Jace Norman Hosts ‘What’s That Picture?’ Ft. Nick Stars 💘 | Not So Valentine’s Special | Nick

– What’s That Picture?
– What’s That Picture? Here’s your host, Gilbert Paul Mellow. OK welcome to the Valentine’s Day edition
of everyone’s fourth favorite game show! – What’s That Picture?
– What’s That Picture? Let’s meet today’s contestants. From Miami Beach, New Mexico,
we have Amy Sharkostovakowski. Wow, that’s a long name! – I know, I have trouble whenever I–
– Fantastic, OK! And over here from Texas, New Idaho,
we got Ed Lee. Wow, that’s a long name! No, it’s not. Fantastic, OK! Since it’s Valentine’s Day, our contestants are gonna be
playing for their loved ones. Amy, who are you playing for? My best friend, Ava! [giggling] We’re besties! Got it! [laughing] – Ed, who are you playing for?
– My grandma, Dotty. Win me some prizes, grandson,
wipe the floor with that Ninny! [laughing] Got you, grandma! We are going to show you
part of a picture, your job is to guess the whole picture. Amy, you’re up first! What’s That Picture? OK, that looks like the back of a horse,
so I’m gonna say it’s a whole horse! – That’s correct!
– Ahh! OK, Vanessa! Show Amy what her
and her best friend have won. You won a trip to Costa Rica! [screaming] Complete with surfing lessons
from Radical Ronny! [screaming] ‘Sup bras? I’m so gonna teach you
how to surf, later dudes! [laughing] OK, Ed! What’s That Picture? Easy, that’s a cat! [buzzing] Ooh, that sound means you’re wrong! It’s actually a moustache on a pumpkin
that’s being used as a soccer ball. Soccer ball… What? – Come on, Sunny Boy, get it together!
– OK, grandma, please. [laughing] OK, the first person
to get their picture right, wins a candy factory! What’s the point?
I mean, her picture looks like a piano, she’s gonna say piano
and it’s gonna be a piano! My picture looks like a violin, but it’s probably gonna be the bow
of a pirate ship, floating in a pool being attacked
by a bunch of angry mermaids! You got ’em both right! But… What… Seriously,
I won, I actually won? Atta boy, Ed! And since you got ’em both right,
you not only get a candy factory… You also get a million dollars! Oh, a million, that’s what’s hot,
yeah, bo-bo-boom!

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