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Is Poppy acting? Interview with Poppy & Titanic

Poppy is popular, but who, or what, is Poppy? If you see her YouTube channel, and millions have, You see a slight woman, wide-eyed, soft voiced and Barbie blonde. She sings softly, or sometimes just talks, and mostly keeps her face still. Not bored, but inscrutable. (Poppy) Oh no! It got boring. My life is boring. How did this happen? I thought I was a YouTube star. (Narrator) The formula sells. Poppy won this year’s Streamy – online video award for breakthrough artist, and is now on tour to perform her first studio album, “Poppy.Computer”. Poppy is created by Moriah Rose Pereria, A 22-year-old performer, and Corey Michael Mixter- a musician and video director, who works under the name “Titanic Sinclair”. Is Poppy an act, or art? Stick, or statement about the internet age? We search for answers. (Poppy, singing) I’m so ready to get gone I’m feelin’ like a powerful girl (Poppy, singing) The world is ours. Moshi Moshi, high and low Did you call to talk to me? “Hajime konnichiwa” I like you, and you like me. (Poppy, singing) I forgot what my password is Maybe it’s “password123” I feel the technology beat Deep inside of me (inside of me) (Poppy, singing) I fell in love with the man of the future I’ve got a thing for my laptop computer I’m so in love with the man of the future The only one that brings me joy is my Computer Boy. Boy Boy Boy Boy Boy


  1. the tim of clubs geaughan Author

    seriously awesome interview, great job getting to the heart of what poppy is about without bullying her into breaking character, I saw another interview with her where the host kept trying to hug her, and when she didnt want to be touched he knocked over some small objects she had been stacking. just disgraceful, I was happy to find this.

  2. Shashwat Gupta Author

    Welp, what if poppy is related to illuminati or…. she is the puppet? Because when we asks questions about what do you think you are she says i am poppy . That makes a little bit sense but when we asks about are you a person or anything she says i am poppy. That's a little bit weird although her videos are also a kind of scary . And in two videos i can see blood dropping from her mouth and nose . Why?

  3. Lisa Daniels Author

    I'm hearing Friday, Friday, Friday… This has already been done. Not too hot…Not too cold…Yep. This is LUKEWARM RUBBISH. The answer to the question posed…Yes. She's acting…poorly, but yes acting. Pretending to be an MK ULTRA SEX SLAVE(satanic ritual abuse/torture victim) is corny.

  4. Tylar Author

    She obviously likes it, but id hate to have to always be 'poppy' never breaking character, never being able to really laugh, talk an answer questions how i want, everything has to be what 'poppy' would say.. Never having my own identity.. An it would be interesting to see her be herself, like how colleen who does miranda sings does

  5. Omar Alkaar Author

    Shes Moriah Rose Pereira she is 24 years old she is a human and known for her special name “Poppy”
    She was born in Boston, Massachusetts, US in 1995 she likes to keep her identity guarded due to being a survivor of abuse in the past.
    (Yes I’m a human no i did not use internet i knew this in 2011 where she started get famous)

  6. Arianna Coleman Author

    To be honest, I really wish we could see her real self under her acting. She has a good talent of singing, and I'm desperate to see who she REALLY is.

  7. Sammy Slime Author

    I know how can we make Poppy to say if she is a person or not………….. We just need to punch her and kick her until she confesses or we need to cut her arm or make a little scratch to know if she is really a person and we kill her if she will not confess her true identity.

    Just Kidding but u can use my idea if u want to.

  8. Assassin Buu Author

    Idk if this is the same guy but this man sounds like the one Shane company ad
    The entire time I had the ad in my head

  9. Justin Garcia Author

    After finding out about poppy when she was still Moriah i guess you can say. It kind of makes me sad. Her music was like so peaceful.

  10. I nominate Kim Seokjin of BTS Author

    Why do I feel like she is inspired by the yume kawai culture of Japan where they hide their grievances under cute clothes and a smile

  11. fp blinker Author

    Poppy seems like an amazing song artist and 'person' but I feel like her voice is to soft and alot of People get creeped out by her because she's not a human

  12. ThoseGoodVibes Author

    Hm.. she looks like a human but shes not. She ovsly has gotten brainwashed to behave like an innocent child thats why she is so childish but cause shes being programmed shes not behaving like a human with expressing her natural emotions if in any other case the people behind poppy might of used a murkaba. Maybe

  13. Christopher Scales Author

    I was wrong about Titanic Sinclair I initially thought he was douchy til he said that about someone who has to tell you their reputation I immediately gained respect for him when he said this it was a very true and good statement

  14. shivangi singh Author

    My English teacher also use to keep her face still …it doesn't meant that she's a robot or illuminati….she's just a normal who doesn't want to show her emotions ……


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