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Iron Man Vs Thanos – Fight Scene – Avengers Infinity War (2018) Movie CLIP HD

You throw another moon at me, and I’m going to lose it. Stark… You know me? I do. You’re not the only one cursed with knowledge. My only curse is you. Come on! All that, for a drop of blood… [grunts] [pained grunts] You have my respect, Stark When I’m done, half of humanity will still be alive. [pained grunt] I hope they remember you. [pained grunt] Strange: …stop…


  1. DualNexus Author

    The best thing about this fight is the detail. You see Tony pulling Nano tech from different parts of his suit to reinforce his defence/offence. Even tho he knew it would make him weaker. He still fought on. Tony suit could have been destroyed and he’d still keep fighting. This is why Thanos feared Tony the most. Cos Tony is exactly like Thanos. Will do anything to fight for what he believes in.

  2. James B Author

    One of the problem is Ironman is not because of his strength. He is actually very powerful.
    The main problem is that he underestimate Thanos. Thanos has the strength and speed and more importantly he makes the right moves with proper counter.
    That's why Steve Rogers is able survive a bit longer than Thor and Ironman in the Endgame fight.
    This brings me to Endgame. I felt that fat Thor just don't have the sharpness like what he used to have. That's why he was defeated so easily. Ironman who relies on tech to do the job meant he needs to expect Thanos arrival before his chances of winning improves.

  3. Jules Haner Author

    when I saw the fight for the first time I thought that Ironman had at least given a good fight, but the reality is that he did absolutely nothing …

  4. FiredForFighting Author <- special effects from the movie This movie is a masterpiece although the actors are incredible..the team behind the scenes are the real heroes in my opinion

  5. Lord Ignis Destroyer of Thots Author

    1:58 notice Thanos was about to use 4 of his stones when he easily could have just used the power stone to kill Tony. I wonder what he was planning on doing.

  6. jason eby Author

    Honestly it is stupid. Iron Man was meant to fight humans, impregnable, in a suit of iron. To someone like Thanos, Hulk, or Thor, that iron would be like paper-mache. Beings that strong, it would be like that iron isn't even there. And he punches Tony full force and he survives? Lol. That's nonsense. Have you ever seen a boxer kill someone in the ring? Sadly, its happened a lot. Thano's would hit about five million times harder than any fighter in real world history ever did. And if he pucnhed Iron Man, his head would probably explode, or at least hit brain is gone. It would be like being in a car going 5000 miles per hour and crashing into a brick wall. If you are a regular human, your dead, period. Same thing for Superman, or the Flash, if they existed in real life and they hit a regular human at full force their skull is going to crumble, they aren't going to survive.


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