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Come on guys let’s go, I’m here to save you. But no we good. Yeah, this is a pretty sweet setup. Yeah, we get to have sex, then we get free food, then have more sex. It’s pretty sweet. Yeah. I mean we all had to kill like 400 dudes in order to be here, so it’s a pretty prime opportunity. This is tight. Yeah, I guess that makes sense. You can join us if you want. You want? I was gonna ask that! Is that okay? Yeah, yeah! Take off your clothes, I got some clothes for you. That sounds great, it really does. Oh guys. Mother, mother! Where are you? Mother? Hello? Oh, god- no no n- Wait! I become beautiful if you fall in love with me! *Pfft* Yeah I’ve heard that one before. Peace! God dammit! Keep your eyes closed Rose… No peeking! Haha okay, Jackie! *grunts* You’re really heavy. Let me just- Gah! WOOOOWWWW! I’m FLYING!! *splash* Help! Somebody help! Somebody help us! Please! Don’t worry, I can save you! Who are you? I’m aqua woman! Oh, so you’re like a mermaid. That’s really cute. Be careful. Don’t sing cuz we might fall in love with you.*laughter* Save yourselves. Wait, come back. I want to kiss you. C’mon! Hahaha you’re funny! Thanks! *laughs* You’re…huh… You’re a vampire! This is what I look like. This is who I am. Wow, you’re all- Sparkly in the Sun. Yeah, I know. It’s a new highlighter that I got. Sephora, bitch. Oh, pfff… Wow, guys… That’s really funny. Iron man, Iron woman . I get it, that’s- you deserve a reward. Seriously, that’s just- No, just kidding. This joke is stupid. Are you serious? Look at this dress!! Are you gonna- Oh, OH! Help! Somebody help us, please! Please! (grunts, meows) I’ll save you. Oh… You’re just Catwoman. Uh-ah-ah no. Y’all can save yourselves. Catwoman! Somebody help!! Like a big strong man. It’s coming. Brace yourself. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhh- Ohhhhh- Ohhhh! Oh wow. Can’t believe you guys watched that video. That’s- thank you so much. Hey if you want to watch, “If Movies Were Real 5 There’s a box on the left for that. If you want to watch “How Not To Piss off Women” Guess what! Box on the right- take it right there!


  1. Mrs. ll Author

    Y’all should’ve gone for the history joke of The Iron Woman. She was the first female British Prime Minister. She was an incredible woman who endured a lot to pursue politics and did what she could to serve her country. That would’ve been more tasteful than some stupid misogynistic joke.

  2. adam t Author

    kinda sexist but kinda true.what a shit time we live in. im waiting for trangered beauty an the beast and shit cause thats wa u fools like

  3. play bubbles Author

    with the jaws one, the shark was already female. because female sharks tend to be quit bigger then male sharks… just so you know.

  4. Y Taglienti Author

    Please make a sequel and put shark boy and lava girl (points if you know what that is) and shark boy is just the shark in this and max and lava girl slowly back away

  5. Cross Author

    Fun fact: In the MCU, Black Panther is played by Chadwick Boseman.

    In this Smosh video, Black Panther is played by Ericka Bozeman.

    Boseman and Bozeman! What are the odds?


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