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iPhone 11 Pro 4k vs BMPCC 6k Cinema Camera


  1. Randy Clower Author

    I missed 2 in the comparison. Phones dynamic color ranges are never that good. You can see the lack of smoothness in a gradient of color like the sky.
    Still love a manual camera vs phones.

  2. THE MATT 222 Author

    7:31 If you look carefully, Gene, you can see 2 BLACK MAGIC CINEMA SHARPIES! 7:34 one next to your left hand (completely black) and one in the middle just under your shirt!

  3. Nizam Ahamad Author

    A little BIG request. Why only iphone? ( I mean for 2019)
    Try all flagship phone nowadays , see what their video level can do. ie : Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi!
    They are top 4 of the world sales nowaday. Dare or Not? 😀

  4. Thiago Villela Author

    I recognized all the footages. It’s clearly the difference. The iPhone’s footage are more “digital”, have less dynamic range, and, in general are more saturated.

  5. David Stoelhorst Author

    @potatojet checkout @cameraconspiracies YouTube comments, all anyone does on YouTube comments is quote the YouTuber. It's actually weird… Sheeople 🐑 🗣️

  6. Book Your Imagination Author

    Maybe because I am just a consumer, or because I see iPhone images more, I think the iPhone looks better than the black magic. Or at least it looks more like what I'm used to seeing now.

  7. adamwilson301 Author

    Some dope a$$ giveaways. Wish I had been following you for months since I just watched all your videos and seen the great giveaways! Lol

  8. Fish Chrome Author

    The lack of stabilization on the Blackmagic was easy to see. The iPhone was much smoother. The depth of field on the Blackmagic is very nice though. That’s a current limitation of small sensors until it is eventually solved with computational videography. Just a matter of time and more powerful hardware.

  9. James Agbona Author My LUT pack just went live, as a fellow creative I think you should all cop it and let me know what you think, it’s only £3.99 for 4 custom LUTs!

  10. bcuz Author

    Gotta love how far smartphone cameras have come. I mean look at the pixel's low light photos, and the iPhone's video. It's crazy to look at what we had 5ish years ago.

  11. Aoi Kemono Author

    The one with the fairies flying around is the iPhone. Also the one that turns into ghosting jello with electronic stabilization turned on in anything but perfect light is the iPhone.


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