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In the Forest @ 2018 Oregon Cinema Arts Film Festival

Hello, everyone. I’m Larry Chang,
the creator of the animated short film, In the Forest I’m very excited to present my work to all of you
at the Oregon Cinema Arts Film Festival this year In the Forest is a story about the encounter
of a little bear and a beautiful flower and the journey of their relationship as the affection the bear has towards the flower grows day by day The story discusses not just love but more specifically, the relationship between different forms of love that we have in our daily life My inspiration came from my friends and all kinds of stories they shared with me
about their relationship with others Whether it’s with their significant others, friends, or family It is not rare to see that sometimes People consider their love as a possession just like
what the little bear think of the flower in the story They try to guard their love so hard
but forget to give space to each other Little by little, the relationship starts withering
from a lack of nutrition and space just like what happens to the flower in the end After all, love is not possessive but forgiving and I want to convey this idea to the audience the most challenging aspect of the work is the fact that I accomplished it as a solo project I did most of the work myself including the storyboarding, animation, video editing, music and sound design and post-production It took me quite a while
to actually accomplish the whole thing Many times, I almost gave up but my passion for animation and storytelling
kept me moving forward I also feel deeply grateful to those who have every helped or supported me along the way
to make it possible Other than that, if you are interested in learning more about In the Forest or my upcoming animation project Feel free to check out my page or contact me. Thank you very much and hope you all have a wonderful festival

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