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IT (2017) Movie FREAKY FACTS You Need To Know!

Bill Skarsgard gives a terrifying new take
on the shapeshifting Pennywise in the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s best-selling
novel IT about a group of young misfits terrorised by an evil presence in their town. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, it’s Jan here,
and today I’m going to take you behind the scenes of the new big-screen version of IT
and reveal some freaky facts and intriguing secrets about the making of the movie. I’m also kicking off a new Funko Pop giveaway
on this video. All you have to do is be a subscriber to my
channel and comment on the movie below for a chance to win. Believe it or not, babies were the inspiration
behind the movie’s menacing clown. Yes, right from the start, director Andy Muschietti
knew he wanted his version of Pennywise to have a baby-faced appearance with big eyes
and apple cheeks as he felt the contrast of the character’s child-like features and his
terrifying behaviour would make him all the more disturbing. Giving Skarsgard his full-on Pennywise face
took around five hours in initial make-up tests, but they managed to get that down to
around two and a half hours during filming. That included applying razor-sharp teeth,
prosthetic pieces for his cheeks, and an enlarged skull which the special effects make-up artists
who crafted it described as a ‘gigantic cracked melon’. Speaking of teeth, the prosthetics that Skarsgard
wore led to a build-up of drool, so they decided to embrace that as a feature of his character
and threw in some extra special effects slime too for good measure. To really push the idea of Pennywise’s child-like
creepiness even further, the film uses a traditional English nursery rhyme called Oranges And Lemons
as his musical theme. The song dates back to at least the 18th-century
and, despite its playful sing-song surface, its lyrics have dark connotations and may
be linked to public executions or child sacrifice, making it the perfect theme for Pennywise. When it came to creating Pennywise’s peepers,
Skarsgard’s blue eyes were turned yellow in post-production. But director Andy Muschietti didn’t have to
resort to visual effects to produce the wall-eyed look he wanted for the dancing clown because
Bill Skarsgard has ‘a bit of a lazy [left] eye’. Which means that the Swedish actor was actually
able to make Pennywise’s eyes point in different directions all by himself. As Skarsgard told Dazed magazine, all he had
to do was simply relax the muscle in his left eye to make that eye go out and become wall-eyed. As for Pennywise’s clown suit, the director
wanted to avoid what he thought of as the cheap look of 20th-century clown costumes. Instead, his instinctive choice was for a
costume that reflected more of a bygone era, so to highlight the fact that Pennywise has
been terrorising the inhabitants of Derry, Maine for an incredibly long time, his suit
combines features from the Middles Ages and the Renaissance, as well as Elizabethan and
Victorian periods. And that child-like freakiness of the character
is highlighted once again by what the movie’s costume designer has called the ‘doll-like
quality of his costume’; while the washed-out colouring of his clothes ‘makes him almost
like a shadow’. While Bill Skarsgard hopes his take on Pennywise
will ‘scare a whole generation’ just as Tim Curry did in the 1990 TV mini-series, the
Swedish actor has already experienced the clown stalking his own sleep. At home in Stockholm after filming had finished,
Skarsgard had recurring visions of Pennywise in his dreams for two weeks. Speaking to Empire magazine, Skarsgard said
that in the dreams, ‘I was [Pennywise], but I was in the wrong setting, somehow. I was upset that people could see my face. It was surreal.’ The first time the movie’s young stars actually
saw Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise was about a month into the shoot during a scene they
filmed together where he creeps out of a fridge. The filmmakers decided to keep Pennywise hidden
away from the young actors until the last possible moment as they wanted to create a
real feeling of tension so their initial reactions were as fresh and authentic as possible. For some of the actors who play the pre-teen
members of the Losers’ Club, bringing to life their characters required some extra training,
not in acting, but in how to ride a bike. According to one of the movie’s producers,
some of the young leads weren’t so hot when it came to pedal power, so to make sure they
looked like naturals when it came to cycling on screen, they were given lessons. In fact, that was just one part of the three
weeks the young cast spent together getting to know each other before filming began. The idea was for them to establish the kind
of bond they needed to portray on camera so they spent lots of time outdoors, swimming,
riding bikes, and playing practical jokes on each other, as well as having movie nights
and karaoke sessions. On top of that, because the film is set in
the 1980s, one of the producers also made the young actors an “Intro to the 80s” booklet,
with facts about movies, music, and video games, as well as how people talked and the
clothes they wore. Though I’m guessing that Finn Wolfhard already
knew his 80s stuff thanks to his starring role in Stranger Things. Fans of Stephen King’s novel will likely be
pleased to see the dilapidated house at 29 Neibolt Street make an appearance in the new
movie. To create the infamous locale, the filmmakers
used two different settings. First, they built the exterior of the house
from scratch on a vacant lot in Oshawa, Canada. And to get the right aged and run-down appearance,
the design team burned and pressure-washed new timber, then painted it silver-grey. As for that gnarled and twisted tree you can
see in front of the house, that actually started out life in a neighbour’s garden. On their way to work one day, a member of
the movie’s crew spotted the tree and thought it looked perfect for filming, so they negotiated
with the tree’s owner and nabbed it for the shoot! As for the interior of the house, that was
shot in an existing home whose owner gave the crew carte blanche to make changes to
creep the place up for filming. Those changes included exposing the home’s
original Victorian details, coating the walls with crumbling plaster, poking vines and dead
leaves through broken windows, covering other windows with specially-made Victorian-era
newspapers, and generally filling the place with dirt. Now, if you’ve seen the movie, what do you
think of it? And what were your best and worst moments
from the film? Let me know in the comments below and also
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  1. Flicks And The City Author

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  2. lucario gamer Author

    Did anyone notice when it focuses on the road name sign in the scene where Georgie was chasing the boat, it said 'Jackson street'

    And the name of the actor of Georgie is 'Jackson Robert Scott'
    Get it?

  3. star squad Author

    I watched it and I have seen it 3 times I watch it yesterday and it was wers other from the penny wise piped out I realy enjed it

  4. Salad SALAD Author

    you know, like the new Ghostbusters movie, whenever they bring back old timey gigantic hit movies, they get an avalanche of dislikes
    and hate, however, for this adaptation of IT, literally NOBODY hated on it.

    That's how good the movie was.

  5. omri cabaza Author

    3:45 they wanted their reaction to be authentic as possible and realistic with the clown alright. but thats not acting then. you cant consider someone a good actor if their reaction is real. its like i wanna shoot a death scene and slightly kill the actor by cutting off his oxygen to make it look as if he truly is dying. oh he has no heart beat hold on a minute let me zoom in… alright got my shot great lets CPR the guy

  6. Jena Priem Author

    I love this movie! Pennywise is seriously amazing.I never knew I would take such an interest into a demon clown, but I just love him so much💕💕💕🥰🥰

  7. Elizabeth Wagner Author

    Had 2 nightmares about him. Each time he ONLY comes after me making all the more terrifying. Both times I have to make a deal with him for him so he doesn't kill me, "I'll do X if you promise to leave me alone"

  8. Seven The Legend Author

    Omg that POP it would be amazing for my collection! I haven’t seen one anywhere! Please pick me! 😃 I’m a HUGE IT fan! I have posters shirts etc this would be perfect! 🎈

  9. Angelina Farmer Author

    I love the new Pennywise as it seems more terrifying than Tim Curry's version. The look especially. The voice helped as well! Hopefully a third movie is done that covers Pennywise's origins in more detail than what we get.


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