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Insane | Full Horror Movie

Bridgeburn hotel. No, this is the Bridgeburn. Ok, no problem.
Goodnight sir. – Ooh, Hi!
– Hi. How can I help you tonight? Well, thank you. You can start by giving me a room.
A bed isn’t necessary. – I’m so tired I can sleep on the floor. I’ll see what I can do. The ones with
beds are like gold dust. – but since you are our only customer
I’ll make on exception. But, don’t tell the others. – So, just the one night?
– Yeah. Where are you headed?
If you don’t mind me asking. No, I know where I’m going,
I just don’t know where I am. I was lucky to find you really.
Where are we exactly? Let me guess, you were
looking for road 56? Yeah, I thought this was road 56. Common mistake. We used to be on the 56
until they built the new 56. My guess is that you hove an old map. Yep, I just give you a new one
in the morning. Oh, thanks. That’s very kind of you. You just fill that out please. I’m afraid you have to make do with me
being manager, concierge and bellboy tonight. Here we are. – Your room madame.
– Thank you. It’s not exactly an executive suite
overlooking central park, but… – there is an shower, a toilet and
more importantly a bed. – Ooh, perfect.
– Not to mention the glorious view. – What’s that?
– The old quarry. There’s a lake at the bottom of it.
It’s quite beautiful. – Looks creepy.
– No, it’s quite peaceful. Especially at night. I go there sometimes. – You do? At night?
– Yeah, sometimes. Well, maybe I’ll take a look at it
before I leave. Check it out before you check out. Listen, is it too late to get a bite?
– I’ll see what I can do. I’m afraid that’s all we
could rustle up for tonight. Are you kidding? This is great. I hope
I didn’t get you into any trouble. – I hope I didn’t get you into any trouble.
– No. No trouble at all. – can you thank the chef for me?
– He doesn’t mind. – Are you sure?
– Yeah, I’m the chef tonight. – Well, in that case, thank you very much.
– The pleasure is all mine. – You really do, do everything here.
– I guess, yeah. All alone? Well not many people passing by
since they built new road and – even fewer staying so… – It must be boring.
– I keep myself busy. Are you going to join me or are
you going to start selling tickets? No, I should be getting back
to the kitchen… The kitchen can wait. How about
some company? I won’t tell the others. OK. So where are you headed exactly? You kind of
avoided the question earlier. – I did?
– Yeah. – It’s kind of complicated.
– I graduated college. Try me. Well. Officially I’m going to a music festival
about 60 miles from here. If here is where I think it is. – And the unofficial reason?
– It’s kind of private. You can’t say A without saying B. – I’m liaising with a friend.
– Liaising? – That’s what I said.
– Now I’m kind of curious. To be honest. I really don’t feel comfortable
talking about it. Not with you. – not with anyone. It’s not something
I’m proud of exactly. Ok. I understand. – Do you like cocktails?
– I love cocktails. This is kind of a creepy place.
Don’t you ever get freaked out? I mean being all by yourself.
I know I would. Would you? – You know, I’ve never really thought about it.
– Never? What are you? Some kind of weirdo? I guess. Heh. No, I didn’t men that you were o wierdo. I just thought
it was a little bit weird that you – never thought about it. Whatever. You know what I mean. God knows
I’ve done my fair share of weird stuff. – Once…
– Once what? – Once, something weird did happen here.
– what? What happened? No, never mind. Come on. What happened to A without B? No I really shouldn’t. I mean, you seem to
scare easily and I wouldn’t want to. – deprive you of your much-needed sleep. Fuck that! Now you have to tell me. It was nothing really. It was just this
one guest that stayed here… – Was it a girl?
– Yeah. I don’t remember her much
but I do remember she just – disappeared. She vanished during the night. – She left without cheking out?
– Yeah. She left her bags clothes everything.
She just disappeared. She was never found as for as I know.
I guess that kind of freaked me out. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.
She probably just up and left. What would you like next?
I make a mean Mojito. I adore them. But I don’t know
if I can afford it. – Compliments of the house.
– What will your boss say? Nothing. He never does.
Drink up. – Who are you sending a message to?
– Oh, to my sister. – Older, younger?
– She’s a couple of years older than me. Very much the big sister. Career,fiancée
and I wouldn’t be surprised – if there were kids in the pipeline. Are you guys close? We are close. Maybe not as close that
she would like, but we’re close. She keeps an eye on me and
keeps me out of trouble. She’s the good girl if you know what I mean. And in her eyes I suppose I’m the
bad girl. But I’m not really. That’s a shame. Thank you for escorting me to my room,
but I think I would hove found my way. I’m not that drunk I’m I? No. Just call it a part
of the service package. Service. I like that. For someone who likes good service,
you’re not a very good tipper. There’s your tip. It’s way past my bedtime. Goodnight. I’m sorry. I’m not very good
at reading signals. Signals? What do you need?
Traffic lights? – I didn’t mean to take advantage…
– Is that what you think you were doing? Don’t you think I can decide for myself?
Or is that the reason you got me wasted? What? You’ll have to save the full service packet
for your next victim. No, I’m sorry. I’ll just leave you to it
and I’ll see you in the morning. – Breakfast?
– Maybe. David? David? What’s wrong? – There was someone in my room.
– What? – In my room. There was someone there.
– That’s impossible. There’s… – No, there was someone in my room.
– But, I looked all the doors. I went out to my car and I left the door
open so I could get in again. Ok. Come with me then. Be careful. It’s no one here. It’s empty. – Someone was here.
– Who was? I don’t know who it was. It doesn’t matter.
I didn’t see what he looked like. How can you be sure that someone was here. Well, someone took a photo of me
while I was sleeping. It was there. I promise.
A polaroid of me sleeping. – Listen. You’ve been drinking.
– Fuck that David. I can handle my alcohol. – Unless you spiked my drinks.
– Come on you watched me pour them. Ok so you weren’t drunk. But are you sure
you weren’t dreaming? I mean- – the doors are looked, there’s no one here
and there is no polaroid. Oh, fuck. I don’t know. Like you said, this is quite a creepy place. You had a nightmare and it
seemed real at the time. Maybe, but… Do you think so? I think so. Nothing strange.
We all have them. Would you feel more comfortable in another
room? Something closer to the lobby? No. Never mind…
I just wanna sleep. Listen David. I’m sorry about earlier.
I might not have been very nice to you. I’m not myself tonight. Sleep is a good remedy. I’ll be in the lobby all night and I can
check outside your room once in a while- – if it makes you feel any better. – I feel so stupid.
– Don’t. It can happen to anyone. Now, just lock the door, get some sleep
and I will see you in the morning. – Yeah. Ok. Goodnight.
– Sweet dreams. – Welcome to the Bridgeburn.
– Thank you. How can I help you this evening? – I’m looking for someone. My sister.
– Has she gone missing? I don’t know. I haven’t heard
from her in two weeks. She was on her way to a music festival. – Do you have o photo?
– Yeah. She sent me a text message from a motel
somewhere between home and the festival. I’ve been checking all the hotels
and motels in the area. I think this must be my ninth since lunch. – You’re quite similar.
– Have you seen her? – I’m afraid not. No.
– Are you sure? Yes. I’m sure. I would remember.
She’s very attractive. Can you check your records? Maybe you
weren’t working when she stayed. I can assure you she hasn’t
been here. I’m always here. Ok. It’s late. Is there any chance of
getting a room and some food maybe? – I have just the room for you.
– Nothing fancy though. I’m on a budget. Ok. Standard room standard price.
If you could just fill that out please. Yes fine. Do you keep the slips?
Maybe I can see them? I do keep them, yes, but I’m afraid- – I can’t show them to you. That would be
against the law. I’m afraid you just gonna have to trust
me on this one. She hasn’t been here. Ok, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be pushy.
It’s just that it’s been a long day. That’s alright. That’s room 15
just down the hall. – Let me help you with that bag…
– Thanks, but I think I can handle it. – Let me at least escort you to your room.
– I’ll manage. thank you. – Yeah? Hello?
– Hi honey. – Hey baby. How’s it going?
– I just checked in to this hotel- – run by this weird guy. Oh, any luck? No, nothing. I’ve given up for the night. Where is she, John?
I’m so worried about her. You know anything could
hove happened to her. Listen. This is not the first time
this has happened. Yeah,but that was a long time ago.
She knows better that now. Don’t be so sure. She’s probably
having a great time now. Most likely she hooked up with some
amazing guy at the festival. Or maybe you know, batteries run out on
her phone. It could be anything- – a bunch of coincidences and that’s
why she hasn’t called. Ok? Yeah, well I’m not convinced. There
are a lot of maniacs out there. Well, they say no news
is good news. Right? Well, they’re full of shit. Look,I got to get some sleep.
I’ll talk to you in the morning,Ok? – Ok, babe. Love you.
– Bye honey. Yeh? – I’m sorry to disturb you.
– That’s Ok. – You said you were hungry.
– Yeah. I’m starved. Then you can come to the dining room
when you’re ready. There’s food… – Ok. thanks. I’ll be right there.
– OK. – Did you make this?
– Yes, I do most things round here. You’re not a bad cook.
Do you hove any training? I hove a diploma in hotel management.
I’ve done my share of catering work. But I don’t get much use for it here so
I try to brush up on my skills- – whenever the opportunity presents itself. – You’re good.
– Thank you. No, I mean it. I eat out a lot
and this, this is good. Thank you. Have you ever thought about
leaving this place? I don’t mean to be presumptuous,
but you are young. Why waste your talent in this backwater? Don’t get me wrong it’s a great hotel,
but, you know, it’s kind of dead. No, no offence. I have ties to this place. You can
call them emotional ties. But, when I’m ready I’m going to
go make my mark somewhere else. – Please, sit down.
– Thank you. So tell me about your sister.
Are you much alike? Not really. We look alike,
but that’s where it ends. Jenny, she’s more spontaneous than I am.
I’m more of a planner. You know, I like to have it all mapped out.
No surprises. I hate surprises. I know where I’ll be in 10 yeors and I know
where I’ll be in 20 years for that matter. She’s the crazy, good looking sister, and
I’m the straight, strict, older sister. I think you’re good looking. That’s very sweet of you. – Do you like cocktails?
– Yeah, but- – I’m not really in the mood for cocktails.
I’m going to bed now. Thank you for a delicious dinner
and thanks for keeping me company. – Good night.
– Good night. If you need anything just give me a call. can I help you with anything? I was dying for a cigarette and i thought
I saw a vending machine back here. I was dying for a cigarette and i thought
I saw a vending machine back here. We don’t have a vending machine. But I have some cigarettes in the office,
if you would like. – Yeah. Yeah, I’d like that.
– Ok, then I join you for a smoke. – Yeah. Yeah, I’d like that.
– Ok, then I join you for a smoke. – Ok.
– Ok. – Aren’t you gonna have one?
– No, there was only one left. – But, you can hove this if you’d like.
– No, Please enjoy it. – We can share.
– No really. I’m quite alright. – We can share.
– No really. I’m quite alright. Ok. Thank you. That’s interesting. Yeah. I think it’s worth the money too.
Some Scandinavian designer’s brainchild. Yeah. I think it’s worth the money too.
Some Scandinavian designer’s brainchild. Smeurdie, beurdie, skeidi, beurdie. Look,I’m tired and I’m cold.
Thank you for the cigarette- – and the company. I kind of needed it.
– and the company. I kind of needed it. – Shall we?
– Yeah. – Good morning!
– Oh. Good morning. – Good morning!
– Oh. Good morning. And what a lovely morning it is. Maybe I can take you for a walk down
to the quarry after breakfast. We have some extraordinary wildlife
in these parts you know. I’m afraid I can’t. I have to go into
town and see if anyone’s seen my sister. I’m afraid I can’t. I have to go into
town and see if anyone’s seen my sister. – But you’re staying for breakfast?
– I’m sorry. I’m not hungry. Not even a cup of coffee? Will you be staying tonight?
Will you be staying tonight? I don’t know. You can keep
my room, just in case. If you’re around I can promise
you some good food. We’ll see. I didn’t mean to disturb you.
Business slow this time of year? I guess, yeah.
I guess, yeah. – Quite some ploce you got here.
– Those crazy 60’s architects, you know. – Quite some place you got here.
– Those crazy 60’s architects, you know. – You the owner?
– Yes. I do most things around here. Is there anything I can help you with?
Do you want some coffee or breakfast? No. thank you for asking.
No. thank you for asking. But I’m here on official business. So you’re looking for that girl too?
What girl would that be,sir? There’s a girl staying here at the
hotel looking for her sister. There’s a girl staying here at the
hotel looking for her sister. Apparently she’s gone missing. – Is that so?
– Yeah. No, I’m looking for an elderly couple. They were driving this way 2 weeks ago.
Have you seen them? They were driving this way 2 weeks ago.
Have you seen them? – No.
– They didn’t happened to stop here? – No.
– You’re sure? – No.
– You’re sure? – Yes.
– They drove a black Volkswagen. I haven’t had any guest for
over a month now so… – What about that girl staying here?
– Except the girl, she came last night. – What about that girl staying here?
– Except the girl, she came last night. Is that so? Now if you will excuse me.
I have some work to do. I have some chores in the dining
room I need to take care of. I have some chores in the dining
room I need to take care of. I leave you to it then.
So thank you for your help. – Stop by for coffe or breakfast anytime.
– I might just do that. – Stop by for coffe or breakfast anytime.
– I might just do that. Hello? – Hi.
– Hey. I’ve missed you.
– I’ve missed you too. – Hi.
– Hi. This is John and he’ll be
staying with me tonight. So do we pay per night or per person? that depends if you’re
sharing the same room. Oh, we’ll be sharing. Then it won’t cost you any extra.
You pay per room- – but I’ll need the payment
in advance for tonight. No problem. And there will be two for
dinner tonight, then so… Yes, of course.
Eh… Please. – Didn’t that strike you as a bit odd?
– Odd? I mean, he didn’t know I was coming. Still there was a candlelit
dinner set for two- – which he just happened to have prepared. – I think he’s sweet on you honey.
– Yeah? Well, I think it can work out well
for us. Just wait til you try the food. I’m not sure I dare try the food.
He probably laced mine with strychnine_ – so that he can have his
wicked ways with you. Oh come on. He’s harmless. Maybe he is. Maybe he isn’t.
He’s still a man, right. Yeah well. So are you. To be honest I
don’t think he would what to do- – with me if he got the chance. He doesn’t seem like he’s had much
experience with women. – And you can tell?
– A woman can tell these things. Well then, woman of the world.
Why don’t you come over here- – and teach me some of the hard
lessons you’ve learned? Yeah. You would like that? So maybe you should become
my little apprentice. Chuck in your job at the bank
and join me on the road. Like a groupie to your rock star ego.
You’d like that wouldn’t you? Yeah well, I’ve alwoys seen myself
as a bit of a rock star, so… So, is there a wine list here or what? – Excuse me, you’ve got o wine list?
– No, I’m sorry. We do have wine though.
In the basement. I’m afraid I don’t know what we have,
so I have to go down and take a look. Tell you what. I’ll go with you.
make sure we find something decent. I won’t be a minute. – So. Are you two an item?
– You can say that. Actually we just got engaged. Planning
a big wedding for the fall. So what happened to her ring?
– What? Her engagement ring.
Sarah doesn’t have one. Well,that’s non of your
goddamned business. You know I could take that the
wrong way, but I’m not going to. I could shake you down about that
romantic dinner set for two, but- – I’m not going to. I want to enjoy
the evening with my fiancée. But anymore smart remarks from you,
any more passes at my woman- – and I will take it the wrong way
and you’ll fucking regret it. Ok? Bellboy. Ok. I’m sorry. I…
I didn’t know she was attached. I know you type. You play the innocent
fool, but you don’t do it very well. Sure, some girls go for that crap,
and that’s fine. I understand. You need an angle. Right? – I think you overestimate me, John.
– Don’t fucking play with me. what do you say we find you
a nice bottle of Chardonnay- – compliments of the house. And we just
forget about the whole thing. Shall we? Oh my good! Oh my good, John.
John, are you Ok? What have you done to him? Nothing. I left him to choose
a bottle of whine while I… – Liar!
– Sarah, Please. Get away from me!
I know my sister was here. What happened to her?
Did you kill her too? What? No I… Oh, David! – You sick son of a bitch!
– Sarah, Please. You have to believe me. I didn’t do this. I… John. Honey, we’ve got to
get out of here. Be quit. Come on, we’ve got to
get out of here. Follow me. No, no, no.
This way. C’mon. Hello? Is this the police?
My name is David Morrison. There’s a maniac at the Bridgeburn hotel… on the old
road 56… Yes, the Bridgeburn hotel. The old
road 56. can you send some help, Please? Jenny? – Sarah…
– C’mon. Fuck. Honey, I’m gonna get
us some help. Ok. John, let me help you.
Ok, we gotta get out of here. Come on. Die mother fucker! Son of a bitch. Fuckin’ bellboy. Sarah. Are you Ok? – Hey…
– Don’t you touch me. Don’t touch me! You’re in shock. Let me hold you. Alright? Let it out. It’s
alright. Jenny’s dead. – What?
– She’s dead! – No. Baby, what are you talking about?
– Go and see for yourself. Is she in there? – We should get the hell out of here…
– Just go in there! Alright, alright.
I’ll go and have a look. Sarah! Sarah! I can explain. Sarah? Here’s for “bellboy”! Please, Please.
No, no… No. Please, David… Please, David…
No. Please, David. Please… I can help you. Please, don’t do this.
You don’t wanna do this. Please… I can help you. I can help you, David.
Don’t do this… Don’t do this… I can help you, David.
I can help you. Please, David…


  1. Pb Bhar Author

    wt the fuck ending? ?why he killed the innocent people like that ThTs not a good movie in the end someone has to kill him the evil character the hero actor

  2. Pb Bhar Author

    mother Fucker some people take it seriously in there real life such type of cycho devil bane such types of movies he kills the beautiful girls and here is so many mother Fucker is like that see that movie and do the same with innocent girls and ladies kill such type of cycho people bane such types of movie's 😡😡😡😡😡

  3. Lei Rein Author

    the story is hanging. his childhood wasn't shown that much on how he became a sicko……it was there but it's lacking. so that viewers could give him more of a sympathy as of what he is.

  4. Loulwa Abdallah Author

    Spoiler Alert

    Wait, when she was getting choked HOW THE HECK DID THE KNIFE TELEPORT 3 FEET AWAY FROM HER TO REACH HER HAND AFTER WE SEE HER ELBOW IS TOUCHING IT, LIKE DID HARRY POTTER MISS HIS SPELL. Anyways SHE ALSO LIFTS THE KNIFE KEEPS IT THERE FOR 10 SECONDS, CHOKES OUT AND DIES, AND DIDNT EVEN TRY TO FAKE BEING DEAD. LIKE THAT ALWAYS WORKS. Now for real. WHY A BIG EMPTY ROOM WITH 2 TABLES AND THE COP AINT LIKE. uhm where are all the guests, oh and can i check that creepy cellar with red light.also i'll take your word for saying no like no inspections. Oh a Van lets look in it for a good 10 seconds. Like also the guy sees the body gone and doesnt run right away, he OBVIOUSLY TURN RIGHT and moves back then gets choked because they couldnt afford another attempt for him walking at the right spot. Lol too many errors cinema sins needs to see this. Anyways i could list ALOT more. if you want me too then comment down below and I will. #Movie #Error Edit: ok ok one more thing. WHO ON EARTH WOULD CALL 911 AND BE LIKE "is this the police?" LIke NOOOOOO. ITS GONNA BE PEWDIEPIE. Like honestly just dial and interrupt saying "THERES A DARTH VADER KILLER TRYING TO KILL ME" And then run for your life or goooooooooooo. Also same scene, If the people to her right could hear a door open on her left. IS SHE DEAF, LIKE I KNOW SHE WAS ON THE PHONE BUT LIKE… I HEARD IT LOUD AND CLEAR AND MY VOLUME ISNT THAT HIGH. ALSO FIRST THING THAT CAME TO MIND WHEN SHE WAS AT THE EDGE OF THE CLIFF. MAKE HIM RUSH YOU THEN DODGE AND TRIP OR GRAB AND THROW HIM OFF THE CLIFF LIKE MAYBE RUN LEFT OR RIGHT NEAR THE EDGE AND WHEN HE RUNS AFTER YOU MAKE HIM GO FORWARD FAST AND THEN SIKE HIM OUT, LIKE ONE MILLION WAYS TO SURVIVE THAT. (no one can say she was too shocked to think). Ok last but not least for the comment, WHO WAS THE GUY IN THE DARTH VADER SUIT THAT CUT HIS HEAD OFF, LIKE THE AXE WAS 1 MILIMETER AWAY BEFORE SCENE SKIP AND WAS TOO FAST TO STOP. LIKE HONESTLY TOO MANY ERRORS. Bonus error: Who on earth THROWS A KNIFE LIKE THAT AND MISSES, LIKE IT WAS SO EASY HE WAS CLOSE. THEN HE KICKS THE GUN, LIKE SHE HAD PERFECT ABILITY TO CATCH IT BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THEY REALIZED THEY NEED MORE MONEY FROM MOVIE LENGTH SO THEY DECIDED IT WILL TAKE LONGER UNTIL SOMEONE DIES. MHM THEY HAVE TOO MANY ERRORS. These where all the major ones btw.

  5. Snow Journeys Author

    people come and die….i wonder who will pay for his hotel room money?? take from their wallet??? and in hotel computer no have password? :-)))))

  6. Robert Cubinelli Author

    Kinda flicks I dig…great storyline, great acting and cool photography. So when the maniac axed David, It was all in his deranged mind, huh????!

  7. Grn Peepers Author

    Polaroid of me in the bath tub on the nightstand….. I'm grabbing my shit & leaving. No investigation needed….just….BYE!

  8. Grn Peepers Author

    "The old quarry… Theres a lake at the bottom of it…. ". Good thing he told her about the lake, who would've even noticed that unassuming lil puddle😒?

  9. Samsung Galaxy Author

    There was a movie I saw it in 2010… It was about 4 friends. 3 girls and 1 boy.. that boy liked to murder people. Killing people was fun for him… He kill 2 girls.. and their husband… and the girl who survive was a babysitter…. can anyone tell me about this movie? I'm looking for it since 2010.. Now its 2017.. still I'm looking for it….
    Thanks so much for reading….

  10. Jyothi jo Author

    1:07:46 does that mean there are 2 persons like the bell guy and they are twins. And the killer killed his twin??? Can anyone explain please??? I'm confused. And how come the killer teleports so fast??? Anyways I love this movie only if I get my doubts cleared.

  11. winchester girl Author

    Such a good movie thank you for uploading this I love these kinds of movies slasher suspense type I give it 5 out of 5 stars kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time

  12. laura kantner Author

    I knew it was the bellboy and I got to find out why he was doing it. At the end, it looks like he doesn't like himself when he kills these people. Abuse of children can mess someone up in adulthood if left untreated from their emotional and mental and physical scars, sometimes sexual scars. It was crazy how he got shot multiple times and still had strength to kill again. Good movie, though.

  13. edimar franco Author

    like that has director who creates a bad horror movie the actor has no chanse for marten the killer and only he who kills did not like the movie

  14. Brutus Youngchang Author

    one thing i dont quite understand is when david would see himself being killed by the masked killer. is it his way to see himself as a victim in it all and justify his actions? maybe its some of the guilt…

  15. Kate List Author

    This is, to date, my favorite slasher flick. I'm a nutty 65 year old artist. This film surpasses Psycho in it's motivation for the protagonist. (I love Psycho for many other reasons.) The retro hotel…well…marvelous! Lars is magnificent. Wish he did more; couldn't find any, but he is a great choreographer. His features and mannerisms remind me so much of a friend of mine – that I wonder…should I be concerned? …snicker.

  16. patrick chisala Author

    nice suspense movie though the killer seemed to be magical or paranormal when he wasnt. he was being found everywhere and the victims were too weak to do anything. i hate this thing of the killer always winning, cant even feel the impact of a bullet.

  17. Rini Ann Author

    i love this film♡☆♡☆♡☆. actually david only need someone to love. thats all. not his fault to kills. peoples made him kills. anylone could get violence when theres no love…..

  18. Rebecca Bullock Author

    I used to work the front desk at different hotels, 3rd shift…there's some creepy stuff that goes on in the middle of the night…I had so many experiences that had me jumpy as hell and scared to go to the damn restroom lol


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