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I Send Pictures To A Boy I Liked And Shouldn’t Have – Actually Happened Love – #animatedstories

Hi I’m Ruby. I don’t know how to start.
I’m feeling uncomfortable and weird. I want to share my story cuz you could be
careful. I had an awesome relationship. he was the most popular boy at our school. I
loved him a lot. he was every girls crash. one day he
proposed me, I was so excited and I accept his proposal. then we are super
close. I thought my dream came true. everything was fantastic. two months
later, he said, I have to leave this city for some reason but I will contact with
you daily. I was so nervous I said, please don’t go stay here please. then he said,
OK, I will not going anywhere.. don’t worry! after that we passed our
time like before but one day he asked to send me my private photos. I thought as
he is my boyfriend, he could asked that. then I asked him, if I sent it to you
then you won’t share it with anyone right! he said, I don’t like to share my
private life with anyone. send me please. then I took my private pictures and send
it to him. that night I could not sleep. my mind was asking a lots of question!
should I believe him? is he really love me?? one time I said
myself, yes, he loved me, that’s why he wasn’t
leaving the city. then few days I was comfortable because he loved me more.
one month later, when I was talking with my best friend and I saw something
creepy! I just took her phone and saw that that was my private photos?! I asked
her how shared? she said I didn’t noticed but let’s see!
then we found that, there was no one my boyfriend. in few minutes everyone got my
private pictures and everyone was just laughing at me. (what am
I gonna do!) then I went to the bathroom and wanted
to hide me from everyone. I thought I should die. after that I was senseless
for hours. then one of my friends saw me that I was senseless in bathroom she
called teacher Miss Julie. my teacher Julie called ambulance and called my
parents too. when I got my sense back I saw my parents and Miss Julie was there
they asked me am i okay, I cried a lot and told them everything. then they found
my secret photos and they told me to call the boy and pretend like I have no
problem with this. then I called my boyfriend. firstly, he didn’t received my
call but when I text him I miss you I miss you. he called me back. then I told
him I missed you a lot and wanted to meet you as soon as possible. then we
meet and my parents was there but not with me. when I asked him you shared my
private pics? then he pretended like he didn’t know or even notice! he told me
what! Are you joke with me! I love you, trust me. I was so foolish that I thought
he wasn’t maybe anyone hacked his account or even his mobile. when he was
went to the bathroom I checked his phone and saw he did that
OMG! how much he could lie with me!!! Then I called my parents and told them, yes he
did that. when he came from bathroom my parents caught him and called police.
I slept him in front of everyone. police arrested him with proof. I back my
home with a big lesson, “not to believe anyone blindly.” that was my life’s worst story.
please don’t do this with anyone. it hurts a lot. even it could
destroy anyone’s life. Hey don’t forget to
share my story with others and also subscribe actually happen stories. God
bless you.


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