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I Found Some Disturbing Pictures In My Child’s Backpack… | Feat. Andaull | Al Dente Creepypasta 05

“To this point, I was able to look past
what I had seen, but what I saw next gave me a deep pit in my stomach.” Hello, and welcome to Al Dente Creepypasta,
horror stories cooked to perfection with a splash of red sauce. My name is CZ and I will be your server this
episode. Today’s special is from the little demons
in our life. Plucked fresh from cabbage patch and cooked
for you. We hope you enjoy these selections from our kids menu. NUMBER ONE – I FOUND SOME DISTURBING PICTURES
IN MY CHILD’S BACKPACK My wife and I first decided to send our daughter,
Ella, to preschool when my wife went back to school to get her nursing degree. Ella was about 4 years old at the time, and
we were primarily concerned that she would have a hard time fitting in since all of the
other kids in the class had been together for a couple of years already at that point. The first couple of weeks went off without
a hitch… Or at least we didn’t notice any issues until
one afternoon in September when Ella wasn’t feeling well and went to bed right after we
picked her up from school. She had left her backpack dumped right next
to the door, and my wife commented on the fact that it was surprisingly heavy considering
how small of a bag it was. We were curious about what exactly they had
given her that would make the backpack so heavy so we decided to pop it open and take
a look. All that we had given her when she started
preschool were the basics: pencils, markers, crayons, a pad of paper, extra clothes, perhaps
a couple of other things that I’m forgetting right now, but the point is, we were very
surprised to see what we found in the backpack. It was filled to the brim with loose papers,
it was a complete mess, almost as if she had just stuffed the backpack full of paper one
sheet at a time. There must have been hundreds of sheets in
there… if not more. The strangest thing is, Ella had never really
been a very messy child. She keeps her room clean for the most part,
and she’s the kind of girl who never really likes to get her hands messy. Naturally, my wife and I emptied out the backpack
and tried to sort through the mess. What we found were… mostly drawings; the
typical stuff you would expect from a young girl with the grass at the bottom and the
sun in the top corner of the page. Most of the drawings had three characters,
who I can only assume are supposed to be Ella, my wife and I. Most of the drawings were repeats or some
variation of this basic formula: the three of us standing in front of a house, the three
of us standing in flowers, at the beach, etcetera, etcetera. Not all of the pages were drawings, some of
them just contained black crayon scribbles all over the place. It looked almost as if she was trying to color
the page black. I remembered doing that when I was bored in
school as a kid as well, so I wasn’t too concerned, until I saw that there were more of them. Subsequent pages contained less black scribbles
and more white space, and all of the lines seemed to be completely random from what I
could tell. We said something about getting her a bigger
folder and continued to sift through our daughter’s drawings for a while, until my wife got a
call and I got hungry and went to go grab something from the fridge. After that, the issue never really came up
again for the next month or so. We got busy with life and… well, if you
have kids, you know how parenting can be. Anyways, one afternoon in October I was in
Ella’s room getting her ready for bed, when she had to use the restroom, so I continued
to sit in there and wait for her when I noticed another messy stack of papers. We have a little table set up in her room
that she can use for her arts and crafts, and once again, there was a huge surplus of
drawings pouring out of her backpack. I was starting to wonder if they do anything
else at this pre-school of hers besides freetime to color, when I noticed something strange…
there was a new character added to the family portrait, and he looked disturbing to say
the least. He was a tall slim bald man wearing long white
robes. This figure was completely devoid of any color,
except for the eyes and mouth, which were scribbled in a dark red. It looked like she had jammed the crayon into
the page as hard as she could to produce the eyes and mouth, resulting in a much more intense
pigment in those areas. Other then that, this character and the areas
surrounding his outline were the only parts of the page that were completely colorless. What was even more disturbing was the fact
that this character, and my wife were frowning, while Ella and I both had huge smiles on our
faces. It just didn’t sit well with me. I continued to look through her drawings and
found that this fourth person was in EVERY DRAWING. As I flipped through them I noticed the guy
seemed to staring at… my wife. In some of the drawings, he seemed to be standing
behind her. I was legitimately creeped out by this, but
told myself that it must be an imaginary friend or something… I continued to flip through the pages and
ended up coming across more of those black scribbles, but these ones were, what I can
only describe as more violent, more intense. It was that same thing where it looked like
she had mashed the crayon into the page. To this point, I was able to look past what
I had seen, but what I saw next gave me a deep pit in my stomach. She had drawn pictures of my wife, laying
at the bottom of the ocean. Her eyes were scribbled out in black crayon
and she was wearing a huge frown. To my own dismay, this wasn’t the only drawing
like this, she had drawn the same picture, over and over and over and over… My jaw hung agape as I tried to comprehend
what I was looking at when I realized that my wife was in the bath right now. Ella had probably gone into that same bathroom… Before I could react, I heard a cold voice
from behind. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I turned to see Ella standing at the door. I tried asking her about the pictures, but
she just refused to talk about it and climbed into bed. This wasn’t just a case of kids will be kids;
she had a most serious tone about her. Thankfully, my wife didn’t mention that anything
had happened while they were in the bathroom, but we were unable to get Ella to respond
to any of our questions about the pictures. Now, we’re considering seeking professional
help. NUMBER TWO: PLAY WITH ME Are you awake? Why are you hiding? I don’t mean you any harm. I know it’s late, but I want to play! You haven’t picked me up for nearly a month…I
want to have tea with you again. I promise not to spill. I didn’t know it was hot and I’m sorry it
ruined your favorite shirt. I’m happy to have tea and eat biscuits with
you today! Your eyes are beautiful with that dress….I
wish I had such lovely eyes. Don’t turn away from me! Why are you ignoring me? Is it because you don’t love me like your
other dolls? No! Don’t put me away! I didn’t mean anything by it! Please love me….I’m not as pretty as your
other dolls, but I want affection too. Don’t leave me…here. Do my cries and scratches in the night scare
you? If you take me out one more time…we can
play a game. It’ll be easy, I promise. Please don’t fret, I only want to play with
you. We can be best friends forever, I’ll never
leave you. I thought you were lonely. Isn’t that why you have so many dolls? You hugged me and loved me…now why do you
hate me? We had lots of fun together. Is my hair too knotted or my dress too dirty? I know it’s late, but will you play with
me? One last time? I hate seeing you cry. We can play hide-and-seek. You hide and I’ll seek you. If you win, you can do whatever you want with
me and I promise to behave. If I win, then you have to play with me when
I want to play. I’m glad you’re letting me out to play
this time! I promise not to disappoint. Don’t worry, I won’t peek, not one bit. Be quick though! 1…2…3….…6….….10! Ready or not, I’m coming for you! Where are you? Are you in the closet? I thought I heard a door close…no? Okay, perhaps you went downstairs. I can’t wait to find you. Did you go all the way to the basement? Careful, you know you’re not supposed to
play down here. Oh? You chose the doll house? The one that was made for us to play in together? I’m happy that you thought of me. Now we can be together forever. Don’t worry, no one will find us here. I made sure of that. The door is locked and now it can be us. What’s that? You’re hungry? We can have another tea party. What do you mean no? I don’t know how long it’s been, so why do
you keep asking? You know they can’t hear you, so why waste
your voice? Wake up! Why won’t you move? Wake up!! It’s time to play! Why are you so cold? Do you need a blanket? I can find one. Answer me!! Why are you ignoring me again?!?! It’s been a long time since you moved…it
smells like something is rotting. Why did you have to die? It’s dark and cold…but I won’t leave you. I never will. NUMBER THREE: JASON This is a story that took place 6 months ago,
when my first son, Elliott had just turned 5 years old. Jason was first introduced into our lives
when we decided to hold off sending Elliott to Kindergarten. Since his birthday was so close to the cut-off,
we decided it would be best him to go start school as one of the older kids in his class
as opposed to the youngest. So when he started talking to Jason, we felt
like we had made the right decision. Jason is Elliott’s imaginary friend. I can’t imagine how the other Kindergarteners
would have reacted to the idea of an imaginary friend, so it seemed like starting a bit later
would give him time to go through this phase and be ready for school next fall. The first time I can remember hearing about
Jason was one evening just as we were finishing up dinner. Elliott had requested to
take some food up to his food to give to Jason. Julianna inquisitively asked
him who Jason was, to which he replied, “my friend who lives in the closet upstairs.” Julianna granted him permission to take the
rest of his food up with as long as he promised to come clean the dish before he went off
the bed. I shot her a look, but she, being the free-willed
spirit that she is, ignored me until Elliott had run up the steps. I didn’t think it was a good idea to encourage
that kind of behaviour, but she assured me that having an imaginary friend was totally
normal, and that it would be a good idea to humor him until he was ready to grow out of
it on his own. Hesitantly, I agreed and eventually I would
talk to Elliott about Jason on a day to day basis. Eventually, I learned how to use Jason to
my advantage. For example, when Elliott didn’t want to
get in the car to go to the dentist, I would tell him that Jason said he wanted to go to
the dentist, and that Elliott should come. At times, Elliott would hardly mention Jason
at all. Other times, it seemed that Jason was all
he wanted to talk about. One time we caught him taking snacks from
the kitchen and he claimed that they were for Jason. Julianna wisely let this slide, and later
told me that if this was the only way that we could get Elliott to eat, it was OK with
her, and after many long battles at the dinner table, I was quick to agree. I would oftentimes hear Elliott in his room
“talking” to Jason, and I wondered how long this whole phase would last. At one point I asked him what Jason looked
like and he told me that he told me that he wore a “black snow hat” and had a long
fuzzy beard. I was taken off guard by this, since I had
always imagined that Elliott’s idea of Jason was a kid who was his age. I brought this up with Juliana, and she assured
me that it was perfectly normal for a kid to have an adult as an imaginary friend. After all, we are both adults and he spends
most of his time with us, so it makes sense that he would see an adult as his friend. She even said that her younger sister had
an imaginary friend as a kid who was supposedly an old man named Vin, which she thinks is
a result of them having spent a lot of time at their grandparents house back then. I had never had an imaginary friend, or any
siblings, so I just had to take my wife’s word on all of this. That is… until one day, that changed everything
and… still makes me paranoid. We had just gotten back from this Italian
restaurant, one of the only decent places that we can get Elliott to eat on a consistent
basis. We parked in the driveway and decided to go
for a short walk, since it was pretty nice out that evening. Normally we come into the house through the
garage, but since we had gone for a walk, we entered in the front door on this occasion. As we were taking our shoes off, I heard…
what I thought was the sound of a cough coming from upstairs… I turned to Julianna wondering if she had
heard it too. She looked pale, and shocked as she asked
me in a panic, “what was that?” This was probably loud enough that if someone
was upstairs they might here. Elliott told us that it was probably just
Jason. I told my wife and son to stay put and I went
to investigate. When I got upstairs and went into Elliott’s
room, the light was on and the window was open. I searched the entire house, but was unable
to find anything. The window from Elliott’s room leads onto
a section of roof that is pretty high up, but not impossible to jump down from. We later interrogated Elliott to see if he
had left the window open, but he swore he couldn’t remember. We tried to get him to tell us if Jason was
real, but it was a delicate situation. We didn’t want to scare him for life, but
we didn’t want him to be in danger either. Of course, at his age, I don’t think he
fully understood the difference between real and pretend yet. We did end up calling the police, and I half
expected them to find proof that someone was living in the closet, but they couldn’t
find any DNA that didn’t belong to Elliott anywhere in the room. Elliott made friends with a couple of kids
on the block, and he never really brings up Jason anymore, but it truly chills me to think
that someone could have been in our house talking to our son. In his room while he slept. Possibly using him to sneak food up, and to
be honest, who knows what else? Now, I check all the upstairs rooms every
night before bed. Including the closets and under the bed. I try to do it when Elliott is not in the
room so he doesn’t get to thinking. He’ll be starting school in the fall, and
I doubt we’ll really have any confirmation on whether Jason was just an imaginary friend
or not until he’s a little bit older. Julianna and I have a second child on the
way now though, so I really hope we find out sooner rather than later…. Thanks for listening to Al Dente Creepypasta. Your total comes out to $245,000 but if you
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  1. Will Glasband Author

    I don't understand the purpose of the second story. Isn't the point of these stories supposed to be that they are based on reality and real events?

  2. aiden martinez Author

    Holy shit there is this girl in 6th grade and she draws pictures of her imaginary Friend and her friend is all black and has blood dripping from her eyes and I said where's your dad and she said he's in a better place now I can thank Marian for that hehehhee and she scares me no joke one time she drew a picture of her imaginary friend and about a year later I was under the cafeteria looking for my ball I lost under there and I saw a picture of her, her friend and her mom holding hands and doing some chant over her dead bloody dad.

  3. karloka games Author

    either your daughter has demons
    or she likes being scary
    or has mental problems
    or took drugs
    or too much horror movie
    or idk what to say anymore

  4. Night Wolves Author

    maybe the first one where the girl had those's drawings in her backpack and stuff was acually the future and that guy drowned her in the ocean :0 :I

  5. Butter Bar Author

    I remember watching this whole entire playlist of your creepypastas while playing splatoon 2 splatfest while my family were all out watching a movie at nighttime at full volume

  6. Ra Sk Author

    God is your daughter ok she sounds posessed I, I, I am scared I prayed for her and it seems to me she doesn't like your wife cause of that one drawing of your wife dead in the ocean.After that when she came in the room,I got evan more freaked out I could just see her coming in the room.If this is a story I'm a subing cause this meant alot to me,please get your daughter to talk about this if she doesn't get medical help,it's for you,your wife,and daughters hope,don't do it just for me do it for her.

  7. Max Well Author

    Mr scary story happened in the third grade. So, it was a pretty normal day. It was maybe like 11:30 – 12:00. Maybe around 11:40 , the princabls voice came on the intercom and said "We are now going into a lockdown". All of us in the class were like "Oh my gosh, there is a lockdown". We pretty much did not know what was happening. Of course, like regular third graders, we were all very energetic. The worst part was was that the teacher said "Oh, just keep working". The teacher put our lives at risk. She was lucky because the intruder turned out to be a employee who forgot their badge, :[.


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