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Inteletravel / PlanNet Marketing Opportunity Video 2019 – Big Picture

Inteletravel welcome to Planet Marketing the best
place on the planet a place where financial freedom personal
freedom and time freedom go hand in hand a place where you can design the life
you want to live where you can earn more travel more save more and experience
more building a network of like-minded people benefiting from the exciting at
global twenty four-hour-a-day world of e-commerce and earning lucrative travel
Commission’s while you learn the secrets and advantages of being a travel agent
founded in 2015 by former Air Force Desert Storm veteran and entrepreneur
mr. Donald Bradley based in Atlanta Georgia and operating in over 20
countries planet is solid secure and prepared for massive growth the company
is known for its solid leadership global experience and turnkey home-based
business solution and boasts some of the best most knowledgeable corporate
leadership in the industry including president and CFO mr. Andy cotton with
decades of management and marketing experience and CEO Olli an truck ler
head of operations support and field support and mr. James Ferrara co-founder
and president of intelligible our exclusive travel partner located in
Delray Beach Florida in Keller travel is one of the most trusted names in travel
with over 25 years of success the original home-based travel agency they
have a coveted a plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and are
accredited and certified with all major carriers and organizations and they have
the awards to prove it now as you may or may not know every time a flight is
booked a car rented or a hotel reservation is made somebody earns a
commission and that can be the beginning of a beautiful business and when you
become a travel business owner the entire world of travel is open to you
from family reunion cruises to destination
weddings corporate retreats to alumni excursions airline tickets car rentals
hotel stays even event tickets like concerts or sporting events even trains
excursions even vacation home rentals and every single transaction
Commission’s Commission’s that you can earn and the timing it’s perfect already
the world’s largest industry at eight trillion dollars per year experts are
predicting it will hit fifteen trillion in the next ten years travel is already
the number one searched for item on the internet and with baby boomers retiring
and Millennials already spending 200 billion a year you will agree this is
the perfect business think about it virtually every single person you know
travels why not get paid on what they’re going to do anyway how does it work well
when you become an independent travel agent what we call an ITA you get a
completely turnkey business with everything you need to succeed a
state-of-the-art website and booking portal exclusive inventory world-class
training and support business cards sales tools a complete email marketing
system and that can add up to a lot just look at these examples chances are that
you know some serious business travelers if they booked through your site instead
of one of those no-name sites not only do they get great rates but you could
earn over a hundred and fifty in commission on a typical three night stay
no any golfers helped set up a five day golf event for a foursome in Phoenix and
earn over two hundred and seventy dollars even if you don’t even know how
to swing a club anyone getting married soon how about being the hero that helps
book a dream to Cancun the newlyweds get luxury
accommodations five-star service and a butler you get over 560 dollars in
commission okay one more a group cruise you booked 20 cabins for a family
reunion cruise to the Caribbean your reward
two thousand two hundred and forty dollars and seventeen cents how many of
those could you do in a year in a month and this is not cut-rate vendors or
cheap unwanted inventory we are talking about the best brands in the travel
industry literally hundreds of the world’s best brands right at your
fingertips and for those of you who want to dive in and become full time travel
pros we offer the best most comprehensive training in the industry
but not in some stuffy classroom because as an intelligible agent you have access
to our exclusive Intelli trips how about ninety nine dollars for four
nights in beautiful Montego Bay Jamaica while you learn about tropical beaches
or three nights at Disney for three hundred and ninety-nine dollars so you
can check out all the rides for seven nights on a Caribbean cruise for a $399
ocean view or $559 balcony room so you can sample world-class dining and a
luxury cruise experience that’s what it’s all about learning your trade while
traveling the world and backing you up the best guarantees in the industry the
best travel price guarantee the no questions asked 100% money-back
guarantee and the unique profit guarantee nobody else in the industry
offers that now don’t get us wrong making money and
travel is one of the most enjoyable and exciting ways to earn a living but for
those who want to take it to a whole different level we offer the ability to
build a team a chance to show others the advantages of being an ITA to capitalize
on what we call leveraged income to earn residual checks like rock stars and
actors because Warren Buffett said it best never rely on a single source of
income you must invest to create a second source
what exactly is leveraged income well let’s imagine you are a car mechanic you
fix a car you get paid you fix another car you get paid you go on vacation cars
aren’t fixed you don’t get paid now imagine you own a garage you have six
mechanics who work for you every car they work on you are an income even if
you are in a tropical beach somewhere that is leveraged and at Planet
Marketing we have multiple ways for you to leverage like $50 for every direct
sale a 50 percent check match on all personal referrals and up to six levels
of team bonuses and as you rise through the ranks from bronze to silver to gold
more bonuses more checks more commissions and residual income well
because of our amazingly generous 3 by 9 matrix you can earn hundreds thousands
even tens of thousands a month every month like clockwork
and if you decide to go full-time our phenomenal fortune 100 style director
program where extra bonuses can grow to thousands of dollars per month and as a
director you can earn sapphire ruby diamond and double diamond rings even a
diamond-encrusted Rolex the pinnacle of success now it is
important to remind everyone watching that not every person who joins plan
that marketing gets a diamond Rolex in fact some people make no money at all
everyone watching this has the exact same opportunity male or female young or
old educated or not everyone has a level playing field the more you do the more
you make it’s that simple and a huge part of the plan that philosophy it’s
not just about making money it’s about teaching you tried-and-true financial
principles along the way showing you how to create wealth generational wealth our
pledge to you it’s one of the most unique in the world when you become a
planet marketing director you and your family is protected because in the event
of your death the planet business you built will outlast you your family will
still receive your planet marketing weekly Commission’s direct your pay
direct your bonuses and monthly residual income that is our pledge and behind you
every step of the way wanted caring leadership that wants you
to succeed providing you state-of-the-art tools training and
events tools like our phenomenal phone app that makes sharing videos like this
as simple as pushing a button like our exciting 2019 elevation and 2020 vision
international conventions coming soon where you get to meet the leadership rub
shoulders with the top earners and possibly get to walk across stage
yourself in front of thousands of cheering colleagues an exciting dynamic
and growing industry multiple streams of income and support everything you need
for the perfect business how do you get started
simple we offer three different ways to get started the most popular is our one
ninety nine ninety plan where you can take advantage of both sides of the
business booking travel and selling the ITA business through simple tools and
videos like this leveraging the benefits and perks of two great companies and
that’s it a phenomenal industry with picture perfect timing the only question
is where do you see yourself fitting in are you a one you see the vision the
timing and the money and you are ready to get started
are you a – meaning you like what you see but you have a few more questions
you’d like to get answered or are you a three they’re just not interested it’s
okay just make a decision one two or three but whatever you do don’t think
too long and if you decide to join us know this we will do everything in our
power to help you succeed and welcome to Planet Marketing the best place on the
planet and Inteletravel


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