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If your mate’s acting differently, #AskTwice

It’s just so nice out here, isn’t it? Yeah! You alright, mate? Yeah! Yeah, I’m fine! Sometimes, humans say they’re fine when
they’re not. but with one in four experiencing in a mental health problem to really find out, ask twice. You sure you alright? Well actually, I could do with some help. Okay, well let’s talk about it. Yeah, do you mind?


  1. BME Volunteers Author

    The idea is fantastic and video short and snappy which we are happy to see. However, it will not penetrate our kind. The information alone is not evocative nor is the advert powerful or incidental enough.

  2. Mary Nettle Author

    Wondered why he didn't help by lifting tree trunk off him or at least trying to acknowledge he might be stuck. Pretending its not an odd situation does not help in my opinion.


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