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Introduction to Cinema | Paruchuri Gopala Krishna | Paruchuri Paataalu | Lesson 1

Namaste! Today is a memorable day in my life. Share what you know with 10 people. If you’re going to share,
you can share money, but you can also share knowledge. If ten people receive your knowledge,
the world may benefit. Money can benefit only an individual, but knowledge can benefit an entire society. That is why, I came to the decision. In the past forty years,
I’ve learned so much working in the film industry. When I came, I searched to see if any of
the legends, KV Reddy garu, Vedhantham garu, Pingali garu, Sadhasivabrahmam garu, whoever, had written or spoken anything about story or screenplay. However, I couldn’t find anything. After that, I wrote a thesis on “Telugu Cinema Literature:
Story, Screenplay, and Techniques” and received my PhD. There’s a lot of material in it. But, one cannot understand the information of
a revered, ancient text without a guru teaching it. Maybe a few people can understand the ideas by studying
this book on their own, considering this is a thesis. Because, it is so hard to understand. So, we need to tell about a movie. Let me tell you a story, since 2007, I have been a a visiting professor, for the theater arts program
at Telugu University. When I entered there and
now also I am working there. For these past ten years, I have been
teaching without taking a single rupee. Why? Because as many people as possible
should know about Cinema. Sometimes our movie people,
get calls from their relatives. And, says ‘My son is roaming
on the streets. Please check whether
he is useful for the movies or not.’ I felt so sad for that. How will a useless fellow
be good for the movies? It is joyful to see how many highly educated
people, with B Tech, M Tech, MBA degrees, are choosing to learn about Cinema. Yes. Cinema is a media
that can command the world. Cinema as a medium is not a joke. Why? If you watch ‘Mouna Poratam’ movie, Till today, if any girl suffers
an injustice and decides to fight back, the media the girl with
referring the film “Mouna Poratam,” WHen Vijayasanthi donned the character
of a police office in “Karthavyam” movie, lot of girls wanted to
become police officers. In the film “Aadadi,” influenced by the way
actress Saradha poured out liquor packets into the river, the residents of Dubagunta in Nellore
started a movement to eradicate arrack, now the arrack has been eliminated there. We know how powerful the movie media is. Now, often people ask me why
I teach for free… including my wife. See, I love two types of people. One is the Mason and
the second is teachers. Assume a big bungalow is there
worth 10-15 crores. In front of that, a mason
was standing and staring at that. If we go and ask him
‘Why are you watching like that?’ He proudly says “I built this”. It means, he has a happiness
that he built that building. Similarly, a teacher stands before
a previous student who is now successful, Some people ask him
‘Why are you watching like that sir? Do you have any work with him?’ He replies “No. In his childhood,
I had taught him to write”. The bliss of educating a
Chief Minister in his childhood, How can it be bought even by
spending a lot of money? The satisfaction of teaching ten people, is no ordinary satisfaction. In 2007 for the first time, Bittu Venkataswarlu
sir was the head of the department.. He said “You came from the film industry, I think it would be nice if you
taught cinema as well as theater arts.” I conducted the first screenplay workshop
at Telugu University, with 120 students. Awula Manjulatha, the vice chancellor
at the time, was my classmate in MA. Classes were scheduled for seven days from morning
10 am to 1pm, 1 to 2 break, and again from 2pm-6pm. She said I would prepare a timetable
and asked me how many people would teach. I said it is me alone who would teach. She asked me “would you alone take
classes from 10am to 6pm”? I replied yes I alone would teach. She was surprised and came and sat
for a whole day to watch. To see how he teahces for so many hours. I taught for 7 days that means 49 hours. Those students were the first batch. To the screenplay class,
those students were the first batch. In this, the moment you want to learn cinema,
you have to learn 50 subheadings first. When we move towards the content, we have to know about the movie. So in these interactive classes,
120 students are in front of me. I was teaching them wonderfully. If they have a question they would ask. Again, we will explain that. But there is a strange procedure here.. When I’m teaching through
this YouTube channel, you are indirectly before me. For your doubts, you have social media. I have accounts on Facebook and twitter. If you post those doubts on them,
I will answer to them. But, if the student is right
in front of the teacher, a teacher can answer any question
that comes up in the moment. But, no students are here
to clarify the doubts. Excuse me, sir.
– Who is that? Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. You.. we came to know that Paruchuri Paatalu
are going on here so we came here sir. I was just thinking that it would be
difficult to teach without students. You came here like the God sent you. Let’s do one thing. Instead of studying here, let us
study under the trees like Gurukul. Ok, sir. Cinema, three syllables. One syllable is entertainment, the second
is education, the third is evolution. So, cinema offers entertainment,
education, and evolution. This process isn’t born overnight. It’s a process that has taken
many people and a lot of research. This process called movie. As it contains the moving pictures,
it is called a movie. The word Cinema is derived
from Cinematography. What we call in Telugu as,
‘Chalana chitra parishrama.’ Which means, it has the moving pictures. We call it as ‘Chalana chitram.’ When was the world movie born? When was the Indian movie born?
When was the Telugu movie born? I don’t need to tell you all these. The lesson I am going to teach you is, something which you cannot find in
the books or google. So, before we begin, H.M Reddy sir who
produced and directed the first Telugu movie, Ragupathi Venkayanadu sir
who developed the Telugu film industry. If we don’t remember them,
it would be a sin. A greeting to both of them. So, a movie means.. Sir before you start i have a question,
we know you were the vice principal at Uyyuru. But what made you to enter the film industry as a
writer sir? The transition from vice principal to a writer? How was the desire born? Good question. In the life of Gopala Krishna, to the
story of a movie writer, it is a plot point. Plot point means a turn in the story. Later, we will learn that.
What is a plot point? The answer to this question, is a plot point in the movie of my life. I was the head of the Telugu department, I was teaching a lesson. Adusumilli Visweswararao garu,
our governing body president, Adusumilli Gopala Krishnaiah and
cane sugar farmers college. He was standing and listening to my class. Actually, when I was younger,
my father worked under him as a supervisor. Before I became a lecturer. When the process was going on, I thought that he was standing
and listening in on my class, just to test the way that I was teaching. I got a doubt about it. My class has completed. After the class,
I went directly to his room. I greeted him. He asked me ‘What is it?’ Why were you listen to my class
while I was teaching? If he had responded with
“Why? Can I not listen?” my life would have had a diferent plot point. I might have resigned there in anger
feeling he did not like my teaching Why because, I worked in Lal Bahadur Shastri
oriental college in Fathepuram for 5 years. I came here from there. Luckily, he didn’t say that. He gave the answer
which you will surprise us, “You’d be useful for films”. When we enter into 11th and 12th reel, we have to create a crisis in the story. I will teach you a lesson on this crisis. What we are going to discuss
about the crisis is, I will tell you that one word
to make you understand. The meaning of crisis is..


  1. Mahesh Kumar Author

    Sir thank you very much for the great initiative. It's very helpful for aspiring directors. Please don't do it like a TV serial because we wish to learn about particular element completely in a single episode. Kindly give insights about one point in every episode without stretching it towards next episode.

  2. sandeepreddy k Author

    paruchuri brothers is just not a name its a brand in exceptional writing story and dialogues …….hats off to legendary story writers in telugu film industry

  3. TELUGU 360 Author

    దానం ఒక వ్యక్తికీ ఉపయోగపడుతుంది, విజ్ఞానం వ్యవస్థ కి ఉపయోగపడుతుంది
    em chepparu Paruchri garu, meelantollu antha social media loki ravali mee anubavalanai panachali we welcome your initiative.

  4. janardhan johnny Author

    Agraja okka maaata. natinchakandi. Me students ni natimpacheyakandi . Soootiga suthi lekunda cheppandi.dheeniki kuda katha,kadhanam,dharsakathyam enduku.interview type lo cheppandi.

  5. PAVAN ALLURI Author

    Mee Alochana Chala bagundi but Time Inkonchem penchitai baguntumdi atleast 1 hour per week vuntai it would be good.I am waiting for next classes….

  6. sri madhuri Author

    sir lag leni stories and screenplay raasina experience meedi. me & we are expecting same thing from you in this show. hope you undestood master

  7. shaik babji Author

    మీకు తెలిసిన "చిన్నస్థాయి నుంచి మంచి స్థాయికి వచ్చిన వ్యక్తుల గురించి కూడా చెప్పండి"…
    ("మీరు బాగా చెపుతారు")

  8. krithik veer Author

    I am huge fan of your movies sir.I don't think any body can able to achieve the way you have achieved in movie industry as a writers. You have created the trend. I have only one request sir for you to provide the social based stories again as the current generation need those kind of movies. For ex: sarpayagam, karthavayam, eenadu etc.. I hope you provides the stories again to motivate the people again to fight on the undermining issues.


    సార్ మీరు చేపే ప్రతి మాట చాలా విశేశంగా ఉంది సార్ చాలా బాగా చేప్పారు సార్ ఒక కథ పేపర్ పై రాయడం మరియు ఒక వ్యక్తికి తెలియజేయడం ఎలా సార్ please సార్ తెలియజేయండి సార్
    మీ అభిమాని గా అడుగుతుంన్న సార్

  10. SRINIVAS Author

    Guruvu gaaru good evening sir my name is srinivas i contacted you somany times through phone. Guruvugaaru i have a good scrript sir i want to share with you sir so please give me a chance to me i will come and explain sir. My number is 9901954024

  11. Chakravarthi Yenugupalli Author

    Rao gopal rao garu gurinchi cheppandi sir. Meku telusu artist ala stars aiyyaro, only because of intelligent fans but actors but actors become stars by there performance.



  13. Viswa G Author

    Sir .. తెలుగు సినిమా ఒక అద్భుతం .అందులో మీరు చాలా సినిమాలకి ప్రాణం పోసారు.మీరు కూడ మాకు ఒక అద్భుతం సార్ ..మీకు చాలా చాలా ధన్యవాదాలు సార్ ..👌👌👌👍👍👍👍

  14. Ravi Siri Author

    Gurugaru mee valla Chala neerchukunnanu meeru prosthahisthey inka neerchukoni samajaaniki mee laa margadarshakamaina kadhalu rayalanivundhi dabbukosam kadhu prathibakosam


    నేను మిమ్మల్ని అమ్మ నాన్న అంటాను ఏఅందుకు అనాగ అమ్మ బిడ్డలకు ఎలా మమకారంతో ప్రేమతో వెన్నెలను చూస్తూ అమృతం తినిపిస్తుoదో తేనే లాంటి మాటే పాటలతో మీరు మాకు అలాగే అందిస్తున్నారు

  16. Mahesh Kayala Author

    గురువు గారు పరుచూరి బ్రదర్స్ సినిమా పరిశ్రమకి వచ్చి ౪౦ ఏళ్ళు పూర్తి చేసుకున్న సందర్భంగా మీకు శుభాకాంక్షలు తెలుపుకుంటున్న మీ శిఘ్యడు..!!! అక్షర తప్పులు ఉంటే క్షమించండి..

  17. J. PREM KUMAR Author

    Guruvu garu mundduga meeku naa vhrudaya purvaka namaskaramulu 🙏 Nijanga vidhyarthula patla meeru chupinche Aapyayatha " Abhimaanam Naa manasuku " Naa Aashayaniki Goppa Balanni Chekurusthunnai… Thank you very much guruvu gaaru ⚘🤝

  18. chandramouli siddabattula Author

    గురువు గారు మీరు మన తెలుగు సినిమా యొక్క విశిష్టత అలాగే సినిమా అనేది కేవలం ఒక్క వినోదం కోసం మాత్రమే కాకుండా సమాజాన్ని ప్రభావితం చేసే ఒక మార్గనిర్దేశం గా మీరు వివరించడం చాలా గొప్పగా ఉంది. దీని వలన ఎం.టెక్ విద్యార్థినైన నాకు సినిమా రచయిత కావాలని నా మనసు ప్రేరేపిస్తుంది. కావున మీరు అందించే ఈ విజ్ఞానం ఒక్క కృతజ్ఞతతో తీరేది కాదండి. మీ ఋణం తీర్చుకోలేనిది. ఒకవేళ ఏదైనా పొరపాటు గా నేను మాట్లాడి ఉంటే దయచేసి నన్ను క్షమించండి – ఎస్.చంద్రమౌళి (ఆంధ్ర విశ్వవిద్యాలయం, విశాఖపట్నం)

  19. Ravisrinivas Adapa Author

    తెలుగు సినిమా ప్రస్తుతం ప్రేక్షకులు దూరం అయిపోతుంది విపరీతమైన టికెట్ రేట్స్ సరైన కథ కథనం మీ డైలాగ్స్ రాసే వాళ్ళు లేరు సమగ్రమైన కథని ఎవరు సిద్ధం చేయట్లేదు ఏమంటారు

  20. asif ali Author

    Sir namasthay sir
    Nenu okka kadha rasanu nenu meku pampistha meru chadhivi andhulo emaina mistakes unatay chapandi medha me address pampandi sir and nenu memmali aramgher x road daggara car lo chusanu


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