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Introducing the Oxford Picture Dictionary Teacher Resource Center

Welcome to a quick overview of the Oxford Picture Dictionary Teacher Resource Center. The Teacher Resource Center is an easy to use collection of downloadable resources that support the Oxford Picture Dictionary vocabulary development program. The materials on the Teacher Resource Center will provide hours worth of content to support your students’ learning and reduce your prep-time. They include lesson plans, classroom audio, assessment materials, videos, an array of worksheets and activities, and more. The website is easy to navigate, ensuring that you’ll find the materials you need quickly and easily. Registering for the Teacher Resource Center is fast and easy. Once you’ve registered, simply go to and sign in with your email address and password. Your access to the Teacher Resource Center will not expire. From the home screen, there are three options: browse by topic, browse by resource, and custom search. Use the browse by topic option to browse all of the resources available for a particular OPD topic, such as Meeting and Greeting or Shoes and Accessories. Select your unit, and then select the topic to continue. Here you’ll find resource that are specific to the topic, including the lesson plan, audio, assessment, and more. You can download one resource at a time, or download all resources for a topic at once. Use the browse by resource option to browse and download a particular type of resource, such as lesson plans. Choose a resource type to view all available files, which are often organized by unit. For example, here you can download all of
the lesson plans for unit one. You can also download one topic at a time. Use the custom search option to search for specific OPD resources. Filter your search by selecting any combination of resource types, OPD topics, or media types. For example, under resource types, you could
select lesson plans and audio. And under topics, you could select weather and shopping. This search shows you all of the lesson plans and audio for these two topics. From here, you can click on a resource to download it. The OPD Teacher Resource Center gives you convenient access to a variety of high-quality classroom materials. Is user friendly and easy to navigate, so you can spend less time prepping and more time teaching. To find out more about the Teacher Resource Center, contact your local Educational Specialist.


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