiver later
on. Now, next is our video. And since we have a 27″ tube type TV, it’s not high definition,
so the best we can get out of it is “S” video. So we’ll go with the “S” video out right here,
and our stereo has “S” video inputs as well right here at the bottom. And it’s conveniently
labeled DVD, so we’ll just plug it in. And, voila! Our DVD player is ready to go. We have
video and we have audio. And that’s really all we need for a DVD player.


  1. Jose Montelongo Author

    you should inform the viewer as to the setup of the digital select the installer needs to set the receiver to the appropriate digital input signal(optical 1) or if its the coax to (coax 1).

  2. jwd0808 Author

    It only goes to the receiver if he is doing the video switching through the receiver. The S-Video monitor out from the receiver would then go to the TV.

  3. Johnson DMG Author

    my 4,1 surroundset works better then my 5,1 surroundset, cuzz whatever i change the settings from my 5,1 set i can,t get louder sound from the backfront speakers,i get only loud sound from the rear & front speakers .

  4. ButterfaceG Author

    i have a question i have a dvd witch plays dvd (ofcourse) but its also my sound master how can i watch tv with optical surround? (god i hate the american way in europe its just 1 cable from your dvd to the tv and then pic TV on the dvd player)

  5. xplicitlyrix187 Author

    **** QUESTION **** SOME1 PLEASE HELP… I have a coaxial Digital audio output on my TV and a toslink digital optical input on my surround sound. My question is, I found digital cables that have a 2.5-3mm toslink mini plug on one end and a standard toslink (rectangular) plug on the other end.. will this cable work with my coaxial digital audio out connect to digital in? or is their a digital coaxial output to toslink input?

  6. HomeBoyTellEm28 Author

    @yoshi2560 lol im not rasict but white ppl say things different from us niggas, white ppl say oil black ppl say grease. white ppl say crap black ppl say shit get the point.. white ppl say dick black ppl say damn!!!

  7. KolerikRocks Author

    ok, use a HDMI cable, if your receiver has hdmi in hook 1 cable from your BD hdmi in on your receiver to your BD hdmi out on your receiver, and hook the other HDMI cable labeled monitor out hook that cable to your HDMi out from yout Receiver to HDMi 1 on your reciever. you should see a signal bud!

  8. KolerikRocks Author

    Reggie doesn't know crap about home theather components, on the top of the receiver u have Vents to allow air to flow in nad out of the receiver from it blowing up! I know more hooking up dvd players and shit then this jackass does he's an idiot. i've memorized how to hook up different cables as to what cable goes into what compenet. i've known that shit ever seen i was 9yrs, old or so

  9. Gert-Jan van Noort Author

    Can someone help me? I have a samsung Bluray player (BDC6900) and a samsung theater set (HTC350) I want to use the toslink way to connect them. But if I connect those two devices. Nothing happend. No soung comes up. I put my Theater set on D.IN (I don't think you have to use AUX)

    Please help me

  10. alimony812 Author

    …newer players are gonna have hdmi…..,..newer newer players are gonna have hdmi 3D …….. Newer newer newer players are gonna have …….

  11. ericou812 Author

    sir,i bought component cables im hooking up onkyo home theater reciever,sony bluray dvd player,sony 32 in bravia tv,i have basic cable tv analog feed not digital or HD,i plug component cables from bluray to tv,do i use digital cable to hookup sony bluray player to my tv or reciever for audio?

  12. Charles K Author

    Poor way of explaining 100% way to hook up everything. Some people are gonna want to know well what do I do to hook up the home theater after I hook up the DVD player. So show people the full way to hook it up to TV not just the DVD to Home theater. And no one uses the cheap CHEAP VIDEO JACKS ANYMORE. Show them how to hook up everything through HDMI.

  13. GratefulGal Author

    Thank You Reggie for this/these videos/tutorials!! You have made this all so Easy for Me & I am So Grateful to You! You have & will continue to save me lots of Expense in Hiring Techs etc. to come to my home, Set Everything Up & Then Leaving Without Teaching/Explaining Anything to me!! Bless You!! What Goes Around Comes Around in This Life & Some How & In Some Way Your Repayment Will Come to You!! Namaste!!

  14. Carolyn665 Author

    Well, that was useless. I have a Sony DVP-NS575P. I lost the manual. I just bought a LCD TV. I tried connecting the three (red/yellow/white) from the DVD to the tv..and it doesnt work. What am I doing wrong? When I had a CRT TV I had to use a modulator box. Do I still need to use it?

  15. Hershey Phantom Author

    hey guys just wanted to tell everyone if you got a white and red wire laying around and a aux take them both cut them in half splice them twist them together try to match colors and then you can plug that into a head phone jack or speakers enjoy try it don't get mad if it don't work you do it right you will be fine i just did it with a VGA to Xbox 360 wire and now i got beautiful sound to my speakers. 🙂

  16. Mr. Westamptongee Author

    How do I connect a projector, DVD player and cable box to onkyo receiver using both hdmi and component cables or which is the best way to do it

  17. Jarod Skaff Author

    Why hasn't anyone on youtube put on a video about the coaxial port allowing the CRT for surround sound? At least that's what I think it does. I heard it's barely different from the new optical cable. By the way, my Original Xbox has an optical cable setup along with my component cable, pretty cool for early technology huh.

  18. Jarod Skaff Author

    Newer DVD players offering HDMI? That means my Xbox 360 is not the only thing that makes the maximum resolution of DVD digital. HDMI is clearer because it is digital, DVD makes 480p, but the digital signal will make it even clearer. My Xbox 360 makes DVDs look like Blu-ray.

  19. Asad Ali Author

    Dear Sir i have Technics SL dv280 Japan Cinema Theater 4 Steps i could not connect the Vidio uot put to my LED through AV it tried but filed, what kind of cable need me .
    would please guide me. mail me at [email protected]


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