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I WANTED to love the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k…. but then this!?


  1. Robert M Author

    I wanted to like this video but it wasted my time when I wanted to know how the camera performs in terms of videoing, why not wait until it's fixed to review

  2. Josh Dredge Author

    I had an enormous amount of blackmagic gear based around the original URSA with many studio and micro studio cameras, plus all sorts of monitors and recorders and jazz. On every piece of equipment there are deal breakers and QC issues. So many good ideas and so much potential but their ecosystem is quite messy (for example their SmartView monitor has an awesome tally light system, but none of their cameras can make use of it without inconvenient custom cables).

    Final straw for me was when they never pushed the upgrade for the URSA sensor and they refused to take the camera back, which was very much against Australian law (false advertising() and it took months to get resolved, and I just switched ecosystems and moved to a Canon set up.

  3. Brian Berneker Author

    Second review I've seen mentioning potential firmware bugs. PTSD from my memories of the original "brick" version. Definitely holding off on this camera, which seems to otherwise be a dream.

  4. OM Entertainment Author

    Answer: I used a BMPCC, and it recently started overheating with external power to the point of causing dropped frames. This happened during a paid shoot, ruining the footage. The battery wouldn't last more than 5 minutes. Outside of warranty and RMA said it would require a motherboard replacement.

  5. Kin Lui Author

    So you just got a bad unit and now Blackmagic is "cutting corners" to make it cheap? It's no secret that BM has always been a little shaky with releasing new products but it's amazing that you make a 11 and a half minute video about a bad unit you just happened to get.

    I also find it funny when you said "I just realized that I can click bait this video now" when you already did just that, without even giving a personal review. Then you said "I don't want them to know I'm a Youtuber or tech reviewer", you can rest easy before this is the first time I heard of you.

    I happened to call BM customer service and they were really helpful, even ended up sending me an extra battery.

  6. MC DONAUDIS Author

    I've already had almost all the cameras of this brand, unfortunately it's complicated for other people who only bought this model that simulates a camera of quality of cinema, give a true opinion about what is good, what is more or less, or what is a shit and you think it's spectacular, I can safely say that she (BMPCC) does perfectly everything she proposes for this price of 1300 dollars ,,, but other than that, she is not reliable (NEVER). buy a gh5 that is camera of serious people, in addition to recording in 5k in anamorphic mode, which is real cinema. the rest is just company media.

  7. Mark Cole Author

    Why did you not return it to the retailer? My BMPCC 4K came with the box dented. Adorama offered to take it back, free shipping, for replacement with a new one. I kept it since it worked fine. I suspect that you chose to whine for 11 minutes so that your video could be monetized.

  8. Nathan Simpson Author

    Not a coincidence. Their devices at many levels have a reputation for poor QA/QC. It's better to wait till their work out their QA/QC then buy it.

  9. Bad Dog Media Author

    "Is it a coincidence that I happen to get a bad unit or Blackmagic isn't quality controlling their devices". The latter will usually lead to the former.
    Hey at least they're sending you a replacement. So the point of this 11 minute vid was basically that you got a faulty unit and sent it back.

  10. Marcus KG Author

    @potatojet Would you recommend using this camera for recording full length basketball games? I love the price and image quality.

  11. Daimen Parker Author

    hey I JUST got this exact same issue and customer service is telling me that they are getting a lot of items with the Viltrox. They told me to update the Viltrox and see what happens. Did you do this and did it fix things? I really don't want to update because I'm on 2.3 firmware of my Viltrox and its the only one that I know of where my lens stabilization works. Let me know thanks!

  12. Ace Spades Author

    Looks that BlackMagic thing was cursed by some black magic. lol 😂 What about changing brand´s name to BlessingFromHeaven next time. Maybe that would give a better quality standar. 🤣


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