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Inspector Vijay (KAVACHAM) Full Movie | Bellamkonda Sreenivas, Kajal, Neil Nitin Mukesh

Smoking is the cause of cancer.
It is injurious to heath. Consuming alcohol is dangerous
for the health. Inspector Vijay. You don’t know how to drive. Dear officers! The cases of kidnappings
and thefts have been.. ..on a rise in the city. To solve these cases,
I have appointed.. ..a special officer.
-Sir, who is it? Come here. Come on, run. -If I run, I will
be killed in an encounter. And if you don’t run,
do you think you will be saved? Once he has decided on something,
nothing can change. Sir doesn’t do two
things at a time. As long as the cigarette burns,
he won’t shoot. Don’t waste time thinking. Run. Run. Inspector Vijay likes to
shoot down criminals.. ..while they are on the run. People generally have their
surname after their first name. I have the term ‘Encounter’
as my last name. Son, did you kill someone in
an encounter in your dream? It’s already eight
in the morning. If you get late, your senior will
kill you in an encounter. Son, wearing this uniform
is a matter of pride. It is your responsibility
to keep.. ..up the respect for
this uniform. Don’t do anything that will
tarnish its image. -Yes mom. Sir, come here. Sir, everyone’s here. The auspicious moment is here.
Let’s begin. ‘We are the smartest
and the fastest.’ We are loyal. Are you the only who will
say it out loud? Don’t you understand
what’s written.. ..or you don’t like
the handwriting? Without looking at my horoscope.. ..just by looking at my passion.. ..the priest had predicted
that I will be a cop. Do you want to see me angry? Do you want to see it? Begin! -‘We are the smartest
and the fastest.’ Our CI sir from Gujarat. ‘We will always be
your servants.’ ‘If we prosper,
we will give the credit to you.’ ‘We pledge to this. We pledge
to this. All hail India.’ Do you get it? -Yes, I do.
-What did you understand? Like school, the police station
will now have prayers. Did he appreciate or insult me?
-Sir, the S.P is here. Oh God, the S.P is here. Who is the in-charge
of this house? When did he learn English? What
did he say? -Sir, nothing great. He wants to know who is the
in-charge of this police station. Sir, it’s me.
-What’s the crime rate? Sir, rate? I will tell you. If we catch a beggar,
we charge 100 rupees. If we catch a pick-pocket,
we charge 200 rupees. If he catch a street hawker,
we charge him 300 rupees. Sir is asking about the crime
rate, not your rate. Oh dear. -You will be fired. Sir, I take no bribes. Sir, I have a wife and
two small children. I got to do all this
to run the house. What is he saying?
-Sir, what he is saying is.. ..compared to last month, our
crime rate has dropped to 13%. We have installed CCTV
cameras around the.. ..station so that we can
monitor from here. Good job. -Thank you sir. If you can’t speak in English,
learn it from him later on. Yes sir. -And if you can’t
learn it, speak in Hindi. Keep it up. -Yes sir. It’s barely been 10 minutes
since he took.. ..his pledge and he
already broke it. If I don’t stop him now,
my life will be ruined. Sir,
how are you going to stop him? He isn’t a random
car on the road. He is a missile. ‘Dance to the beat.’ Hey stop. Stop, you. Where are you running off to?
Stop! Where are you running off to?
Stop! Hey! Caught you. Who is it? What are you looking at? Leave. I am talking to you. Go away. Leave me. Leave me. Go away from here. You go ahead. Brother, you hit others once but
you hit me over ten times. I am not your friend to hit you
once and let you go. Police. Hey. We don’t care if you are
a police or a postman. Do you know who you messed with? You messed with Vizag’s Jyothi. With the name I can’t even
make out the gender? What’s with Jyoti? -Brother,
he is insulting your name. Forget it. He is addressing me
lovingly. Don’t get angry. Everyone in this area works
for you. Talk about power. Brother, you will have to show
him your power. Go on. I am running away. He trapped me here and he left. Brother! I am not in the mood to fight,
so I am sparring you today. No dear. If you do it again.. If you hit me once more,
you see what I do to you. What will you do? Sir, I will cry. Sister, please tell him. If you ever try to tease a girl.. Oh God. I am running away. Thank you. -That’s okay. But what are you doing here
so late in the night? I am eloping to meet someone. So, is it a love story? -Yes. He must be waiting for
me at Geeta Bus Stop. Alright, I will drop you. Shriram had asked
me to wait here. I don’t know about Shriram. -But
it’s raining. Come on, let’s go. Why are you laughing?
-Nothing, really. It’s okay. You can tell
me. I won’t feel bad. You have left your
home at midnight. He will take you somewhere. I am laughing because I
don’t understand love. There’s nothing that one
can’t understand. Love is like this rain. Love can happen to anyone
at any time. Like it starts raining
without caution. That’s it. It’s so simple. I had heard that people
become crazy in love. I am seeing it for myself today. If it isn’t crazy, it isn’t love. If love is not crazy.. ..Taj Mahal is just like
any other building. We won’t ever remember it
as a symbol of love. Did you ever fall in love?
-Yes, I did. But I didn’t think
it was as crazy. Tell me your story. I will decide if it was
crazy enough or not. This was just a few days ago. Son, why did you get me here?
-I got my first.. ..salary today.
I want to buy you something. Here’s your parking ticket.
-There’s no need for this. If not now, then when?
You come on in. Please show a nice sari for mom.
-Look at this, ma’am. You will look solid like
your son. -Hey. I mean it will suit you. Not this. Show me something else. How is this? How about this? This one? -This is really nice. How much does it cost?
-You leave all that. Please pack this. How much is it? -9500/-. My son got me here as soon
as he got his salary. You are very lucky. May God bless
everyone with such a child. Where did I leave my wallet? Just a minute. I took it to pay the valet. Is this Mr. Vijay? -Yes.
-Have you lost your wallet? Did you find it somewhere?
-Where are you? I am on the first floor of
South India Shopping Mall. I have your wallet. You stay there.
I will come right away. -Okay. Inspector Vijay,
here’s your wallet. Thank you.
-Don’t tell this to anyone. That a simple girl found
a policeman’s wallet. People will laugh. Son, who was it?
-I don’t know, mom. Isn’t she beautiful? -Yes mom. You do realize what your Sharma
uncle did, right? -What did he do? He got his daughter married
to a doctor instead of you. If you get a girl like that,
that will serve him right. Then why someone else?
I will get married to her only. I really like her. -You pay the
bill, I will look for her. Hello. -A girl called
me from this number. I don’t know that girl. Her phone was dead and
so I gave her mine. Did you find anything about her? Sir, there’s no use of sitting
here like that. You will have to find her. I don’t know her name or address.
How will I find her? You didn’t know my name
or address either. But you still found me,
didn’t you? There’s a difference between
a thief and a girl. What is the difference? I stole money. She stole sir’s
heart. It’s the same. Why should we listen to this idiot?
It’s time to go to the court. Let’s go, sir. Sir, I have a headache. Please stop the car and
get me some tea. You are not out on a picnic
with your friends. We are the police. Shut up. You can feed Biryani
to a terrorist but.. ..can’t give some tea
to a local thief? Shut up.
-It’s just tea. Give it to him. Babulal, give me two teas.
-Right away. -Green tea for me. Look at him, no one will serve
him even regular tea. It’s good for the health. When was that made, sir? I didn’t do anything. Leave me. Someone stop him. He is a thief. Stop. Someone please catch him. Hey thief. Sir, I am not a thief.
-My mom is really unwell. I didn’t have money to
pay for medicines. I had no choice other than this. Your mother? -Yes ma’am.
I swear on her. Here you go.
Ma’am, I committed a mistake. Sorry sir.
-Buy medicines for your mother. Ma’am, what are you doing?
He is lying. I don’t care if he is lying.
He said a mother needs it. Leave him. -Thanks ma’am. Sir, greetings. This was my mother’s last gift
to me. Thank you so much. It’s okay. -Bye. Excuse me. Do tell this to everyone. That a policeman does find
out stolen things. Okay, bye. -Bye. Sir, the girl looks very sensitive.
-Whoever she gets married to.. ..she will give away all
his salary to charity. You had said that you won’t
find her without looking. Well, I did.
-Sir, is she the one? -Yes. Why are you blushing in front
of us, instead of her? Did she leave? Oh no. Sir. -Who is it? You are dancing around.
-Sir, my name is Krishna Rao. My daughter’s name is Kaveri. She had called me at 10:45pm. She asked me to pick her up
from Gopal Rao Bus Stop. I reached there at 11pm
and she wasn’t there. Her phone’s switched off now. You were late.
Her lover picked her up and left. Sir,
she isn’t that kind of a girl. That’s true. The child always
seems good to the parents. And then you get to know
about incidents.. ..and understand the reality. She has switched off her
phone on purpose. So that it misses your attention. That’s not the case, sir. -Hey. Even if we try to find her now.. ..she must have eloped
with her lover. Even if we catch her,
they will say.. ..that we love each other
and you can’t stop us. I have seen a lot of
cases like that. The guy she eloped with,
he will drop her back home. Go home,
have dinner and go to sleep. My name is Krishna Rao.
My daughter’s name is Kaveri. She called me at 10:45pm
and asked me to.. ..pick her up from Gopal
Rao Bus Stop. I reached there at 11pm
and she wasn’t there. Her phone’s switched off now. I am scared that something
may have happened to her. Please look for her immediately. This is your complaint, right?
-Yes sir. Please sign this.
I will take this ahead. What will you do?
Go and do your duty? It’s my duty to take an action. It’s my duty to take action.
No one else’s. Then you do something. If you act smart, I will suspend
you. -Then do that. But first, go and find that girl,
then you may suspend me. Sir,
if she has eloped with someone.. ..we will just waste
about an hour. But if someone has
kidnapped her.. ..her entire life will
be destroyed. Sir, please co-operate. I want the camera footage of
Gopal Ram Bus stop. Quickly. Rewind until 10:45pm. Sir, that’s my daughter. Sir, please save my daughter.
Sir, please. Rewind this. Zoom in to the car’s number. Sir this is the Car number. You
won’t find the details online. Why isn’t there enough
network there? Sir,
this area is near the dockyard. The signals are jammed
after 10pm. That’s the reason there
is no signal. But this guy is on the phone. That means he has network. -Sir,
this looks like BSNL network. Hello BSNL.
-This is Sub-Inspector Vijay. A guy was on a continuous call
from 10:45pm to 10:50pm.. the Gopal Ram bus stop.
I want his number. Got it sir. The number is
9441951315. -Thank you ma’am. Sir,
he has reached Silver Beach Road. It’s been 35 minutes since
the kidnapping. How.. ..did they take so long
to reach beach road? Sir, the Chief Minister is
going to be here tomorrow. The entire city is cordoned off. To escape that, they must have
taken the long route. -Yes. Connect this number to my device.
-Okay sir. Get her in. Hey, switch on the lights. Who are you? Inspector Vijay. You spoiled my mood. My daughter Kaveri. -Dad. Sir, she was born to us but
you gave her a new life. Sir, it’s my duty.
Please go home. -Thank you sir. You caught this gang
in half an hour sir. This Himesh Mehta from Gujarat,
used the latest technology.. He can’t save a number
on the phone.. ..he talks about technology. How many officers were involved
in this operation? Why do you need associates when
you have the leader himself? I am the solo performer.
-He thinks he is God, sir. You did the job and he took the
credit. Sir, that’s wrong. I became a police officer
to serve the public. Not for publicity. Lord Krishna himself,
Mr. Himesh Mehta. Chasing King, Mr. Himesh Meshta. Sir, all the newspapers
are talking about you. That’s fine but what about
the collection? Don’t worry.
This accident will help us out. What happened? I am so sorry. -No problem.
It’s nothing. -Thank you. It’s okay. -Hey. Are you out of your mind? You are drunk and you dashed
into a girl’s scooter? No it’s our fault.
-Oh, so you aren’t even ashamed. She dashed into your car and
you are just leaving. Sir, nothing happened. Forget it. I will decide that. Come along with me to the
station. -Why though? You rammed into his car.
Didn’t you? -Did he complain? According to section 161.. ..if you take action without
a complaint.. can be imprisoned
for two years. According to section 213,
if you arrest a woman.. ..without a lady constable,
you may lose your job. According to section 168,
in accidents like these.. You must know about section 108.. Hey, 108 is the number
for ambulance, right? How did it turn into a section?
-That’s the thing, sir. Under which section are you
taking us to the police station? I was joking. You got fooled. I was practicing for a play. A lot of fake officers are
roaming in the city. I was checking if the public
is alert or not. And you have passed the test. Isn’t it? -Yes. And for this,
sir will give you a prize. He fooled me. Thank you. Until now,
I knew how to take money. I never knew how to give money. This girl got me to
shell out money. I will not spare her. -Yes sir. You give me the chance.
I will teach her a lesson. Love you, son. Teach her a
lesson. -Thank you sir. I am with you. Don’t spare her. Let the world know how I taught
her a lesson. -Yes sir. All the best, sir. How do you know about these laws? Even you believed? -Yes. I knew that he is an illiterate. So I made these fake laws. You are crazy. Excuse me. Hello. Hello. -Hello. -Hi. What brings you here? This place is known for
its coffee, they say. Of course.
Please sit. -Thank you. What coffee would you like? I guess people didn’t tell you
about the best coffee here. That.. The cappuccino with extra
shot is really good. Would you like to try? -Sure. He is that chain guy. Oh. Thank you.
-Excuse me. -I will be back. Excuse me. Who paid the bill? You helped me the other day.
This is my treat. What are you dreaming about?
-About that same girl. Mom, I think I love her. Why don’t you propose her?
-That.. Mom, that..propose..
-Go son, all the best. I love you. I want to marry you. Hello. -Hello. -Here’s your
cappuccino with extra coffee shot. Where is she?
-Didn’t she tell you? Her marriage got fixed.
So she left the job. -What? Anyway, I need to attend
to other customers. This morning,
I left from there all alone. When I was returning
from my duty.. ..I saw you. You were right. Your love story doesn’t have
passion but it has pain. I am really sorry. -No, there’s
nothing to be sorry about. I thought our friendship
blossomed into love. For her, it was just friendship. To love someone isn’t a big deal. When someone loves you,
that is a big deal. It wasn’t in my destiny. Forget my story. Call Shriram.
The rains have also stopped. The number you are calling
is out of network area. It says it is out
of coverage area. It’s already midnight. If you don’t mind,
my house is nearby. Come with me to my home. I don’t mind.
But I don’t want to trouble you. There is no trouble. Mom says you must always
help a girl in distress. Come for mom at least. You stay alone?
-No, with my mother. Oh. -She is out of town. She
will be arriving tomorrow. Is this your own house?
-No, it’s rented. This is my mom’s room.
You can relax here. It seems your mother
loves you a lot. Not just love. She lives for me. You are so lucky. It’s late.
You take rest. -Okay, good night. Good morning. -Good morning. Are you thinking about yesterday? Are you missing her? People who fail are frowned upon.
Go ahead. Laugh. I didn’t mean that. What can I do? If you get to know that the one
you love is getting married.. will be heart broken. But that’s okay. It’s a
policeman’s heart. He will manage. Forget that.
Did you speak with Shriram? No, not yet.
His phone is not reachable. What will you do?
-I will go to his house. Should I accompany you?
-No, I will manage. -Okay. If you need anything, call me.
Bye. Sir, greetings. -Greetings. Sir, greetings. -Tell me. My name is Chandrasekhar.
I am builder. My.. is going on
in the middle of the road. The local goons there are
asking for 5 million. Who are they? -Panda. Write your complaint.
I will take action. -Okay. Complaint against Panda. Would you take action
against anyone? Mr. Chandrasekhar.. ..pen and paper aren’t enough
to write a complaint. You need to appear as
a witness in court. Are you brave enough? -I will
do it, sir. -That’s great. That’s what I wanted.
Just wait and watch. I will teach Panda a lesson. Panda, you are trying to stop the
construction on Beach Road.. are threatening the builder
and asking for 5 million. You are troubling honest people.
What is all this? Oh God. Did your daughter go to temple
in the morning? -Yes. Nothing should happen to
Chandrasekhar’s daughter. Sir. -She is very beautiful. She must look like her mother.
What do you got to do? Sir, please tell him to not
do anything to my daughter. Panda,
this builder is very intelligent. He understands everything. But these days the cost
of cement has gone up. So he can’t give you 5 million. Adjust with 3-4 million. That’s the end of it. Respect a
policeman’s words. Thank you. Hey, I have solved your matter. Give 4 million to Panda
and 5,00,000 to me. Good that you came to me.
Bring the money by evening. Sir, I will give it. Mr. Chandrasekhar. I am ready to take action. Are you ready to write
a complaint? Money means nothing to me when
it comes to my daughter. Panda. Panda,
I got the amount you asked for. Dad. Wait. Panda, I got the money you asked
for. Leave my daughter. Dad. -You should have
thought about it.. ..before going to the
police station. Dad. -Leave my daughter. Get out! Who are you? There’s only one defense
between the.. who does crime
and the victim. That’s the police. Trust this man in the uniform
and write a complaint, sir. What happened?
-Shriram’s house was locked. I asked his neighbors but no
one knows anything about it. Don’t you have a common friend? We have a friend named Venu.
He stays in Panaram hills. Hello.
-Hello. -I can’t reach Shriram. Do you know where he is?
-Just a minute. He asked me to give
you this letter. Hi dear,
I can’t tell you this myself.. ..and so I am writing
you a letter. I would be happy to marry you. But I decided to marry
Swati because.. ..her parents decided
to fund my education. And your family wouldn’t
have supported me. My future is important.
Forgive me. What happened? Where is he? -Sir, I don’t know. He just gave me this letter.
-You won’t speak like that. Come on. -Vijay, leave him. Can you drop me to a bust
stop or the taxi stand? Where will you go?
-No matter what a man does.. ..the family always accepts them. Maybe your decision of running
away from home was wrong. That traitor wasn’t
worthy of you. What’s destined for us.. ..we will always get
it eventually. We lost our love but we haven’t
forgotten how to love. Vijay. Mom, you are back.
Stay there. I will come there. You stay, I am coming.
-No, You wait. I am coming. Due to injury on the head, the
blood has clotted on one side. If we don’t operate immediately.. ..patient may go in to coma
and die immediately. Please doctor. -Don’t say so.
Please proceed with the operation. For the operation.. ..apart from 5,00,000 insurance
that your department gave.. ..we will need 5 million more. 5 million! You look rich but you are
reacting like a middle class man. That won’t work here. There is
a government hospital nearby. Take her there. Doctor, please don’t say so.
I only have my mother. Even I have nothing other
than this hospital. Doctor, I will return the
money in installments. Please don’t stop the operation. This is a hospital not a bank
for your EMI to work. Take your mom with you. Doctor, please don’t say this. Save my mother.
-I can’t help you. I will return that money any how.
Please doctor. Please. How many times do I tell you? By when do you want the money?
-By tomorrow, morning 10am. We will give you the money
by 10 in the morning. You proceed with the operation. Vijay, you are in trouble.
So am I. Both our problems have
one solution. But you will have to take a risk. I am willing to take any
risk for my mother. Tell me, what do I do?
-You will have to kidnap me. Kidnap? -Yes. Call my uncle and tell him that
you have kidnapped me. Ask him for 5 million. Threaten him that if he calls
the police, you will kill me. My uncle will arrive
at the designated.. and give you the money. But will he have so much money? Do you know who I am? I am Industrialist Mahendra
Verma’s niece. He has already given me
half of his property. My parents passed away in an
accident when I was 5 years old. Uncle took care of me. He loves me more than
his real son. God, I have passed two rounds. Just get me through the HR round. I will donate the first
salary to you. Boss, forget the phone.
Concentrate on the interview. I am checking out the details of
this company. -This company? What’s there to check? -A best
company is not just about income. The customers should
increase too. The profits are increasing but
the customers are decreasing. If I get this job,
I will focus on this issue. Excuse me. You looked very tense. It isn’t a government
job that you will.. ..get the job if you pass the
interview. -This is a corporate job. With projects and targets,
everyday is an interview. You will have to convince the
interviewer that you are the best. So be confident. Guys, the interview is over. What are you saying?
Who took the interview? Right here. The company’s managing director,
Mr. Vikramaditya. And the selected candidates are.. ..Bharat and Mansa. Why did you only select them? I like the fact that you
helped a fellow.. ..candidate without any fear. I like your confidence.
-Thank you sir. He didn’t think what the
company has to offer.. ..he thought what he can
give the company. I liked your intention. Thank you sir. Uncle fixed my wedding elsewhere. But I was in love with Shriram. So I ran away from home. If half the company
is in your name.. ..why did Shriram marry
someone else? My uncle didn’t approve
of our relationship. We had different standards. I was ready to leave
my family for him. And that’s the reason he left me. That would solve my problem. But what will you get? I ran away from home
yesterday only. If I go today, they will know
that I ran away with him.. ..but it didn’t work out. And I will be tarnished
in front of everyone. But if they get know that
I am kidnapped.. ..then they won’t know the truth. Your mom’s health
and my respect.. dependent on your decision. What do I have to do? Dear, are you alright?
-For now, yes. Hey, who are you? -What will
you do knowing my name? I have kidnapped your niece.
-What? If you want her to
return safely.. ..then keep 5 million
ready until morning. I will tell you where you
have to get that money. If you act smart and call the
police, I will kill her. Please wait,
I will give you what you want. Keep her safe. Dad. Sudarshan, I.. I have heard everything, sir. Anyone in your place would
have done the same thing. Thank you very much. Sudarshan! I need a new car, new SIM card
and a mobile. -Sure sir. Who are you? -I am Sharatchandra. Officer on Special Duty. Why are you here?
-Your niece was kidnapped. We have received this
information. Who said that my niece
was kidnapped? Sir, someone gave you the
wrong information. Call her for a minute.
We will leave then. She lives in a hostel
for her studies. We are okay with talking
to her on the phone. It will be confirmed.
-Listen to me. I told them. Are you out of your mind? -Dad. Forget 5 million, for her we
can give 500 million too. It is important to find out
about her kidnapper. If we tell the cops,
he will kill Samyukta. Before I mentioned, did you
know that I am a policeman? If he can plan, so can we. This briefcase has a GPS system,
take the cash in this only. We will tap all your numbers
to know about him. Is the cash ready? -Yes, it is. Tell me the location.
My son will bring it to you. Get him to wear black trousers
and white shirt.. ..and send him to Central
Mall by 9AM. Where is the car? -Sir,
it’s parked on the backside. Good luck. -Take care, sir. Guys, Central Mall. Come to Malaysian shopping mall.
-Okay. Malaysian Shopping Mall. Take the stairs and come to
the first floor washroom. There is a brown bag below
the wash basin. Get the cash out from the
briefcase and put it in the bag. Throw the briefcase. Now, take the bag and come
to the fourth floor. The briefcase with GPS
is missing, Sir. Tell me. -There is a baby land
shop behind you, get in there. On you right side there is
a remote controlled car. Inside of which there is
a black cap. Pick it up. Switch off your phone
and keep it there. Pick up the phone kept there. Guys, there is some problem.
Be alert. Wear that cap and take the
lift to the ground floor. As soon as you get
out of the lift.. Exit 2, you will see a
car without number plate. Keep the money bag in its trunk. Where is my cousin?
-Do as I say first. Guys, Aditya is going
down in the elevator. Third floor. Second floor. First floor. Ground floor. Aditya is wearing a black cap.
Follow him. Be careful. Yes sir. How did so many people turn up
wearing the same clothes? This is his strategy. He is fooling all of us. Oh no. Doctor.
-The operation was successful. Thank you doctor.
-Thank you very much. Thanks. If you wouldn’t have been there..
-I should be thanking you. Not just for you mother.. ..but even for me,
you undertook a big task. Sir, the kidnapper is
calling repeatedly.. ..from Samyukta’s number. -We are
tracing the location. -Okay sir. Sir, every time, he would cut the
call in less than a minute. So we were not able to
trace his location. Sir, we can’t make out anything
from the CCTV footage too. All those who wore
black and white.. ..were the salesmen
of Maruti Zen. Every week, they hold the
meeting on the same.. The kidnapper took
advantage of that. Officers, find out where
transaction worth.. ..5 million has been carried out.
-Okay. We will find evidence with that.
Go quickly. Move. -Yes sir. It’s been two hours since he
has received this money. But there’s no news
about the girl. Where must he have left her? We have left her on Silver Beach
Road on Gita Bus Stop. The girl is safe. I can never forget what
you have done for me. I won’t add to your
responsibilities by bidding goodbye. I promise you that I will
return the money soon. Sometimes people betray
your trust. Despite of being a stranger.. did so much for me
in the past two days. I will pay your mom a visit soon.
I promise you. Thank you. -Bye. -Bye. Uncle must be here any moment.
You must leave. Sister, mom’s sari. Mom. -Did you get scared? Did you think I would
leave you so soon? Where will I go leaving
you alone? I have to get you married. Sir, order please. -One
Cappuccino with extra coffee shot. Okay. One more incident of kidnapping
in the city. Industrialist Mahendra Verma’s
niece has been kidnapped. As per the information
given to us.. ..the kidnappers have demanded
5 million as ransom. Despite of fulfilling
the ransom amount.. ..they haven’t left his niece. As per the latest information.. ..the kidnapper has given
that money in a hospital. This is the picture
of Samyukta Verma.. ..Mahendra Verma’s niece,. Oh. Height 5’11, fair. Sources also say that she was
working in a coffee shop. If Samyukta is Mahendra
Verma’s niece.. ..then who is that girl? The camera footage from the
hospital shows that.. ..this policeman is behind
this kidnapping. His name is Vijay. He is Sub Inspector in Three
Tower Police station. The entire department
is in turmoil. Since the kidnapper is
a police officer. Your game is over. -Who are you? I don’t know who you are. But I will find you.
You can’t escape me. Hey, forget catching me.. ..think about saving yourself. You can’t scare a lion. If Samyukta is safe,
you will be safe too. If anything happens to her,
you will be the.. ..first person on my encounter
list. -Good luck. Same to you. ‘No news about Samyukta Verma.’ ‘This case has become
even more serious.’ ‘Since a policeman is involved.’ Sir, the kidnapper is a
policeman, is it true? You got to know it before us. If a policeman does this,
how will people feel secure? The kidnapper is a policeman. The one to catch him will also be
a policeman, not a reporter. Help us if you can. Don’t create fear with
your baseless rumors. Sir, sir, sir. Sir! When he caught the kidnapper
in less than half an hour.. ..I thought the guy is talented. I didn’t know that
he is experienced. What is the term of imprisonment
for a kidnapper? A minimum of 6 years.
-What about the one who planned? Minimum 12 years.
-So that means.. ..your retirement function
will happen in jail. What are you talking about? Did you forget what you told him? I am with you. Don’t spare her. Let the world know that I taught
her a lesson. -Yes sir. I thought he will ask
her to apologize.. ..and give my 2000 rupees back.
-I didn’t ask him to kidnap her. I am the Town,
CI, Himesh Mehta from Gujarat. Sit down. -Thank you sir. -What
do you know about the kidnapper? Don’t ask me.
Ask him. They were pretty close. Oh. So you were close to him? We were working together
in the same department. That was the only proximity. So you must know about
the kidnapping. Didn’t I tell you that
your retirement.. ..function will happen
behind the bars? I am asking you. Sir! -We found him through those
5 million rupees. -5 million? He did the kidnapping for those
5 million. -5 million? He trapped me and took
all the money. He didn’t even return those 2000
rupees. -I will miss you sir. Try and understand what
I am trying to say. I have nothing to do with this. Hello. What are you thinking?
-Sir, watch the news. Why was a rich girl like her
working in a coffee shop? What? -Why was she working
in a coffee shop? Sir, this has a new SIM card. I will call you if need be. 5 million have been spent
in the hospital. The Special Officer caught
you through that. You have been suspended
from the department. There is an arrest warrant
against you. The department that
you love so much.. ..considers you as a culprit. What’s happening? This is a strategy. When the enemy can’t attack
you on the face.. ..this is what they do. Sir, who can be your enemy? An honest man has
a lot of enemies. The enemy can come to
you in any form. In my life, it was that girl. Thank you so much.
-Why did she do this? No idea. But someone has trapped
me using that girl. I tried saving her for real. But she didn’t come
there for Shriram. I saved her from the goons. But the fact that she is the
niece of Mahendra Verma is a lie. The plan to kidnap was mine. But I didn’t kidnap Samyukta. Samyukta’s kidnapper is
trapping me in this. This is someone’s well
thought strategy. Who is behind this planning? To find this out I will have to
look for the girl. -Do a thing. I received a call from a private
number. Trace that call,. I can find out about
the number through.. ..the police control room. -But
where will we find that girl? I know who she is. He is Vizag’s don Jyothi. Vizag’s Jyothi. I will find him. We will know who the girl is. A big drama was staged so
that I could meet her. That means Jyothi’s men
were part of this play. Sir, why are you quiet? I will die without my Samyukta. I need answers to a
lot of questions. Then we will be able
to do something. Your niece & the MD of this
company Samyukta.. ..why was she working
in a coffee shop? Samyukta, your course has ended. I am now giving you
away the company. What have you thought?
When will you join? Before joining the company.. ..I want to work from
the grassroots level. What did you mean? I mean at the start I want to
work at the lowest level. Dear, why do you need to do this?
-Aunt, not because I need it.. ..I want to do it to
gather experience. I want to know the value of
hard work. -That’s correct. What is she saying?
At least you say something. Mom,
we are thinking about legacy. But she is thinking about
building character. Samyukta, all the best.
-Thank you. Who is Samyukta? She comes from such
an esteemed family. Only you guys know this. But then kidnapper knew this too. And he directly called you. There is something missing. There is something happening
elsewhere.. ..which we don’t know about. Who stopped the band? You are here at the right time. Sir was waiting for you. When did I say that? -Brother,
why are you getting scared of him? He is in your arena.
-Did you ever get hit by him? Brother, this time he will be
the one getting thrashed. It’s our arena. -Turn around and
see. All our men are ready. Brother,
should we kill him right here? Do it. I thought that our men
will outsmart.. ..him but he thrashed us instead. It’s my wedding. Please leave me. Sir! Sir! Who was the girl you were running
after? -That girl? Who was she? She said that she will give
us fifty thousand rupees. If we act as if we are after her.
-What? Fifty thousand? But you told us twenty
five thousand only. Why are you extending
this conversation? We will discuss that later. Sir, I got greedy. If I knew about your thrashing,
I wouldn’t have done this. Where did you meet her? She called me at Panorama Hills,
flat number 303. Do you have a common friend? A friend named Venu,
who stays in Panorama hills. Sir, here’s your Biryani. We used to eat in an AC room.. ..because of him we have
to eat on the road. Oh God. Sir, we are alert. We will catch him as
soon as we see him. Because of him,
everyone seems to me as Vijay. Sir,
it seems like Vijay to me too. Don’t waste time.
Catch him quickly. Come on quickly! Faster. Sir, this is him. Should I call the special
officer? -No. I found the prey,
so I will shoot. Hello MTV. There’s a sensational
Breaking News for you. Kidnapper Vijay has
been arrested. The CI Himesh Mehta from
Gujarat did it. Get all the news channels here.
-Catch him first. I swear to God, I will catch him. Does Shriram’s friend
Venu stay here? Shriram and Venu.
No one with this name stays here. I met him a day ago.
-That’s impossible. We were away for a week.
We came in this morning. You are mistaken. Hands up. You need to put your hands up.
Don’t you know this? Hands up. Sir, leave me.
I didn’t do the kidnapping. If I leave you, you will get the
publicity of fooling a cop. If I catch you, I will get the
publicity. -Sir, trust me. Your stories won’t work.
-Sir, please listen to me. I didn’t do anything. One minute. -I don’t want
to listen to anything. I won’t be fooled by you. Throw your weapons. What are you guys thinking about? Throw the weapon since
he asked you to. Sir, open the lock. -Sir! Sir! Sir, I forgot to put
bullet in your gun. For the first time in your life,
you did something right. Even God can’t save you.
-Sir, I don’t need God. You will open the lock yourself.
-Me? How? -Like this. -Hey. Oh God, save me. Hey! -Are you ready to jump?
-Leave me. Are you crazy? Hey! Leave me! Hey! I got saved. Get aside. Go. You said that there is
sensational news. CI Himesh Mehta got injured while
trying to catch Vijay. The commissioner came along
to calm him. -Hey! The CM lauded his bravery. -But
you look alright. -But I got hurt. Where? -Breaking News: CI Himesh
Mehta helped Vijay to flee. He has teamed up with the
kidnapper. He sold himself. To watch the breaking news ahead,
stay tuned to MTV. This is the breaking news. Oh God. Greetings, sir. -Greetings. Hello. -Sir, the private number
that you got a call from.. ..he is Ajay Bhupati, whom you
caught in the farm house. He was released on
bail two days ago. The location of that place
is at the golf course. Hey!
You are here instead of the jail. Have the cops not caught you yet? I am not someone who will
get scared and run away. I am a policeman.
Criminals run away from me. I should have finished
you the other day. Tell me. Why did you do all this? Tell me.
Where did you keep Samyukta? You kidnapped her.
Why are you asking me? I kidnapped her? You called me as soon as
it appeared on the news. I came to the coffee shop
to seek revenge. I saw the breaking news then. I thought that the police will do
its job. -Why should I bother? I have nothing to do with
this kidnapping. A dead body was found on the
banks of Silver beach. This is the place that
the kidnapper.. ..promised to drop
Samyukta Verma. The question is,
this Samyukta Verma. Sir! -What the status? We got the body out sometime ago. We are yet to do the
identification. Officer. This isn’t Samyukta’s body. Be bold. Identify the body. This isn’t Samyukta. The one we trust,
always betrays us. Despite being a stranger.. did so much for me
in the past two days. I don’t understand
what our fault is. We gave the money that the
kidnapper demanded. Then why didn’t he free Samyukta? We want our Samyukta
all hale and hearty. Anyone who gives us any
news about her.. ..we will pay them 100 million. And Vijay. This offer stands for you too. There will be no case
against you. This is my promise. I need all the details about
this girl. -Okay sir. Sir! Sir! Sir! Where is the red cap? I just saw him right now. Hey. Hey! Wait! I am talking to you. Vijay! Vijay, stop. Vijay! Vijay, stop. Vijay, stop right there. That way. Vijay, stop. Come on, get in. Vijay, what’s happening? This police case & kidnapping. Samyukta loved you,
then why did you kidnap her? Samyukta loved me? -You told
me that her marriage got.. ..fixed and hence
she had to leave. I lied to prove that
you love her. You lied? -Yes. I didn’t know who she was.
We just lived together. That day.. -Ma’am! Ma’am! Stop. -One minute. How are you? -I am good.
How are you? I was thinking about you and here
you are. -Thinking about me? Why? -It’s Raksha Bandhan
(festival) today. Please tie me this Rakhi
(sacred thread). How is your mother? Sorry ma’am,
I lied to you the other day. That lie made me a better
person today. I drank a lot of alcohol with
the money that you gave me. I met Vijay then and he told me.. ..that never swear on
your mother and lie. He then opened this shop for me. Mom, please do come here. Mom, didn’t I tell you about
this lady? This is her. Greetings. -Greetings. It’s because of you
and sir that.. son is leading
an honest life. The helmet shop idea was great.
-Thank you. Haven’t you eaten this before? Hold it lightly. Open you mouth. When I didn’t eat food as a
child, my dad fed me like that. I felt like a princess.. ..back then. Congrats. For what? -You must have felt
like a princess again today. Here you go. Thanks. The coffee is great.
Did you make it? The coffee is made in
the machine here. I know it. I was kidding. Dear, what’s your name?
-Samyukta. Samyukta Saxena. Samyukta. It’s such a nice name. The surname isn’t great.
Change it. Aunt,
how can you change the surname? If she gets married to my son.. ..she can change her surname.
-Oh. Oh. What do you think about Vijay?
-He is a good friend. I think he is more than a friend. He transformed that thief. So that your help doesn’t
go in vain. He did everything that your
dad used to do for you. He even got his mother
to the coffee shop. So that she could meet you. If someone cares for you,
that’s attachment. If someone follows you like
crazy, that’s love. If you like him too,
what are you waiting for? You don’t know Vijay. He never did anything like that. He hasn’t even asked for
my phone number. -Okay. I will prove if he
just a friend.. ..or he really loves
you tomorrow. It’s time for him to arrive. You don’t appear before
him at all. Listen, he is here. Go. Hello. -Hello. Where is she? -Her marriage was
fixed so she left the job. What? When a friend’s marriage
is fixed.. ..the person’s friends are happy. Only the one who loves
becomes sad. You think about it. Is Vijay your friend or
the love of your life? When I reached the
hostel at night.. ..Samyukta wasn’t in the room. I called her. -Vaishnavi,
it’s aunt’s birthday tomorrow. So, I came to Central Mall
to buy her a gift. Oh,
I have to go home for a few days. I thought you could drop
me to the bus stop. It will take me half an hour.
-No, that fine. I will miss my bus.
-Happy journey. That was the last time
I spoke to her. I tried calling her but
I couldn’t get through. All news channels are just
talking about her. She has told everyone her
name is Samyukta.. ..Saxena instead of
Samyukta Verma. Where did Samyukta go
to pick the gift? CMR Central. Sir, the control room is above.
-Come on. Sir,
this is last Friday’s footage. Freeze the third camera. Samyukta. Follow this girl. Zoom in on the car’s number. Zoom in a little more. Message me all the details
of this car owner. Okay sir. The police questioned kidnapper.. ..Vijay’s mother in the hospital. What’s the condition of
the patient in the ICU? The operation happened yesterday. She is better than before. Is your son involved in this?
-My son is not a kidnapper. He is a police officer. Son, don’t worry about me. The doctor has said
that I am fine. I know you are watching me
from wherever you are. When someone has filed
a complaint.. have always taken an action.
-Today, the blame is on you. You will have to prove yourself
innocent anyhow. I swear you by your upbringing. I know that you will do it. My blessings are with you. We got the details. -Arvind Bhavan.
Plot numbers 181. Rishi Gowda. Let’s go. Her you go, sir. This is the license.
This is the PUC. Do you think that the SI
did kidnap her? -Mom. He transformed a thief like me. He can’t do this. Have you seen this person
anywhere? -No sir. Look carefully. -No sir. It’s the police. Turn the car. Vijay, he is coming towards us. The kidnapper is running
away on a bike. Constable. Come on. This is a store room. Vijay. This photo here? Do you know him? His car met with an accident
yesterday. I called.. ..the ambulance and sent
him to the hospital. Someone was calling him. I tried calling back. But I couldn’t since his
phone was locked. His family members might
call him and.. ..hence I kept his phone with me. This phone number is.. Hey, I called you so many
times yesterday. When I asked you to kill both
Samyukta and Lavanya.. ..why did you only kill Lavanya? Why don’t you speak up? You haven’t killed Samyukta,
have you? Because if you had killed her.. per plan her body was
supposed to be found. Okay. I get it. How much more money do you need?
I will transfer. You kill her right away. Good luck Mr. Vikramaditya. Who are you?
-The game that you started.. ..I am the one ending it. What a move. There were a lot of players but.. ..there was only one mastermind.
Superb. When your father gave away half
his property to Samyukta.. thought of killing her. You came to know that
Samyukta loves me.. you thought of using
me as a bait to kill her. So that no one doubts you.. made this plan to
get her kidnapped. Kidnap her and keep her with you.
-When I tell you to kill her.. that and put her body in
the aforementioned location. You got Samyukta kidnapped at
the CRM Central Mall parking. That was the real kidnapping. With that you planned
a fake kidnapping. You wanted me to be
trapped in it. That’s the reason you got
Samyukta kidnapped and.. sent Lavanya to me.
-Do you know who am I? I am Industrialist Mahendra
Verma’s niece. To bear result to your
fake kidnapping.. was necessary that
I needed money. You planned my mom’s accident. When I called your father for
money, you informed the police. And even the police was trapped
in this kidnapping drama. I am Sharatchandra.
Officer on special duty. You made the fake kidnapping look
like real one. -For Samyukta.. ..forget 5 million,
we are ready to pay 500 million. After taking the money,
I called your father.. ..saying that I dropped Lavanya
to the bus stop. You asked the kidnapper
to kill Samyukta.. ..and drop her at the bus stop. Instead of Samyukta,
you found Lavanya’s body.. ..and that’s the reason.. are calling the kidnapper
frantically. Isn’t it true? -Hey wait. I planned everything well. You know it as if it was
planned in front of you. You are right.
I sent Lavanya to you. Since you have the kidnapper’s
phone.. must have all the details. How did you know that.. ..I was behind this? Even the smartest thief
makes a mistake. You did the same. I did it? What did I do? You didn’t get it? Your mistake in your hand. See it carefully. I had exchanged your phone while
taking the money at the mall. You called the kidnapper
using the same phone. You showed the world
a criminal at play. I will show you a policeman
at play. We are not in a ground for
you to show me your play. This is my game. I am not someone who will
be trapped in your game. Police. What will we do? We will have to find the hospital
where the kidnapper is. Let’s go. 108. May I help you? There was an accident
on Silver Beach Road. Can you tell me the name
of the hospital.. ..where he is admitted to? Seashore Hospitals. Everything is under our control. We have stopped all
the CCTV cameras. We have even removed
the police cover. You can take him. Where is he? Why didn’t you kill Samyukta?
-When you had called.. ..I was about to kill her. Have a nice journey.
-Who asked you to kill me? Your last wish?
Your uncle’s son, Vikramaditya. How much money has he given you?
-5 million. I will give you 10. Leave me. 100 million? -If you agree, I
will transfer the money right away. 1300 crores and 3.6 million. I need all of this. -Okay. Tell me your account number.
-05141140015392. How long will it take? -I have
added your account number. It will take one hour for
the money to transfer. I don’t have so much time.
Transfer it right away. So log in from your
account and send.. a request of acceptance. As soon as I accept,
the money will be transferred. I have sent you the request. Accept it. Hello. -Did you kill her? Yes sir. Throw the dead body.. ..on Silver beach Road.
-Okay sir. The second target? Is waiting at the bus stop. I will text you the picture. Kill her and throw the dead
body far off. -Okay sir. The money is here. I knew you would do something
like that. Look down. The money is transferred.
From your account to mine. I have sent you the request.
Accept it. Do you want money or my life? I know to take my money back. I will be back. Aditya,
I am waiting since half an hour. No one’s here to take me. When will I get my money? 8888. Black Skoda. It will be there to pick you up.
Get in the car. That means Samyukta
is in the farm.. since the past four days. What’s the proof? Give me your phone. This is a dark room. No one knows this place
other than me. No matter how much the person
shouts, the voice won’t go out. Samyukta can’t breathe. That means the oxygen cylinder
in the room is almost empty. I feel she is will be alive
for maximum 1-2 hours. Hello. -Your lover doesn’t
have much time. She will die in an hour. Are you shocked after listening
to such a small thing? What about that police play
you were talking about? The game has begun now. Now,
you prove that you are innocent.. ..or save Samyukta. You just have an hour.
Save her if you can. The last one hour will decide
who wins. You or me. Your time starts now. Hello! Hello! To save Samyukta, we will have
to catch the kidnapper. Finish all the formalities. Why? Did he tell you
where Samyukta is? Why did you think that
I will leave evidence? Looking at you, I am reminded
of story from school. There was a kingdom
a long time ago. The king had two successors.
A prince and a princess. After the king’s death.. ..both of them were handling
the kingdom. Then one day.. ..the prince thought why not have
the whole kingdom for himself? After killing the princess. The princess falls in
love with a soldier. Whom she wants to make
the administrator. The prince kidnaps the princess
using his spies. Hid her in his cave. The soldier is looking for
his princess everywhere. Only the prince knows
where he is. Do you know where the prince is? Outside his cave. I will ask you a question. If prince kills the princess.. ..then the new King would be me. But if the soldier saves
the princess.. ..then the new king would be you. Tell me, who will be the king?
Tell me. Tell me. You? Or me? -King. King. I will become the king. -How? I am going to kill your princess. The princess ran way from there. How did you do this? You just have an hour. You just have an hour.
Save her if you can. What happened? The oxygen
cylinder used in the hospital.. ..why was it kept in
the farm house? That means there is a room
which has no oxygen. No chance.
We checked all the rooms. Every room in the farm house.. ..has an English letter. What does it mean? Yes. Aravidh. His name has 8 characters. The farm house has 8 rooms.
Each letter for a room. But it didn’t have
‘N’ letter room. That means we will have
to look for that room. Yes. We just have 20 minutes. I. What are you looking at? This is the ‘N’ we
were looking for. You destroyed my plans. Vaishnavi, I am taking Samyukta
to the Commissioner. You get the media there. -Okay. Vikram. To save the love of your life.. forgot your mother
in the hospital. Do you want to know if
your mom is alive.. ..or someone killed her? Vikramaditya, you want me, right? Aunty should be safe. If you want nothing
to happen to her.. ..then get Vijay to
our Cement factory. Come on. Vijay. Vijay. Son, open your eyes. Vijay! -Vijay! Vijay. Vijay. -Vijay. ‘Vijay.’ Vijay. -Mom. Vijay. Vijay. I am here. You said you will be with
him and save him. Please save him. Save him. I wanted to change S group
of industries to.. ..Aditya Group of Industries. Whoever comes in the
way of this dream.. ..this is what will
happen to them. You tried hard to save her. Now I will kill her
in front of you. Tell me, who won? You or me? Winning and losing means nothing. Loss can turn into a
win within seconds. You still think you can win? You think you can kill
her in front of me.. ..then why can’t I think
that I can win. I guess you don’t know
how a gun works. If I fire this up, it will shred
her brain into pieces. Tom-back Model.
9mm pistol. Calibre 45ACP. Triggers: Single action,
Maximum capacity: Eight rounds. Weight 10777 grams. Loaded Maxine weight 123 grams. Total Weight: 1200 grams. When someone aims at
a point blank.. ..range using a 1200
gram pistol.. ..his hand should be
at 45 degree angle. But your hand is 40 degree angle. That means your gun doesn’t
have bullets. How will you shoot
without bullets? How did that happen?
I loaded it myself. Here you go.
Here are the bullets. You need to be smart
if you are trying.. play a game with the police. Now the show begins. Vijay. Vijay. Vijay. Vijay. Your game is over. Ladies and gentlemen. From today onwards.. ..the chairman of our S
group of companies is.. ..Ms. Samyukta. I had kept the name of the
company on her name 20 years ago. I am transferring the entire
business to her name. Ma’am, please sign. Samyukta looks very happy. It’s the right time.
Go and tell her how you feel. She isn’t the Samyukta who used
to work at the coffee shop. She is the MD of Samyukta
Group of Industries. But son, you always loved her. The heart is greedy,.
It wants what it wants,. You only get what.. are destined for. Sometimes friendship
blossoms into love. My love will always be
limited to friendship. Let’s go. Ma’am,
you forgot to write your surname. Vijay. He is asking me to
write a surname. Should I write my surname
or should.. ..I add your surname to my name?


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