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Intelligent 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Sai Dharam Tej | Lavanya Tripathi

Teju! What are you doing here? Go on and play! This is your Sports period, right? Look at those younger kids.
They are all playing! Why don’t you go join them? No, teacher. There is a practical problem. What is that? That is ten feet tall and
I am just four feet. I climb it and I am sure to fall down. My mom comes yelling ‘Son!’ My dad comes yelling ‘My boy!’ Do we need this right now, teacher? You’ll end up doing nothing
if you think like this. [SCREAMS] Son! Son! Son! You should be careful, right? Hey, Teja! Pass me the answer sheet, man. I will copy it as it is. It’s wrong to cheat. Don’t do it. If you don’t help me out,
we’re not friends anymore. What do I do now? I don’t want to lose his friendship. And I also can’t be debarred. I got to do something. Teacher is coming this way. This is the right time to give the sheet. We guys will be safe. Hey, Teja! What are you doing? My friend wanted my answer sheet. Poor guy! Do you think it’s a chocolate
or a biscuit to offer? I’ll kick you two out of the class. I don’t mind being kicked out, ma’am. But I don’t want my friend to fail. No. Never do it again. Sorry, bro. It’s okay. I may fail in the exam. But you’ve passed in my friendship. Greetings! I welcome everyone to the
school’s Annual Day function. We have with us, Chairman, Vision
Soft Solutions, Mr. Nanda Kishore. He extends free medical
support through his Trust… Runs orphanages and old age homes… And provides education to several children. He believes education is the
highest form of charity. Let’s welcome him. Sir, please come. Greetings to you all! My father always used to tell me. It’s not about how high you reach in life. But about the number of people you help. I still follow the same. Do good and good shall come your way. Thank you. Now, let’s invite our school topper. We request Mr. Nanda Kishore
to present the gold medal. Teja! Please, come. He is just a child. But he realized our
hardships and studied hard. I know. He’ll be more than
just an accountant like I was. Very good. This boy’s responsibility
is mine from today. I will help him study whatever he wants to. Come on, tell me. What do you want to study?
– I want to become a software engineer. Oh! Software Engineer! Everyone wants to be a doctor or a lawyer. How come you want to be a software engineer? I can be by your side if I
become a software engineer. Mom tells me we should be
grateful to those who help us. Very good! Good morning everyone! To walk on a common path,
you need just eye sight. But to pave a path for
others, you need foresight. That’s our ambition. Exam preparation app for the students… Cultivation app for the farmers…. Marketing app… Money saving app… You have witnessed all our creations. Now we are going to launch a
new app with a new vision. Our survey tells us many people
die of starvation in India. A lot of people would like to help. They try to do visit Trusts or donate money. Often, the money is misused. So, here we have the Poor Man’s Service app. You can directly help
the needy through this. And the government can verify if
the poor are being benefitted. Our MD’s only ambition is to
see a poverty free India. [APPLAUSE] What is this, Teja? Why are you stagnant here
with all this talent? Why don’t you come to my company? I will pay you a million as salary. You will get a BMW car, your own villa… And also get promoted to CEO. I work here for my happiness, not for money. Sorry. Don’t mind. You’ll never change. Teja… Sir! That was such a good offer. Why didn’t you take it? Sir! I’ll have a separate car,
a villa and a fat salary. But I won’t have you, right? Sir! We can never overlook
the people who helped us. [PHONE RINGING] What is it? Hey! Come immediately. It’s an emergency. Coming. Bah! Don’t cry. Is that your normal face on? Tell me what happened. Did someone beat you up? Was it someone’s father? Hey! Tell us what happened
and we will cry together. Hey, stop! He’s here. He’ll tell him everything. Listen. Ask what’s wrong with him. Teja! He’s been crying nonstop. What happened man? He must have meddled with someone. You ask him. What happened? Why are you wounded? I went to Ajay’s shop to buy a phone. Hey, bro!
– What’s up? Tomorrow is my girlfriend’s birthday. I want to buy a nice phone. It should have the iPhone look
but with a cheaper price. Is it? You can gift her this phone. Hey, Ajay! How are you? All good?
– I’m great. Brother’s phone needs to be fixed. The speaker is broken. Check it out. I have already told you, brother.
It cannot be fixed. You have it tied up like a girl’s braids. So that the parts don’t fall apart. Hey, what’d you do? Brother is sentimental about this phone.
Why’d you drop it? To hell with your phone.
I say it should be crushed. What the hell, man!
Who are you? Say another word and I
will crush you similarly. Baldy! Do you call this a phone? Hey! There’s iPhone, Vivo phone, touch
phone, iPad, laptop and smart phone. World has completely changed
and you’re so outdated. Hey! Shut your mouth. Please, don’t mind brother.
He has a loose tongue. Hey! You wait. They’ll remain ignorant
if we don’t educate them. Where is Yadav Bhai? Hey! Is that Yadav Bhai? He, his car and this phone
all belong in a museum. Spectators can have a good look. Tell me this. Yeah? This can’t be serviced, am I right? No, brother. Can you do it? And then they thrashed me hard. Why didn’t you run away? They didn’t even let me think about it.
There was no chance of running. I can’t even tell you how badly they hit me. Good! Very good! Who the hell asked you to mess with them? Waste fellow!
– Anyway, you’re not that badly hurt. Let’s go to a doctor and get the first aid. I’m not coming.
– Ah, come on! Why aren’t you coming? I said I’m not coming. It’ll get infected. I don’t care. Let’s go beat them first. Hey! They are rowdies. They
have nothing else to do. If we hit them today, they’ll
be back with ten more goons. Do we look after our families
or chase after those goons? You’re the top shooter in NCC and
you have a black belt in Karate. You have pictures on your walls for proof. But you don’t want to beat up some goons. Hey, karate is for self-defense.
Not to go around beating people. Your words hurt me more
than their blows. Got it? Do you call yourself my friend? I don’t think so.
– It’s not like that, man. After all, he is our friend. Okay. Tell me what I have to do. Let’s go beat them up. And that will satisfy your ego?
– Definitely! Ego is the reason people fail in life. Hey! Get me four masks. What are the masks for? Let me tell you. Bro, we beat him up and he
brought his friends along. Hey! Didn’t you like our service? Do you want servicing for
your friends as well? You serviced him for free, right? So we’re here to offer you free service. What is it that you are rotating? This is called fidget spinner. A new product in the market it. Rotate it and it keeps spinning. Hold it and it stops spinning. You’ll spin in the same
manner when I hit you. That is why I came here practicing. You think we’ll just let you spin us around? Let me see you hit my brother. Why are you showing off, man? Hey! Couldn’t you spin me up slowly? Hey! What are you doing? Help me! Oh, god! Do something, you losers. He’s hitting since so long.
Why don’t you hit back? Don’t spray it. We’ll go bind. That’s actually a good idea. Oh, my! God! It’s coming back at me. Help! Help! Oh, snap! My servicing is done. Now stop hitting me. You’ve damaged all my body parts.
– Oh, god! Ah! Help me up slowly. They came in with masks on
and beat the hell out of me. Let’s use the same strategy on them. Shall we buy a few of these machines? The way he spins that thing…
– Yeah, bro. So stylish!
– Just great. Their reactions scared me, man. I should’ve worn a mask too. They know why we were beating them up. You know who was hitting them. What’s the need for you to wear a mask? Yeah, you’re right. If he had a mask on, we wouldn’t be tensed. He should have some amount of fear. He’ll get us into trouble
everyday otherwise. Let’s go.
– You are right, bro. ♪ Jump around in joy ♪ ♪ Keep thumping for fun ♪ ♪ Let your worries fade ♪ ♪ Be the King of your life ♪ ♪ Sing along with all the singles ♪ ♪ Do a bottoms up with friends ♪ ♪ You’ll realize the meaning of life ♪ ♪ Hey, you! Hey, you! Hey, you! Now! ♪ ♪ Ping! Ping! Ping!
Live life to the fullest ♪ ♪ Ping! Ping! Ping!
Live life to the fullest ♪ ♪ Jump around in joy ♪ ♪ Keep thumping for fun
You’ll realize the meaning of life ♪ ♪ Hogging on food like crazy ♪ ♪ Sleeping off limits ♪ ♪ Roaming without a purpose ♪ ♪ These make life boring ♪ ♪ Day and night chatting ♪ ♪ Anytime caring ♪ ♪ Sharing our feelings ♪ ♪ Style that makes one stare” ♪ ♪ Join hands and bond ♪ ♪ Let success rag failure ♪ ♪ Let’s do this ♪ ♪ Ping! Ping! Ping! ♪ ♪ Life changes in a minute ♪ ♪ Ping! Ping! Ping! ♪ ♪ Life changes in a minute ♪ [DEVOTIONAL HYMN] Hey, what’s going on? Why, dad? Do you have a problem with that? Mom, you sing. ♪ You’re just rocking ♪ ♪ You’re the King of the territory ♪ ♪ We’re firing at work ♪ ♪ We’ve got swag ♪ ♪ We’re sensational ♪ ♪ Our thinking is exceptional ♪ ♪ Wherever we go ♪ ♪ We make heads turn ♪ ♪ We’re lucky yet humble ♪ ♪ We’re quite open minded ♪ ♪ Let’s do this ♪ ♪ Ping! Ping! Ping! ♪ ♪ Life changes in a minute ♪ ♪ Ping! Ping! Ping! ♪ ♪ Life changes in a minute ♪ Brother! Nanda Kishore is not giving in. He is refusing to sell the company. He may not listen to us. But he will surely listen to the mafia. You mean? Vicky Bhai! Bro, get me two cigarettes. 30 rupees. I forgot my wallet, man. I’ll pay you tomorrow. I can’t credit any item in the morning.
Pay me and then take the cigarettes. Look. You know Collector Sanjay
Tiwari who lives in the area, right? We waited here all night to kill him. Look at the gun. And here are the bullets to load in. I grabbed these and left my wallet behind. I just told you the truth.
It’s up to you now. The packet’s yours. I only need two. One before killing. One for later. Mr. Ramamurthy! I prepared a file on Vicky Bhai. They grab every land they set their eyes on. And that’s their concept. They can go to any lengths for it. They do robbery, kidnapping and drugs too. They killed hundreds until now. They’ve corrupted the local
politicians and police officials. No one dares to confront them. Submit my file to the CBI
and arrest him immediately. Please. [RAPID GUN SHOTS] Hey! You’ll go to Delhi to
get Vicky Bhai arrested? He’s in Malaysia. You go to heaven now. Get him arrested up there. AG! AG, what happened? Hush! Don’t cry. I can’t stand people crying. You’re well educated. You’ll
get your husband’s job. You always have the pension to rely on. And you’re young. Get married to a good man. We can’t risk our safety
with a guy like him. [PHONE RINGING] Vicky Bhai! Yeah, Chote? I killed the Collector. I also burnt the foil. CBI is hopeless now. I’ve managed everything.
From Security to Central. Very good, Chote. There’s no one in this city
to go against us, Bhai. Sorry, sir. Sorry. I will delete it. He looks very soft. What crime brought him to court? Listen. What was your crime? I ask you the same question, Your Honor. Did I commit a murder, money
laundering or a rape? I finished my night shift
and headed home at dawn. That’s when 20 police men surrounded me. Why’d they arrest me? They had no answer. Tell me, Your Honor! What’s the reason? Why did they arrest me? Why? Why?
– You can’t be loud in court. Since this is your first time
in court, I overlook it. What do you mean first time? Is this a lovers’ park to visit often? Do you notice his ego and
insanity, Your Honor? I can’t describe his crime in words, sir. Which is? He beat a street dog at midnight, sir. He beat a dog?! He beat a dog?! He beat a dog?! He beat a dog?! Why do you react like it was your sister?
– Shut up! Do you have any evidence? Absolutely, sir. Let me show you. Your Honor! An animal lover uploaded this on
Facebook to report abuse on a dog. Animal Act states severe
punishment be inflicted on him. I’m handling this case personally, sir. Proceed! Why did you beat the dog at midnight? It was about to bite me and so I beat it. Did it bite you? No. Why did you beat it then? I don’t even let my boss scold me. Why will I let a dog bite me? I picked up the stone to shoo it off. But I missed the target. Watch me next time. I’ll break its head. Just give us the reason.
Don’t try to divert us. First ask the dog why it wanted to bite me. We cannot bring animals to court. When a dog tries to bite me at midnight… Do you expect me to hug it dearly? Or ask why it’s trying to bite me? Or why it’s chasing me? Or what joy does it find in doing so? In what language would I ask the dog? If man kills an animal, it’s a crime. But if an animal bites a
man, there’s no case. No rules. What is this law? Change the law. Shut down your courts. Looks like he’s really frustrated. I let him go because this is the first time. Give him a book on how to love animals. And you listen. Pay a fine for 25000 rupees. 25000?!
– You got screwed, bro. Bro! This picture put you in trouble, eh? Yeah! Give it to me. This picture led to a fine of 25K. Delete it or the judge will fine me again. Delete!
– You’ve done a great job. He is the one who posted the photo. It was you?! It was just for fun! To hell with fun! You could’ve posted a picture
of Sunny Leone in a sari. Why’d you post mine? Hey! Forget about it. What were you doing there at that time? My sweetheart lives in that lane.
I went to see her. Did you see her then? He stares at her house and smokes a cigar. Cigarette is just an excuse. I find peace in just staring at her house. Only a man in love can
experience the feeling. Watch out. Some guy might whisk her away. Bloody fool! My love is pure. Some day she will feel my
love and come running to me. It’s not so easy to feel the love. You don’t get pizza unless you
order and love unless you express. Pause right there, dude. You always ask me to be practical. You propose to my lover first. I’ll copy you and tell her again. How can I propose to your lover? It’ll look bad. Look. You use my laptop, don’t you? It’s one and the same. Is laptop and love one and the same?
– Of course. He’s an idiot but our friend. Calm down. Calm down. Done! Where is the girl? Hey, she is here. Turn around slowly like a table fan. Okay. Wait. If you take one more
stop, I’ll lose my lover. You are slightly handsome than me. What if she falls for me? Ah…Do one thing. See the girl on the red bike behind her? Go tell her. I will watch you and repeat. Oh. I love you! What? Err… I love you! I have been following you for four years. I wait outside your house every
day and look at the windows… Hoping that you will look at me some day. It hasn’t been a month since
I’m back from the US. You say you’re following
me since four years. Are you mad? See?! I didn’t even know you stay in the US. I waited outside your house
hoping you will accept me. Please accept me. Just propose this way, man. So simple? You said so much because she’s beautiful. A quarter of this is
good enough for my girl. What’s happening here? Nothing. My friend wanted to propose to a girl. I proposed to you to give a demo. How dare you! Rascal! How could you randomly
propose to a stranger? Hey! Why are you making a scene? It was just a trial. Not real. Get going. Trial, huh? You don’t know who I am and what
my background is. – Really? I’ll show you. Hello. We met Vicky Bhai in Malaysia. Tell me. Vision Soft Solutions MD Nanda Kishore… What happened? He has Central Government
schemes for his employees. Schemes like pension after retirement
and jobs for their children. Our employees in India
are demanding the same. How can that be possible? We pay employees depending
on the work or fire them. They’re demanding shares and
a bonus on our profits. State Government is compelling
us to apply these rules. What can I do about it? Get hold of his company. I’ll guide you on how to run it. We’ll invest in the company.
You don’t worry about that. We just want you to crack the deal. Don’t worry. We’ll occupy
that company as well. You guys relax. That company is ours now. Hey! You wanted me to come immediately? Yes. I must buy a surprise gift for my love. Why do you need me for that? Of course, I need you. I hardly have the brains
to buy a girl’s dress. Why do you need a brain for that? All you need is an ATM or a PayTM.
– No, listen… Save me, man. What happened? If you got me a mask that day,
there would be no problem. They’re chasing me. Look there.
They’re coming. Hey! He must be somewhere around. Look properly. They are eying me at my house, office
and every public place I visit. They go around spinning the fidget. They don’t let me relax or sleep. They are putting me through
hell asking who was with me. Right. That’s why I ask you
not to get into fights. I’m not interested. But
they’re not leaving me alone. Save me somehow, bro. You can see four of them, right? Go talk to them like you know them well. If I do so, will they leave me? Not just you. They will leave all of us. Really?
– Yeah. Go. Brother! I need to go to Banjara Hills. Which is better? Bus or an auto? It is better you go on foot. Why do you say that, brother? Hey! You are already in Banjara Hills. Oh! Ho, ho, ho! How funny! There, brother! Four guys beat us up the other day. There are four people talking right now. Ok, brother. We will meet again. See you. You know what to do, right? Wear masks quickly. Hey, stop it! How dare you hit police men in disguise? I didn’t do that on purpose, sir. The guy who spoke to you and
his friends beat us up. We mistook you for them, sir. What did you do that they
beat you up wearing masks? Sir, it’s not something you think. Hey! Do you know who Bhai is? It’s Yadav Bhai. There are two murder cases and two brawl
cases on him. – Hey! Shut your mouth. It’s okay, brother. I’m telling the truth. You must tell the public we are rowdies.
Not the police. What will happen if we tell them? Public won’t be scared anymore. And we will be smacked badly. Err… Excuse me! It’s you! It’s you? You have a lucky hand. I proposed to you and my
friend’s lover accepted him. You try on this dress and
his life will be set. Hey! Try what? Why don’t you find some other girl? Don’t panic. My friend here wants
to give his lover a surprise gift. She is not as beautiful as you
but she’s of the same height. Try this dress on. If it is good, my friend
will gift it to her. Try it on once. Don’t worry. Dear! Let me try it. It won’t fit you, sir.
I will make it fit. Uncle, I was telling you about the same guy. Forget it, dear. Consider him dead.
– What do you mean dead? Please allow me. Hey! Sir!
– Put them in the jeep. I’m so unlucky. I bump into police wherever I go. Why are uncles sitting in their underwear? It’ll look bad without underwear. Oh! I see! What did you do that they
removed your pants, uncle? Forget about me. You look educated and innocent. Why did they put you in the van?
What have you done? We asked a girl to try on a dress. We also made a trial and that
is why we’re sitting here. Sir! Where are you taking us? Why? Look. Bhai is a famous rowdy. We need to call the police
station before we arrive. We are going home. What will you do by taking criminals home? Hey! Are you done washing the vehicle?
– Yes, sir. Be ready to be smacked this afternoon. Sir! Hey! Get them ready. I will go get changed. Yadav Bhai! How are you? That’s our Shankar, brother. He’s gone for six months.
Looks like he’s been here. Absolutely right. Be here for two minutes and
you’ll understand everything. The Inspector is a beast. You are dead if his daughter comes.
Escape from here quickly. Kill them, dad! They harass every girl from a five
year old to a sixty year old. Kill these men, dad! They’re a disgrace. Why is she so violent?! I will kill them all. First, have your idli. Come on. What is this, sir? This is injustice. For your daughter’s happiness… How can you torture random guys? This is not right. I won’t accept this. I cannot. Dad! I don’t like him at all.
Kill him first. I will kill him, dear. Don’t be tensed. What are you saying, huh? What is this? My parents didn’t bring me into
the world so that you kill me. They brought me up with
love though I am dark. They wiped my teas whenever I cried
and provided mineral water to drink. They gave shampoos to wash my
hair and face wash for my face. They got me costly dresses. What if I’m short? They taught me cricket, hoping
I’d be the next Sachin. Taught me chess to be the
next Vishwanathan Anand. Taught me Sitar to be the next Neelambari. As I roll my collar up,
I’ll be the next Superstar. And I was given a pen to
be the next Abdul Kalam. They had a million dreams for me. I agree I couldn’t be any of the above. But I did study well and
become a software engineer. I wanted to present a gift to my girlfriend. I wanted to get married and settle down. And you want to kill an innocent guy. What the hell are you saying? He’s talking way too much. Put him on the flight. Wow! Is it a personal jet?
– Look! That one! Is this the flight?! Save me, man. I was planning to save you. But you talk so much. So are you letting me go? Save me, bro. Why are you clicking pictures? I’ll tell you later. You’re a cheapster trying to woo girls.
What will you tell me? Get him out of here. We shall leave. But you’ll
get a call in some time. Be sure to answer it. Hey! Who’s going to call? I hate recommendations the most. Let me see who’s going to call. Go and stand there.
– Just keep watching. Let’s go, man. Come on. Tell me this. What did he tell you? He asked us to jump from here, sir. Aha! So what have you decided? We haven’t taken a decision yet, sir. You didn’t? No, sir. But I have made a decision.
– What decision? You beat the police by wearing masks, eh? It was a mistake, sir. Hey! Pass current through them. Sir! States are fighting for water
and you are wasting it here. Are you trying to preach me, son? Forget about the water. What about you beating up
police by wearing masks? Hey, he is being too preachy.
Increase the voltage for him. Okay, sir. Put me on the plane sir.
No sir. Put me on the plane. Listen to me. Let me go. Let me go. Let me go! Tell me. Why are you pulling
a chain from his neck? He is a chain snatcher. We’re teaching him a lesson. He won’t learn a lesson, brother.
He will lose his life. Looks like there’s more voltage
in here than the city. Stop it. Come on out, boy. Sit down. You eat happily. I’ll take care. Hey! Take his clothes off
and tie him upside down. What’s happening here? Why is this
father-daughter duo after men? When she was small, someone
promised her a chocolate… Only if she allowed him
to tie the sacred thread. She was tempted and so she obeyed. But he tied the thread and ran
away without giving the chocolate. Since then, she seeks revenge
from men thinking they’re cheats. Damn! If I gave her the chocolate that
day, all of us would be safe now. Hear this.
– Ah? I was the one who ran away without
giving her the chocolate. Ah! It was you! Yes, bro. We used to live next to
the police quarters then. I had a lot of hair then. I have become bald since I
started roaming with you. I was quite glamorous those days. I never imagined this girl would
turn into a sadist for 20 years. Sir! What is it? If you promise to leave us,
I will tell you a secret. What is that? I know the man who ran away without
giving the chocolate to your daughter. Who is that? He is the one, sir. What is it, dear? Why the tears? Do you want me to kill him? My anger for him has disappeared
after seeing him, dad. What do you mean? Sir, I advise you as an adult. Get these two married. They
will make a nice couple. She’ll be happy too. Okay. Your choice is my choice. Sir! You have a call from the DGP office. From the DGP office?
What could it be? Hello! Inspector, you’re punishing the
criminals with dedication. So you’re promoted to being the Deputy SP. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Thank the guy who posted
your videos on the Facebook. Who is it, sir? That’s my friend. What are you saying? Is he the one who posted
them on social media? You got me the ten years due
promotion in just ten minutes. You are great! I am not great, sir. You’re being
rewarded for your good job. Sir, I have a small request. What is it? Please talk to the girl and ask
her to take the complaint back. Ah. I am getting a call. It’s her. Hello. Hello, uncle!
– Dear, what is it? What did you do about him? Dear, he is a nice fellow. Really smart.
Let him go. He may be nice to you. But
for me he is still a rogue. I will not leave him. The girl says she won’t forgive you.
What to do now? Did she really say that? Give me the phone.
I’ll talk to her. Hey! You are talking too much. Hey! Who are you? This is North Korea’s
President Kim Jong speaking. Say another word and I will drop the
nuclear bomb on you instead of America. You are rambling because
you don’t know who I am. I don’t care who you are. My friend shines like a new 2000 note. You’re like an old, torn 10 rupee note. You’re getting way ahead of yourself. Hey! Why are you so rude to her? Ladies look lovely when
shy and men when raging. Are you scared or not? Hey! You are crossing your limits! Hang up! I am not going to leave you.
– Dear, aren’t you ready yet? Ah…one minute, dad. She is always late. Function will be over before she’s ready. Make it fast. Mom, I can’t get ready in advance.
Right, dad? True! Welcome, sir! We’ve been waiting for you. Why is she here? What is he doing here? Sir, she is… My daughter Sandhya.
– Greetings, madam. She returned from the US last month. She has done her MBA. She is your next boss. I’m in trouble. Dad, this is…? One of our employees… Teja.
A very nice guy. Some people are fine to look at, dad. But we must check on their character. You carry on. I’ll join you in 2 minutes. Okay then. Madam! I understood your statement. Please forget all about my proposal. You are our future boss for real. And I am your employee. A boss should forgive her employees. It would be royal on your part. Is it? First tell me who the guy on the phone was. Giri, madam. I don’t want his name. I want him. You’ll have him at your feet
before the function is over. Please sit in the front row. The winner of ‘Sound of Music’ is Mrs.
Mahalakshmi. You have finally achieved it. That’s Teja’s mother. Mrs. Mahalakshmi! Please
come on to the dais. We request Mr. Nanda Kishore to present
the 5 lakhs check to Mrs. Mahalakshmi. Please welcome. [APPLAUSE] Greetings to you all! I am very happy to receive this award. I am fond of singing right from childhood. When I tried to sing as a child… People said I shouldn’t
sing because I’m a girl. I wanted to sing even after I was married. But I was discouraged because I’m a woman. No one recognized the talent in me. But my son could realize my dreams. Today he gave me the courage to sing. He made sure I believe in myself. He is the reason I received this award. He is not just my son. He is also my father. Sir! I would like to donate this amount
to your Trust. Please accept it. Madam! Please forgive me, madam. I’ll touch the floor if I bend anymore. He proposed to you for my love. It worked out for me. But now I might lose my job. Please, madam. Please, madam. Madam studied in the US. She will understand your feelings. Madam! No man in his senses would expect
Ambani’s daughter to hire a rickshaw? We are your employees. We are riding a posh bike and
you are using an old one. The bike doesn’t go with your status at all. Please, madam. Forgive me.
– Hey! Let go. Wow! Your legs are so beautiful, madam! What?! Hey! You shouldn’t say things like that. I must be out of my mind. Sorry, madam. Just like you look after your mother,
you must respect girls as well. If you ever propose to a girl
again, I might just fire you. You can do whatever with me, madam. Please. Hmm. Be careful. Ah… I’m always careful. ♪ Give me a chance to shine, love ♪ ♪ Oh, handsome… I’m glowing for you ♪ ♪ I’m your man, O’ senorita ♪ ♪ Hey, charmer! You’re my love ♪ ♪ You’re my moon, girl ♪ ♪ The moonlight of my life ♪ ♪ You’re my moon, boy ♪ ♪ You shower love on me ♪ ♪ Give me a chance to shine, love ♪ ♪ Oh, handsome… I’m glowing for you ♪ ♪ Our hearts are bound forever ♪ ♪ It’s an eternal tale of sea and river ♪ ♪ We belong to each other
Together we’re inseparable ♪ ♪ You reside in my heart, sweetheart ♪ ♪ We go beyond the pain of separation ♪ ♪ I believe this magic will last for ages ♪ ♪ You fill up every breath of mine ♪ ♪ Oh, handsome… I’m glowing for you ♪ ♪ Give me a chance to shine, love ♪ ♪ Hey, charmer! You’re my love ♪ ♪ I’m your man, O’ senorita ♪ ♪ You’re my moon, boy
You shower love on me ♪ ♪ You’re my moon, girl ♪ ♪ The moonlight of my life ♪ ♪ I desire you since we first met ♪ ♪ Your first glances made me swoon ♪ ♪ I learned to live only after knowing you ♪ ♪ I found my true self with your company ♪ ♪ My heart blooms in your presence ♪ ♪ My destination is in reach by your side ♪ ♪ You find me all around you and within ♪ ♪ Give me a chance to shine, love ♪ ♪ Oh, handsome… I’m glowing for you ♪ ♪ I’m your man, O’ senorita ♪ ♪ Hey, charmer! You’re my love ♪ ♪ You’re my moon, girl ♪ ♪ The moonlight of my life ♪ ♪ You’re my moon, boy ♪ ♪ You shower love on me ♪ ♪ Give me a chance to shine, love ♪ ♪ Oh, handsome… I’m glowing for you ♪ What are you saying? You’re bound to give what we want.
Be it your property or life. I give you ten days of time. We’ll take over your property. This company’s logo shall read Vicky Bhai.
It’s Vicky Bhai’s order. Are you trying to threaten
me with your background? Get out of here. Public thinks badly of us. But if there was a book written on moral,
it’ll boast about Vicky Bhai and us. Did we ask you for free? We are offering you 50 crores. You can take the advance right now. Shut up! Do you know the value of this company? Do you know its morals? We know you have a young daughter. We also know you have a wife. If you want them to be safe,
follow Bhai’s instructions. Ten days! Vacate the place. Greetings, Minister sir! Greetings, Mr. Nanda Kishore! Sit… Sit… Sit. Threats have become a fashion these days. These goons come threaten the hotel
owners and software companies. They say they will take over in ten days. You need to act against
these criminals, sir. How can I do that, sir? Where do I find Vicky Bhai to arrest him? No one knows how he looks or where he lives. Whoever goes against him is simply killed. Property is not more valuable than life. Take my advice and negotiate with his men. It does no good if we involve in the issue. Opposition would create a ruckus. I have a son. I want him to be the CM. Try to understand. I thought I came to a Minister. I didn’t take you for a mediator. Hey! What the hell are you saying? I will shoot you down. Venkateswara Rao! Put the gun down. Every man who votes has a right to abuse. We are in power and we need to be patient.
You carry on. [PHONE RINGING] Hello, Bhai! We’re on the news on TV. Switch on the TV immediately. Make sure the telecast is stopped. You must have heard of drug
mafia and land mafia so far. Now the mafia steps into the software field. Vicky Bhai and his brother Shiva. We have to see what the
police will do about it. Police arrest people over a simple tussle. That gentleman is being threatened. Let’s see what the police will do now. Channels telecast news
repeatedly if they’re bribed. Let’s see how they’ll react. They will telecast for another two days. Things go back to normal on the third day. Mr. Nanda Kishore helps everyone in need. I can’t believe he is in such trouble. They’ve harassed me and my daughter. Vicky Bhai’s men are using
the hospital as a brothel. A savior has to arrive to stop the atrocity. Bro! You’ve taught them a lesson.
You’ve done a great job. You’ve exposed the mafia. Wow, bro! Hey, let me tell you something. Get two guns from Charminar
and shoot them all down. Hey! How would we be any different then? They die. We escape. Shut up! Think about what to do. Sir! See how they beat us up! What have you done, sir? Hey! How dare you expose my affairs on TV? Sorry, sir. Honestly, we have no idea. My staff did not shoot this news. Someone posted it on the
Facebook and we telecasted it. Please, sir. Forgive us. I’m begging you. Tell me who posted this on Facebook. He did. Who is he? He is an employee of Mr. Nanda Kishore, sir. Nanda Kishore… I am so happy today. You’ve shown the public what
happened in the chamber. This is when the society
sees what you’ve done. People will realize even the
educated fight injustice. Thank you, sir. But that bloody Vicky
Bhai is very dangerous. I received several threatening calls from
Bangkok and Honk Kong since morning. Don’t worry about the
problem or the enemy, sir. We are all with you. I will see the Central Minister
in Delhi regarding this matter. Sir. You better be careful. I always am. How dare you expose us to the media? Sorry, sir. It was a mistake. Please. You’re a software engineer with good income. Spend quality time with
family on the weekends. Why do you mess with us? Forgive me, sir. Please. If you ever repeat this, we will kill you.
Get it straight. Let’s go. Hello… Teja…Teja! Who hit you like this? Why didn’t you fight back? Tell me. Just a Facebook post and they got to me. If I hit them, they’ll get to our MD. I don’t want to cause him any problem. Can you take me to the hospital? Sure, come. How did you get so badly injured? Err…I fell off my bike. Teja! Sir handed over the company to
Vicky Bhai and committed suicide. Look what happened because of
your post on the face book. He nurtured you and you brought him death. A man who helped millions is no more. You’re the reason behind this.
Aren’t you ashamed? Forgive me, sir. I can’t bring you back. But I’ll not let your dreams die. I will protect this Company. I will stand in support of everyone. I will have your daughter take your place. Such a kind man should not die alone. I must send a few in his company. What do you mean? He is not such a coward to commit suicide. He’s been threatened to
transfer his company. Something really went wrong. And I will find out what it is. So you’ll kill Vicky Bhai? Please, please… Don’t harm me. How dare you ask for a share? Let me go. Please. Don’t hit me. This is your share. [RAPID GUN SHOTS] Leave me. I beg you. What happened that day? How did sir die? Tell me! I’ll tell you everything. I told you everything. Let me go. I can’t forgive your sins.
I’m not such a god man. [PHONE RINGING] How will he answer when he is dead? Hey! What are you saying? I killed your brother and all your men. Who are you, man? The one who came to correct
all the wrongs you have done. I’m Dharma. Dharma Bhai… I’ll make your life living hell from today. You’re being quite loud. What’s your power? Knowledge is my power. Honesty is my character. I will snatch every property
you occupied so far. Hey! Hey! Calm down. I will kill you if you ever
set foot in Hyderabad. I’m coming. Come! No one knows how Vicky Bhai looks.
That is why the public is afraid. But Dharma Bhai is here now.
He’ll be people’s strength. Check the call log in
Vicky’s brother’s phone. He has MLAs, MPs, Ministers and
other contractors’ numbers. Hack all their accounts and
their pseudo accounts. Transfer all the funds to the poor
man’s app in Dharma Bhai’s name. Every poor man in India
should get the money. Start the process. I’ve had enough of these politicians. They crack tender after tender. But
none of them gets the roads laid. Our blow should alert all
the corrupted officers. If I’m right, they’ll try to
reach me through Dharma Bhai. You have to handle the company as MD. As soon as Vicky Bhai comes to India, I
will seize his accounts and passport. I will turn the so called don into a buffoon.
You don’t lose hope. Hmm. Okay. Hey, is it done? How come there is so much
amount in each account? Transfer everything. They’re
all Vicky Bhai’s men. Don’t spare anyone. Message every one whose account is hacked. Call up some. They should start shivering in fear. What are you doing, sir? First we must lay the
concrete and then the tar. You must say that beforehand. I’m hardly used to laying roads. Hey, Amar! Look what he’s saying. Spread the concrete here.
– Okay, sir. Look what’s happening? Tar
is sticking to the feet. What is this brother-in-law? All the workers are having tea and
you are busy applying the tar. It’s not just me! The whole
district administration is here. But why? We had a call from Dharma Bhai. So what? You will lay the road? When Dharma Bhai calls,
we’re compelled to do so. But who is this Dharma Bhai? Like umbrellas on a rainy day,
Dharma Bhai has shot up overnight. He is hacking money from all our accounts. Who is he? Where is he? I will kill him. Be quiet. Don’t shout. What if I do? You will get messages. Here comes the message. What is this, brother-in-law? I had 71 crores in my account.
Why is it showing nil balance? That’s why I asked you not to shout. What if I do? Will the money in
my Punjagutta account disappear? Sky up there…earth down here… Network in between. That is Dharma Bhai. So we can do nothing about him? God will punish him for his sins. Why are you talking
philosophy, brother-in-law? Anger, ego, hatred and jealousy are
accepted only when you’re rich. Once you lose all the
money, all men are equal. Just believe it’s for our own good.
There’s nothing we can do. Do you know something? I’ve taken a debt from finance
department to lay this road. Brother-in-law!
– Sir! Please take the tea. I didn’t know if you had diabetes. So I added a little sugar. We’re weeping over the lost money
and you talk about diabetes? You bloody! Why did you beat him up, sir? He is
MLA Murali from our constituency. Mr Murali! It’s you?! I can’t believe you offered me tea. I slapped you thinking it was a worker.
– It’s okay. They hacked my account
completely last night. I lost a total of 50 crores. I’m left with nothing but clothes. You lost so many crores
and you just kept quiet? There’s no point in making a scene now. Thank goodness we’re in a better position. Look at the men who occupied lands. Water! Brother-in-law! It’s Rajan. What happened? Where’d his body disappear? Hundred students came last
night and did this to him. What for? They sent a message asking him
to vacate the occupied land. He sent a reply saying he will kill them. Water…Water…. Give me some water. Poor guy is asking for water. Pretend like you didn’t hear him. Or we will have to take his place. He can’t be alone and so influential.
He must be having a gang. Hey! Why is our financier coming here? Let’s find out from him only. I’ve been trying to call you.
Why is your phone switched off? That’s because he switched it off. Battery was dead. Some Dharma Bhai called me. He is asking me to give free
admission to poor students. Do it. It is a good deed to help the poor. Our good deeds reflect
on our children’s lives. If we fund you during elections and
give free seats to the poor… Our children will have to
study in a Government school. Tell me if you cannot help. Opposition leader Murthy
will eliminate Dharma Bhai. Murthy! But he is already
mixing the concrete. [PHONE RINGING] Ah, tell me. Dear! I am getting messages that
all our bank accounts are empty. What happened to all our money? What is this? My wife says all the money
in the banks is lost. That’s why I asked you not to shout. I was wondering why you were
not getting any messages. But the messages were going to your wife. Just like the government has our ration
card, voter card and aadhaar card data… Dharma Bhai has all our illegal data. What do we do now? There’s no point in crying now. You came into this world naked. You will leave this world naked. The money earned here is lost here. Brother-in-law! Look, brother-in-law! If the enemy is a man, we can fight
him or make friends with him. But if he is a satellite,
there is nothing we can do. Just like God, no one has
ever seen Dharma Bhai. So we better don’t think about them. You’re absolutely right. I’m telling you. He may have his network but can’t
we catch him with our own? Of course. But his account
belongs in Afghanistan. His office address is in
the name of Pawan Kalyan. And his settlements are done
from Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. All his addresses are fake. We should switch off all our phones. We will go to Mumbai and happily
run a pani puri stall. – Shut up! What is this discussion? I’m looking for some peace, goddamn it! If you don’t tell me where Dharma Bhai is… I will stab each one of
you with this bottle. We don’t know where he lives.
That’s why we’re running away to Mumbai. Hey! You swore to fulfill
my needs these five years. That’s why I voted for you.
But you’ve ruined everything. I want Dharma Bhai. If I get hold of him,
I’ll make sure he’s dead. Why are you yelling? Did
you get a message too? No. But my sister got money
from him for her wedding. So did my dad. My mom also got five lakhs. Why didn’t I get any? Who told him I am a drunkard?
I need an answer. So he is robbing us and
distributing it to the poor. So he is transferring it back to the owners. Shut up! Stop mumbling
and give me an answer. Or I will stab everyone.
– He won’t get up for two days. What is this, brother-in-law? He is going off limits.
What are the police doing? Even the police and fire brigade are
afraid of Dharma Bhai’s messages. Sir! Some Dharma Bhai is here to see you. Dharma Bhai? Send him in. Greetings! Greetings! Come, come. Sit down. I was just looking at the
list of your followers. You are doing a very good job. You didn’t spare any of Vicky Bhai’s men. You took their black money to the
public and made it accounted. You have become the latest Robin Hood. Vicky Bhai will soon come down here. Once he’s dead, this city
will be rid of his nuisance. Sir, I need information about Vicky Bhai’s
identity and whereabouts to kill him. No one knows how he looks. Find out somehow and kill him. How will I find out? A grief-stricken face with angry eyes. You
shall face it out of the blue, Vicky Bhai! Hey! I know this office is yours. If I stab you in your own office, the society
will understand my power and background. It is a sin if I kill but
justice if he does, huh? It is a settlement when I do it but
social service in his case, huh? Hey, Guna! Sir. Get me the list of Dharma Bhai’s followers. Nanda Kishore’s daughter,
Collector’s wife and this kid… They posted a photo and congratulated him. If we catch them, Dharma Bhai
will come looking for us. I will kill him right in
the center of Hyderabad. He posted it, Bhai. Dear, check what they want. Okay, dad. Would you like some tea or coffee? I want Dharma Bhai. I only heard about him but never saw him. Are you a fan of his just like me? We are Vicky Bhai’s fans. Dear… Dear… My son
doesn’t know anything. Please don’t harm my son. How did he post a message
if he’s so innocent? Why are you wearing his T-shirt
when you don’t know him? Take it off. I can’t remove it. This is our strength. He gave us three lakhs for
my mom’s heart surgery. That’s why my mother survived. So he saved your mother, eh? If we kill you, will he come and save you? He will come even as you try, brother.
Forget killing me. Don’t even try to do it. Are you challenging us? You’re dead! Brother! Dharma Bhai wants to speak to you. Give me the phone. Where are you, man? Hey…! If you want to see Himalayas,
you should visit Himachal Pradesh. You’ll find nothing at Himayat Nagar. If you want to meet Bhai,
you must come to Charminar. You’ll get nothing at a tea stall. Bhagya Lakshmi Nagar, 4th
Cross, 5th building. It’s my address. Write it down. I dare you to come. Hey, I’d go to hell to kill you. Come on then. Hey! Start the vehicle. Brother! Will you kill Dharma Bhai? Yes, why? I only watched a murder in films till now.
Never watched it live. Can I go with you? Do you think murder is
like some live concert? There will be a lot of bloodshed.
You will be scared. Please, brother! Okay. Come along. Okay, brother. Hey, Dharma Bhai! You gave me the address. Here I am! Brother! Why are they closing the doors? May be he will fall at your feet. You don’t compromise at all. Hey! We’re killers. We
never compromise. Got it? Brother, it’s dark. Hey! Switch on the mobile torch. He might try to run away. The light is on but I
don’t see anyone around! Brother, give me that axe. I will
stand in place of Dharma Bhai. What for?
– Give me, I’ll tell you. Let us play a game until Dharma Bhai comes. Think of me as Dharma Bhai. If I am Dharma Bhai, how would you hack me? This is so funny! Show him how we will kill him. Hey! Brother, he is dead! Hey, you said we will play a game.
Why did you kill him? But isn’t this what a hero does in films? That is what I’ve done. Are you here to see the
murder or commit one? Why don’t you try it once? Brother, I’m suspicious about him. I feel he is Dharma Bhai. Good boy! You made the right guess. I am Bhai! Dharma Bhai! Brother, please leave me. I will leave you. Just tell me one
good deed you have done in your life. If you leave me, I will do it for sure. Really? What will you do? Err…. Err… He who hesitates to help
can never do a good deed. What happened, brother? Someone just sent a message. All the men who went to
kill Dharma Bhai are dead. What shall we do now? Let’s get out of here quickly. And what will we tell Vicky Bhai? We can tell him something gif we’re alive. You are Vicky Bhai’s men, right? Yeah. Yeah. Come. Have some coffee. Err. No thanks. You lost your father. So
we just came to visit you. Now that we’ve met you, we’ll get going. You are here anyways. Have some coffee. We just came to pay respects. We’ll leave. We will have it the next time.
See you. Take care. You were so smart. Forget about that. First, check on the guy who went
to kidnap Collector’s wife. Okay, brother. Huh. We received some pictures on Whatsapp.
We are returning. Madam is a very nice person. She offered us coffee and even
clicked a selfie with us. What are you guys up to? We are already leaving. Brother, I have a doubt. Can you send me a photo? Forget about it and come fast. Hey! We are here to inform
Bhai about the photos. But Bhai already looks worried. What happened, brother? All his bank accounts, credit cards,
debit cards, passport, driving license… Everything is seized. Can I tell you something? We shouldn’t mess with
software and cinema people. Good morning, sir. Who are they? The hackers we called from Delhi, sir. He is a smart attacker. And he has a way too intelligent approach. We could do nothing about him. What can you guys do? We will trace him out in an hour and
find the server he is following from. Listen! Vicky Bhai has
summoned hackers from Delhi. They can trace us in an hour. Hey! How do you know all his details? That’s not important. We need four more days’
time to win this battle. Before his hackers are on to
us, we should divert them. But how? I’ll tell you. Rahul! I want a picture of a hungry
tiger trying to pounce. – Okay. Another photo of a lion
pouncing on to something. Rahul, I also need a photo of a fox.
Lastly, a photo of King Kong. Do I make a new animal using these photos? No. Make a man! A man?
– Huh. Okay, I’ll try. Whoa! No one looks like this on earth! That is what I want. Send this photo to the hackers. They’ll be busy searching for this fellow. Meanwhile I’ll have our company
transferred back in our name. It’s a terrific plan. Super! Amazing! ♪ My dream girl
Heart can’t believe itself ♪ ♪ Don’t go away from me, girl ♪ ♪ Hey, handsome ♪ ♪ I’m crazy for you, love
Let me rest in your heart ♪ ♪ My world revolves around you ♪ ♪ Work your magic on me, boy ♪ ♪ You’re my golden girl ♪ ♪ I can never let you go ♪ ♪ My dream girl
Heart can’t believe itself ♪ ♪ Don’t go away from me, girl ♪ ♪ Share stuff with me on Facebook ♪ ♪ Take me out for a coffee sometime ♪ ♪ Let’s go on a beautiful date ♪ ♪ You’ll be my precious treat ♪ ♪ You’re the love of my life ♪ ♪ I can’t imagine your absence ♪ ♪ You’re my heart’s deepest desire ♪ ♪ I love that you keep me busy ♪ ♪ Your love gives me immense joy ♪ ♪ I love our cute little meetings ♪ ♪ Let’s fly away to our dreamland ♪ ♪ I feel lucky to have met you, love ♪ ♪ I have the same feelings for you ♪ ♪ I’m desperate to tell you this ♪ ♪ My dream girl ♪ ♪ Heart can’t believe itself ♪ ♪ Don’t go away from me, girl ♪ ♪ My dream girl ♪ Teja! This poor girl is mute. Her parents abandoned her. She will stay in our orphanage hereafter. Make sure she has no trouble. Look
after her like your little sister. Yes, sir. Take her with you. Teja! Everything will be
fine in another four days. Nothing to worry. Thank you, sir. A human being is ought to be good. A road is ought to be clean! I hate this! Jai Swachch Bharat! Hey! Is that Dharma Bhai? Would you like tea or coffee? First, I want some work. I just got off the government bus. I will first clean your shop
and then have your tea. Shall I do it?
– Go ahead. Hey, call up brother. Tell me. Brother! Dharma Bhai is
roaming at the bus stop here. Are you sure? Yes, brother. Dharma Bhai is in khaki shorts
like some freedom fighter. Bring him here right now. Okay, brother. Hey! What’s wrong? Why are you pointing guns at me? Bhai has invited you home. They are carrying guns.
Must be a very big party. This is my chance to settle down in life. Okay! Is this Dharma Bhai? He looks like a comedian. Is he the cleaning contractor? He looks like a kid. Hey! Wait! Tell me why you called me. Stop playing your games and do as I say. I won’t. Quitting is not in my blood. When I was 5, my mother asked
me not to do something. I didn’t stop. Father tried to stop me when I was ten.
I didn’t stop. My love tried to hold me back.
I didn’t stop. I left the girl of my life
but not the khaki uniform. I’m out to clean the country. You’re doing this for the public.
What do you get in return? Happiness! Public’s joy gives me happiness. Why are you bothered? Hey! Hey! Why are you pointing a
gun when I’m here on work? You hardly know me. Don’t look at my body. Look at my background. Don’t underestimate me
because I’m in half pants. If I will it, I can stop anything.
Want to make a try? Do you know about all the people behind me? Twelve lakhs forty two thousand three hundred
and seventy nine people work under me. From the CM’s office to the camp area… From Charminar to Hussain Sagar… People act upon my gestures. You wake up after I sweep the city clean.
What do you even know about me? Do you know about all the roads in the city? I also know of the sewage under the road. What language is he speaking?
I don’t get it. He talks of garbage and sewage. Kill him! Sir! Let him go. He is Dharma Raju. He works for the Municipal Corporation. He posted a picture of this man
when we tried tracing him. He diverted us. That is why your contexts don’t match. Send him away. Your men brought me when
I was having my tea. Give me the money for tea and I will leave. Here. Take it. I asked for money for tea.
Not for buying a tea stall. I just need ten rupees. Give me ten rupees and I’ll leave. Ten rupees! With Gandhi’s picture. Hey! Give him ten rupees and shoo him away. Thanks, sir! Sir, he first opened the
account named ‘Dharma Donate’… Using your brother’s ID.
Take a look. But my brother is dead. He used all these IDs. But even these men are dead. He must be an intelligent guy. He’s using dead men’s IDs. The London server he’s using right
now is Home Minister’s son Akash’s. Akash’s? If our guess is right, he’s
going to kill him soon. What did my son do to get killed? Hey! Call up Akash. Yes, sir. I’m on it, sir. ‘The number is currently switched off.’ Sir! I think he’s already on the flight. I’m really worried. Send him a
message asking him not to come. Sir! His phone isn’t reachable.
How will the message reach him, sir? Inform him somehow. Look, sir! We got a message. It says Dharma Bhai won’t kill your son. He will only kidnap him. Why are you giving me bad news with a smile? Sir, my face is such. There
are a lot of feelings inside. They show up at the wrong time. Dear! When is Akash coming home? Sweetheart! He will be here. Meanwhile, listen to
sermons and music on TV. Sure, dear. How come you didn’t tell
ma’am about the message? You’re asking her to listen to sermons? Hey! If she hears about
it, her heart will break. She’s surviving on medicines not on love. You shut up. Shut up! Venkateswara Rao! What’s happening? Sir, it’s common to send kidnap
threats to VIPs about their kids. I’ll safely bring your son home. I’ll arrest Dharma Bhai at the
airport and present him before you. Look! Don’t leave a single
suspicious looking man. Take out the airport CCTV footage. Search inch by inch. Move! Come on! Come on! What happened, sir? Why are you checking? Sir! I don’t get it. Everyone is being checked. There are CCTV cameras all over the airport. How can he be kidnapped
amidst tight security? Look, Kumar! We can’t underestimate him. The way he operates, every
message from him has a value. It’s Dharma Bhai. We must be careful. UK Boeing 747 landing in Rajiv Gandhi
International Airport, Shamshabad. What’s that? That looks like a drone. Let’s turn the plane around. Captain to Tower! We had a
near miss with the drone. What’s happening? Captain, something is wrong here. Land the flight at Begumpet airport. Captain, pull out the Begumpet chart. Okay, sir. Yay! Yes! Come on, let’s go! If the flight lands in Begumpet,
Minister’s son is in danger. If the flight lands here,
passengers’ lives are at stake. Please try to understand. Don’t worry.
We’ll look after the safety. Sir! We can’t follow
police instructions here. Airport rules are in charge here. Landing is confirmed in Begumpet. This is a call for chaos, sir. Flight lands in Begumpet in 3 minutes. But we’ll need an hour to reach there. Talk to the Home Minister. Ask him to approach someone there. Good idea! Let’s do that. Hello! Sir! Hello. Hey, Commissioner!
– Sir! If he could divert the flight, I am
worried what he would do to my son. Sir, don’t worry. Thinking of the enemy has
a negative effect on you. Be patient. I will have your son talk
to you in five minutes. Alright. Sure. [PHONE RINGING] Hello! Boy! I hope you are okay. I’m fine dad! The flight had a technical problem.
So it landed at Begumpet. It’s not a technical problem. Dharma Bhai is the problem. He sent us a message that
he would kidnap you. Who is Dharma Bhai anyway? Why would he kidnap me? We’ll tell you that later. Come home in the police vehicle for now. Okay, dad. Hi! I am Teja. I am Akash. Yeah. Your vehicle is parked there.
Let’s go through the other gate. Let’s go. Dharma Bhai seems to have
threatened to kidnap me. I wonder who he is.
– It’s me! Good joke! You’re not my buddy that
I’ll crack jokes with you. Hey! Who are you, man? Sir! Your son is kidnapped. Your son is yet to come out, sir. How will he come when he
is already kidnapped? What?! How will he be kidnapped
before even coming out? Who in hell made you a cop? Do you expect me to tell you what happened? You were showing off your
special officer tag. What happened now? I don’t know what you’ll do. My son should come home safely. Otherwise I’ll destroy your life. Shit! What happened, sir? I’m not so jobless to
repeat his words for you. Hey, Dharma Bhai! You fooled me and took him away. I’ll not leave you no matter where you are. Whatever you’re doing, son… It makes me really afraid. Quit everything for God’s sake. Why should I quit, mom? A man has supported orphans all his life.
Now his family has got no one to support. They had Nandini end up in the hospital. If it was your brother in his place,
would you ask me to let him go? If Nandini was your daughter,
would you say the same? When someone helps us in life, we’re
grateful to them for a lifetime. My dear one has been killed. And you ask me to stay mum about it, mom. Until and unless his company and
Nandini are given justice… This war will go on. ♪ Your beauty is a form of art ♪ ♪ Your eyes are so intoxicating ♪ ♪ Your arms are really inviting ♪ ♪ Every act of yours is graceful ♪ ♪ Your beauty is a form of art ♪ ♪ Your eyes are so intoxicating ♪ ♪ Your arms are really inviting ♪ ♪ Every act of yours is graceful ♪ ♪ My smile is one in a million ♪ ♪ My elegance is entitled to me ♪ ♪ Mind blowing! ♪ ♪ Mind blowing! ♪ ♪ You’re mind blowing, girl ♪ ♪ Mind blowing! ♪ ♪ Mind blowing! ♪ ♪ You’re mind blowing, girl ♪ ♪ Your beauty is a form of art ♪ ♪ Your beauty is a form of art ♪ ♪ Your eyes are so intoxicating ♪ ♪ Your arms are really inviting ♪ ♪ Every act of yours is graceful ♪ ♪ Your beauty is a form of art ♪ ♪ I promise you, my Queen ♪ ♪ I want to win your heart ♪ ♪ I wish to be your Princess ♪ ♪ I hope to be yours forever ♪ ♪ This heart beats in your name ♪ ♪ You bring lustre to my path ♪ ♪ You’re the purpose of my life ♪ ♪ You’re the man I dream of ♪ ♪ You make my heart skip a beat ♪ ♪ My entire world is filled with elation ♪ ♪ Mind blowing! ♪ ♪ Mind blowing! ♪ ♪ You’re mind blowing, girl ♪ ♪ Mind blowing! ♪ ♪ Mind blowing! ♪ ♪ You’re mind blowing, girl ♪ ♪ Your beauty is a form of art ♪ ♪ Your beauty is a form of art ♪ ♪ Your eyes are so intoxicating ♪ ♪ Your arms are really inviting ♪ ♪ Every act of yours is graceful ♪ Listen, dear. Our son’s phone is switched off. When is he coming home? Madam! We can’t tell you when he’s coming. It’s in Dharma Bhai’s hands. Who is Dharma Bhai? You know Dharmaraj, Arjun and
Bheem from Ramayan, right? We were just kidding about Dharma Bhai. Go listen to your sermon. Okay. Sir! If he kidnapped Akash and did not kill
him, he is expecting something from us. [PHONE RINGING] Sir, it’s an unknown number. It might be him.
– Put the speaker on. Quick! Hello! Dharma Bhai! Don’t harm Akash. We will
arrange anything you want. If you want me to leave him,
I must get some snakes. Hey! Get some snacks for him. Come on. You fool! I didn’t ask for snacks. I want snakes. You mean real snakes? Snakes?! What, snakes?! Yes! Hey! If you try to trace me out
or if the police over react… Your son will be no more. Your time starts now. Whatever you’re doing, make it fast.
You’ve got two hours. Hey! Get working, guys. Go arrange some snakes. Go! If it were milk we’d go to a grocery store. Where do we get snakes from, sir? I’m so scared of snakes. I don’t even go home when
Naagin serial is playing. Cowards! You’re scared at
the mention of snakes. Go arrange a few quickly. Sir! You don’t worry. I’ll take care. Put the speaker on. Put the speaker on. Hey, Dasu! Tell me what it is. I need two snakes within two hours. How can I get two snakes in two hours? We can’t find snakes on the streets. We need to look for them in forests. And the forest is quite far from here. We have to do a lot of searching.
It’s quite challenging. Sir, he says he’ll take two months. You don’t worry, sir. Hello, Satti! I need two snakes in two hours. What? You need two snakes? Yeah, it’s urgent. Do something immediately. Sir! My wife has been after
me to give up snake catching. So I quit doing that. Hey! Leave your wife! I will find another girl for you to marry. But catch the snakes first. Hey! Bloody idiot! Talking shit! I’m just returning from worshipping a snake. And you ask my husband to catch snakes? Want me to feed you snake venom? It’s not like hat. Our Home minister needs them.
Try to understand. What do you expect me to do? If the minister wants them,
let him go catch them. Ask his son to catch them. Someone already kidnapped his son.
That’s why we need the snakes. Hey! I guess your minister is also an idiot. Ask that loser to send him
men to catch the snakes. Hang up! You fool! Hey, why is she abusing me like this? She abuses me much worse, sir.
I never tell you. Hey! Brother! There is a snake baba who
supplies snakes to the film people. Call him. Hello! Snake Raja! I heard you supply snakes to film shoots. Send two snakes immediately
to Home Minister’s house. We will pay you accordingly. You need the snake’s parent’s
permission to use it. How do we find the snake’s parents, man? How would I know? Government has issued Aadhar
cards for snakes as well. What they use in films are not original.
It’s graphics. I can’t get you the snakes. Want a mongoose? Mongoose? Sir, he has a mongoose. Shall we send it? Hey, snakes and mongoose are enemies. Why do you want a new controversy? It’s not possible to get snakes, bro. You can visit a zoo to take a look. Perfect idea! Let us send the snakes from the zoo. Make it fast. Sir, he has planned it very cleverly. We cannot follow him. What shall we do? There is something he doesn’t know. I attached a tracker to the snake basket. We will know his whereabouts via GPS. What have you done, sir? If he comes to know this,
everything will be ruined. You stop here if you’re afraid. I’m more dangerous than him. We’ll see who wins today. Sir, stop! Sir! Listen to me, sir. Sir, please. Sir! Quick! Fast! Fast! Stop. I can’t let you in, sir. Not at any cost.
– Why? The Home Minister’s son should die. What did he do to deserve that? Chinky! Chinky! Hey, what will you do in Delhi? Do you want to vist Andhra
Bhavan or the Parliament? The children of your orphanage are dead now. Your concept is that every
orphan should become rich, right? Our concept is only we should
reamin rich and developed. I’m a Minister because of Vicky’s fund. Tomorrow, my son will be the Chief Minister. Hand over the Company he asked for. Otherwise even that one girl will be dead. Dear! Nandini! Nandini! Hey! My son is also inside and
he has a snake in his hands. And the girl is young. Think about it. Hey, she is a mute girl. Let her go. He is a psycho. He enjoys harrassing and threatening girls. Just do your signature. We’ ll leave her. Come on. Take your clothes off. Nandini! Nandini is just sizzling man. Nandini… Nandini… Nandini… You’ll be fine. I’ll save you. Nandini… Nandini… Nandini… What happened? Is she dead? Hey, I’m not going to leave any of you. We have killed so many.
Why would we leave you? Kill him! Venkateswara Rao! You’re very late. These two sacrificed their
lives for each other. This is so unfair, sir. Don’t get too emotional. This can happen to your family too. Do you get it? Sir! Make a report. He committed suicide
as all the kids were dead. Send his dead body to his family. Everyone thinks the girl was dead. She was still breathing when I
admitted her in the hospital. I informed Teja about it. He has been taking care of her ever since. Now tell me, sir. A psycho who frightens girls with snakes
and rapes them has no right to live. He’s an enemy of the society
and he deserves to die. Every man has a reason to hold a weapon. But if it’s justified,
what are the police for? Move aside. Sir, please! Don’t do this, sir. Hey, please leave me. These snakes will bite me. Please let me go. Did you leave Nandini and Nanda Kishore? Why should I let you go? Hey, if something happens to
me, my dad will kill you. Scream! Scream louder! So loud that your dad comes here. And accept all your atrocities. Scream! Scream louder! Sir! Give me half an hour’s time. I will give you a list of all his misdoings.
Please! There’s no point. The court should know. Hand over Nandini too. We will present her in the court. Take him! Sir! Please listen to me. Please! Nandini is alive?! What are you saying?!
Nandini is alive? Yes, dad. Nandini is alive. They will bring her to the court tomorrow. How can that dead girl be alive? She is alive! If we catch hold of Venkateswara
Rao, we will know everything. Hey, you go that way.
– Okay. Sir! Venkateswara Rao! What are all these bruises? You made a big mistake
sending Teja to jail, sir. What happened? Hey, move aside! Who are you guys? You’re fine, right? Call your son here. I’ll let you guys go. We don’t know where he is, sir. You don’t know? Don’t you hack accounts from anywhere? Hey, you can vouch for your
friend but not kill for him. Tell me where Nandini is. We honestly don’t know anything, sir. Even you would say you don’t know, right? Even I don’t know anything. Even Venkateswara Rao says he doesn’t know.
But he does know. Tell me where he is. Tell me, Venkateaswara Rao. Venkateswara Rao! You leaked our programmes while
you were supposed to support us. That is why you went with him, right? But you made him Dharma Bhai. Tell me where Nandini is or
all these people will die. I don’t know anything, sir. Hey! Stop! Tell me. Or I will kill them all. No, don’t kill them. I will tell you. GK Hospital. Room no.105. Akash! Dad? Go to the hospital and kill her. Okay, dad. Vicky, go to the jail and kill Dharma.
– Hmm. Hey, take them all and lock them in a room. Hey, move! I will kill this best
policeman with my own hands. Hey, hand me the knife. She’s in GK hospital and Teja in the jail. You have to help, sir. You
have to bring justice. I’m allowing you because
the Minister recommended. Finish your work within
ten minutes and leave. Hey, Dharma Bhai! You’ve played me for so long. You are cornered now. You won’t go to the court tomorrow. I will kill you right here. Get up! Hey! Why are you here? Why did you come here? How did he end up here?
He’s always behind me. I’m the one who tries to get rid of you. You come to every place I go. Not me. Someone else created me but
you felt the connection. If you are here, where is he? I answer out of gratitude for
the money you gave for tea. I came here to clean the jail. Dharma Bhai asked me to sleep in his place
so that he can smack 3 men outside. I didn’t ask who the men were
and he didn’t tell me either. But he gave me this gun and asked
me to shoot anyone who disturbs me. Don’t hesitate at all. Hey, Dharma Raju! Tell me where he is. Or I will kill you. This is a place where a number of
people wrote their autobiographies. I don’t want any bloodshed here.
get lost before I’m annoyed. Leave immediately. Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Never disturb a sleeping
baby in a mother’s lap. Or a man with a gun in his hand. I’ll shoot you down in a second. Closing your eyes isn’t going to help.
I’ll still shoot you. Having a gun with bullets is not enough.
You should know how to shoot. Why isn’t the gun firing? What are you saying? Isn’t he in the jail? Could he have gone to the hospital? Hey! My son! Son, speak out. Tell me what happened. Hey, what happened to him? Sir, we went to the hospital for the girl. Don’t be afraid. I’m setting you free. Hey! Leave me! He injected poison without killing him. He’ll not survive beyond half an hour. Only he has the remedy for it. Where is he? He is in the car, brother. Look, boy! I will give
you anything you want. Save my son. I will free your parents and everyone else. I will write the company that
Vicky Bhai owns in your name. Don’t give me these fake promises. Finish the transaction if
you want to save your son. How can we get the documents right now? Here they are, sir. Vicky Bhai! Sign the papers.
I have to save my son. What do you mean? Do you expect me to fear him and surrender? I will kill the man who
killed my younger brother. I will save your son as well. Hey, bring her here. Mom! Teja! Don’t think about me. Don’t give up your ideals
because of your mom. Hey! Great mother, I must say! I heard your mother sings well. If you don’t save him,
forget about her singing. She would be muted forever. Son! Thank god you’re alive. What are you doing, sir? Don’t you see? He’s all fired up to thrash everyone. And your son’s body is getting colder. Stop him or you’ll lose your son. Stop it, Vicky! Listen to us. My son is dying. What’s happening, sir? Neither
of them is taking a back step. Looks like your son is going to be dead. Hey! I beg you! Don’t talk negatively. My
heart may stop anytime now. Okay, sir. I’ll shut up. Look at how badly he’s thrashing Vicky Bhai. Is he going to thrash us too? Why don’t they stop? You’ll lose all your hair. Shut up! Wait… Wait… Sign the paper. He will kill me whether I sign it or not.
I won’t sign it. My brother’s dead. Let
your son die similarly. All of us will die. Or I will kill him. This isn’t the time to seek revenge. Do you know something? Your
younger brother is not dead. I’m telling you the truth. He’s alive. He’s in my farm house. What are you saying? Is my
younger brother still alive? Yeah. He’s at my farm house. Sign
this and you can talk to him. Let me talk to my brother. How can a dead man talk? Politics is all about manipulation. Hey! Take this, boy. Now that you killed Vicky Bhai, save my son. If Nandini says so, I will. With all your twists, I
feel he’ll die first. How dare you!
– Sorry, sir. I have no idea where Nandini is. Only Venkateashwra Rao knows. But you got Venkateshawara Rao killed. Will you just shut up? I’ll
smack you down otherwise. Come! Come! Nandini! Please ask him to save my son. You have a really big heart.
Ask him to forgive my son. He’s the future CM. I’ll
make you the Deputy CM. I’ll get you two married with great pomp. I’ll make you my daughter-in-law. Tell him, dear. Come on. Wow! She said it. Save my son now. Give him the remedy quickly. That’s not what Nandini said. If every rapist is pardoned
through marriage… It’ll be a disgrace to the country. She asked me to kill this rogue. Hey, boy! Hey! You promised to save him.
Why did you kill him? You also killed in the name of discussions. Hey! Don’t leave him. If you spare him, the society
will be full of evil. He’s venomous than snakes. Kill him! Sir! Some of them died and some escaped. What about me, sir? Home Minister, his son and Vicky Bhai
shot one another in a property dispute. Give this statement in court. Teja!
– Yes, sir. The one who wrongs should be afraid. Public should be afraid too. Keep Dharma Bhai alive. Definitely, sir. Dad, you’ll be fine. We’ll go to a hospital. You’ll recover soon.


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