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I Am Legend (10/10) Movie CLIP – Alternate Ending (2007) HD

Open the door, please. What are you doing? I’m listening. (Darseekers Roar) (Darseekers Roar) (Fast Breathing) I need to get a syringe. (Darkseekers Roar) (Darkseekers Roar) (Darkseekers Roar) (Darkseekers Roar) (Gasp) (Scream) (Scream) (Roar) I’m sorry. (Roar) (Roar) (Roar)


  1. LJ Videos Author

    Powerful shot when the monster is yelling at him and he says I am sorry. The background showing all of the previous test subjects pictures like autopsy face pictures look.

    The shot bridges the gap between the monsters and human.

    The man just cured the disease and is apologizing and looking down in shame. Because becoming a legend is not a high road. He's been through so long of a trial to now emerge successful and the idea of success still hasn't come to him.

  2. Alyssa Ventura Author

    this is crazy all these years and countless times I’ve watched this movie i had no clue there was another ending 😔 i wish the dog didn’t have to die though.

  3. KayG_Loves Author

    I actually would have preferred this ending better. It shows you both perspectives. To them, he’s the evil creature that is randomly kidnapping them during the day time so that’s why they stay in the darkness. Although they had been infected, they still haven’t completely lost that natural human emotion, love, and feelings.. a part of them is still there and hasn’t fully been consumed by the virus. It was actually beautiful/intense to see the couple’s interaction to reuniting with each other ❤️

  4. space pidgeon Author

    This ending is way better. It portrays them with more humanity than what was shown throughout the whole movie and kinda made it seem like the cranks in the maze runner books at different stages

  5. Tom Norton Author

    This is probably one of the greatest performances Will Smith has given in his entire career. But despite all the hard work and passion he put into this project, the studio was stupid and cowardly enough to change the entire meaning of I Am Legend so that it's just seen as another forgettable blockbuster. Most people haven't seen it's true ending and therefore don't realise how powerful this movie could have been if not for the gutless cowards who thought that people were too weak to deal with such a challenging and thought provoking conclusion.

  6. Razorstorm21 Author

    0:35 Will: Ight Imma head out.
    So Basically Will had the balls to go head to head with the boss and be like YOU WANT HER YOU CAN HAVE HER JUST LET ME SAY IM SORRY!! OK!! IM SORRY!! AND BOOM PROBLEM SOLVED THEY WONT YOU ANY LONGER!?!? WHAT?? WHAT?? NANI??

  7. LewFitz Author

    2:51 I love how when Will tries to say sorry the monster just yells at him and you can see all the pictures of all the test subjects that died in the background. Further signifying Will was being the true monster.

  8. BK_Deltor Author

    this version helps other scenes in the movie make more sense as they were originally meant to.

    "the boss" here as seen as when he first captured this subject exposed himself to light, take a look at his expressions and sounds. you'll see that the later vlog behavior diagnosis that what was left of human intelligence is gone, was wrong.

    the mannequin left out in the street where it would be found was a trap set by the infected in a similar manner to what he used to capture the infected previously.
    While the movie doesn't do a lot to explain more about the infected the released ending doesn't help at least make sense of what was going on with the infected retaining some of their previous human intelligence.

  9. Gate M.C Author

    This is wierd . . They used this ending in the dvd version that i watch and I never realized that the actual ending he was died at the end . . .😮

  10. STRANGER01 PersonalAssistant Author

    am i tripping because the last time i saw this movie was back in 2007 , and the ending was he fuckin faced the guy with a grenade

  11. Naween Kumar Author

    Just now watched the whole film in Amazon prime with different ending . Then I confused I saw it one year ago and now . actually this ending is the best one


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