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Indian Movie in Korea’s Largest Cinema! | Andhadhun Review | Bollywood Film Reaction


  1. Shinchan jj Author

    React to Zgirls – 'What you waiting for' (Debut song) and 'Streets of gold' ( Comeback song ) this group has one indian member her name is Priyanka and other members are also from different countries like Indonesia,Japan,Thailand,Vietnam,Taiwan and Phillipines actually it's Zpop not k-pop but they are under Korean company and living in Korea now they have lot of international fans not only from their own countries but also from around the world. They are from different countries but their goal and dream is same. It's Asian pop so please react to them first react to their debut song and also their comeback song because their comeback was so good and appreciated than their debut song. Same case react to their brother group Zboys too. I hope you guys react to them

  2. CMH10 SHINee Author

    Hey please react to Crazy kiya re song of Aishwarya Rai from Dhoom 2 movie…she is so beautiful…u will definitely gonna like her…please💖💝🙏

  3. arya jha Author

    Guys react on dhoom again from the movie dhoom 2, it features Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
    It's a bop and full English song, you will definitely enjoy it

  4. Navdeep Kaur Author

    Is it just me or Min really tries to avoid looking straight at the camera most of time..
    Maybe I'm thinking too much he's just too engrossed talking about the movie…

  5. Vimla bishnoi Author

    Hey please react to more Indian movies and always give your honest opinion. Loved your reaction and if you guys feel more comfortable in korean then you can do your reaction in korean and add english subtitles. Saranghae

  6. Dimple Joshi Author

    You should definitely watch SUPER 30
    You will definitely love it. It is all about the education system and based on real life story of Anand Kumar, an Indian educator.

  7. Funny Little Frog Author

    Really enjoyed this video! I went on a trip to Korea and I have made a video about it too 😳
    U can checc it out here ^^

  8. kpopfanfiction995 256 Author

    Hi Korean Dost, i am an indian and i want to recommend you a very great film of 2019 which i think you will like. Its called Super 30, in which a mathematician called Anand Kumar starring Hritik Roshan teaches 30 students and lead them towards success. Its a very Heart-touching movie. I was very inspired when i watched it. I hope that whenever you watch the movie, you enjoy it. Thanks 훈과 민.^ω^

  9. Neelam Sourav Author

    He actually killed her and took her eyes. Maybe you didn't watch the last scene attentively. He kicks a soda can, that explains that he isn't blind anymore. That rabbit story was all made up.

  10. Neelam Sourav Author

    He actually killed her and took her eyes. Maybe you didn't watch the last scene attentively. He kicks a soda can, that explains that he isn't blind anymore. That rabbit story was all made up.

  11. Ankita Sahay Author

    It feels good to see u also like our movies because many people in India really like kdramas. Kdramas have great stories I am a huge fan of kdramas my interest in Korean culture started because of dramas.😊

  12. Piri the cute Author

    Ayushman Khurana is one of the actor who likes doing movies that are not too mainstream but still has the very essences of contemporary India. I recommend watching his other movies like Nautanki Sala, Hawaizada, Vicki Donor, etc. Just Google it and you won't be disappointed.

  13. k s Author

    Do you want to attract Indians to get more views for your video like many Europeans do or you guys have sincerely interest in India n culture.
    As far as I know Korean don't have good thoughts for Indians even some club Indians Vietnamese are not allow to get in.
    Tell me what is your reason behind these videos?

  14. V Love Author

    Really love❤ your videos. . I recommend you to watch "Jab we Met".. It's the best movie according to me and my favourite one too..

  15. Meenakshi Sharma Author

    U should watch vicky donor, badhai ho and article 15 of ayushmann khurrana (male lead of Andhadhun)… he is singer and poet too… 😎😎😎

  16. ms gummy Author

    Ayushman is one of those rare actors who actually plays different/challenging roles and every time he shows how much talented he is. I absolutely love him… ❤️❤️❤️ And thank you oppas for the review. You guys are awesome! 😍❤️❤️❤️

  17. Hemavathi K M Author

    Wow i never thought india film can come in kore😂
    Guys s.India fest DASARA is coming 😘 try with it
    I think before i come to korea,
    India will be famous 😘


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