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Instagram for actors | The BIGGEST MISTAKES to avoid

– Instagram can be a fantastic place for you to build an audience, make connections and make an
impact for your acting career. However, you gotta use it correctly. Today, I’m gonna dive
into the biggest mistakes I see actors making on the
Gram, and how to fix them. If you’re new here, I’m Heidi Dean and I teach you how to
rock your social media, make more connections and create the #actorslife of your dreams. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit that little bell, so you always know when I
have a new video just for you. The first mistake is
posting too many photos in a short amount of time. Really this is the easiest way to get unfollowed on Instagram. If you have a lot of photos from your day on set or your show, you can actually post up to 10 photos and
videos in a single post. Tell your story with one
great flipbook-like post instead of flooding
your followers’ streams with 10 single images. Your followers will thank you for it. Plus, did you know that
Instagram carousel post, which is what these are called, actually give you extra chances to show up in your followers’ feeds? So someone sees your
first image on the post, but they scroll through
without interacting. Next time they login, Instagram will show them another image from that carousel post in hopes that they might interact with it. So this actually may increase
your post engagement rates, so experiment from time to time with using this carousel post. Number two, you’re not using hashtags. If you’re not using hashtags, you’re probably not growing your audience. Hashtags help you find
fans beyond your followers. Now what’s really important though when you’re starting out on Instagram is try not to just use those huge hashtags like
#actorslife all the time. Try to sneak in some hashtags that have a little less search volume. Why? Because if these
are the only hashtags you’re putting on your post, you’re gonna get lost in the feed behind more popular accounts that have more engagement
and more followers. I always compare hashtags to
Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Remember that story? You don’t want hashtags that are too big. You also don’t want
hashtags that are too small that no one is searching for. You wanna use hashtags on your post that are “juuuust right” for your account. So sure, you can still use #actorslife, but make sure if you’re just starting out, that you’re also using hashtags that have less search volume. You may actually rank for those searches and grow your following. I’ve listed my favorite
tools for finding hashtags in the description below. Number three, you’re a spoiler. If you’ve been given the okay to announce your involvement in a show, a play or any type of project, make sure that your post doesn’t give away any
spoilers or plot information. Also make sure your Geotagging feature is turned off on your phone if you want to post any on-set photos. You may think you’re
just teasing the show, but your location may be
totally giving it away. Number four, you post and ghost. Instagram is not just about posting, it’s about engaging with your followers. Don’t just auto schedule your post and check back the next day. That’s called posting and ghosting and it’s so not cool. In fact, the best time
to post for your account, really is when you have time
to sit for five or ten minutes and engage with the comments. This is so important especially when you’re starting out on Instagram, being more active in the comments, it’s gonna get your followers
to engage more with you and you’re gonna be more likely to show up at the top of their feed. Number five, you’re not
using Instagram Stories, or you’re not using it effectively. Guys if you haven’t realized it, the party has moved over
to Instagram Stories. 400 million people watch
Stories every single day. Yeah, 400 million. Now the good news for you is a lot of actors
aren’t using Stories yet, so it’s a great place
for you to stand out, be seen and make connections
with your existing followers. Now if you’re new to Stories, I’ll make sure I link to my
brand new Insta Stories tutorial in the description below. Next, you don’t tag people,
places or things in your photos. Make sure you’re always
tagging the proper crew, cast members or creatives in your post. Don’t miss an opportunity! If your photo has a bunch of people in it, tell your fans who they are and connect with your
friends in the photo. Number seven, I don’t
see you on your grid. Now I’m not talking selfies, I’m talking about if I went
over to your Instagram account and I looked at your last
nine squares on your grid, would I see you? Would I hear your voice? Would I understand your story? Chances are, if you’re
not growing your following and not getting the engagement you want, the answer is no. Remember, your followers
don’t just wanna know about your next booking, they wanna know how you’re just like them. Give them a reason to follow you, be on the projects you book. This is so important
to your Insta success! If you can share your voice
and your life experiences, plus your life as an actor, you’ll create connections
that lead to loyal followers that will stick around and
tell their friends about you. Can you please, please, please promise me that you’re gonna do this? In fact, I want you to
hop in the comments below and write ‘pinky swear’ or write ‘promise’ that you
are gonna put more of you in your photos and your
captions on Instagram. Now the last mistake is
that you are just waiting and waiting and waiting for
your account to be discovered. Using hashtags and just
creating shareable content, especially when your following
is small, is not enough. You have to take your Instagram
growth in your own hands. Instagram is like a giant party. If you just sit in the corner of the party and wait for people to discover you, you’re not gonna make
very many friends, right? But if you make it a habit everyday to go out and introduce
yourself to like-minded people, people who do what you
do or love what you love, you will grow your tribe. And I’ll make sure I link to
one of my most popular videos about how to grow your following for your acting career below. I hope you can see that
when used correctly, Instagram can be a fantastic way for you to build relationships
for your acting career. To help you to achieve
even more Insta success, here are some videos and resources that will help you do just that. I’ll see you on social.


  1. Heidi Dean Author

    Thanks so much for watching! Sign up to find out when the next InstaActor starts right here: And I wanna see some 'PROMISES' and 'PINKY SWEARS' in the comments- promise me you'll start putting more of YOU on your grid starting today.

  2. Honey LaBronx Author

    You are such a delight! And yes, I pinky swear to show more of me in my IG. BTW I never even heard of posting and ghosting! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Elise Baughman Author

    Great video! I always love your energy and enthusiasm! I also love the quality of your videos and your editing style. You throw in such great extras. And, of course, the content is so helpful. You rock!

  4. Laurie Reed Author

    I'm just starting to build my social media, and your content has been SO helpful! I'm still working my way through, but I pinky swear to do my best.

    I'm @lauriemreed on Instagram, and I'd love to meet other actors on there!


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