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”I belong to you” ”Your song. . . ” ”I’ve come to sing for you” ”My heart looked
for you desperately” ”The yearning for you
brought me to you” ”I yearn for you
from the bottom of my heart” ”I’m ready to give
my life for you” ”I desire you from you” ”To steal you I’ve come to you” Listen. I won’t meet you tomorrow.
Meet you day after at 1 1. Hey, madam! Atleast say good night.
It’s so mean. Only good night? Then?
– What then? Look, you’re not
meeting me tomorrow. Yes. So for today’s good night,
over here. . . and for tomorrow’s good night, here. And for one day’s gap,
over here. Where had you gone?
– Ma’am, I was in the library. I didn’t realise the time,
that’s why I got late. Neha, you don’t sound good
when you lie. Ma’am, I was with my friends. Come back early.
I’m answerable to your mom. Okay, now go to your room.
I’ll get your laundry. Oh God ! So for today’s good night,
over here. . . and for tomorrow’s good night, here. And for one day’s gap,
over here. Need help? You !
– Yes, me. How did you come here? Perhaps you don’t know, there
is a pipe near the window there. I climbed up,
came in, and when I saw you. . . Shameless! Now you leave,
my warden will come. If she comes. . .
– So what? You’ll be dismissed. And she’ll thrash you
and throw you out. She’ll thrash me? Me?
Okay, let’s check that out. Have you gone mad? The warden has come! Neha, open the door. You please leave. How do I go?
– Like you came. Are you mad? Am I Spiderman
that I can go down easily? Climbing up was easy. If I try
to g down, I’ll go straight up! And what will become of
you after that? Whatever becomes of me, you go! Neha, what are you doing?
Open the door. Coming ma’am! Go!
– Where? Come here.
– Where are you taking me? Come!
– Where are you taking me? Coming ma’am. Hurry! Stay quiet. I’ll send the
warden away and be back. But this is a bathroom.
– Very funny! I know. Quiet! I was in the bathroom.
– Oh yes! that reminds me. . . your shower was not running,
I got it repaired. I didn’t get time
to check. Did you? Yes. . . no, I didn’t check.
I was going for a bath. I’ll check it.
– No! Ma’am, I’ll check it. It’s so late.
You go to bed, I’ll check. Where do I get sleep? You go take
a bath, I’ll keep your clothes. Ma’am I’ll do it, you go.
I’ll do it. You go take a bath,
I’ll do this for you. Is it?
– Yes. Go. Go, dear.
– Yes. What happened?
– Ma’am is not leaving. Make her leave. How long
will I stay in the bathroom? How do I make her leave?
She will leave on her own. Did you run the shower?
– I’m doing it. ”This body is
chiseled like glass” ”The eyes are piercing like arrows” ”I carve for you
from the bottom of my heart” ”I’m ready to give up
my life for you” ”Your desire. . .
– Craving for you” ”My yearning for you
has brought me to you” Your darling has come.
He was riding so fast again today. Then scold him.
– Yes, I will. Just let him come. Rahul, I want to talk to you. Wow dad ! What the son thought,
even the mother did. Even I want to tell
you something important. I want to talk to you
about your bike. Yeah, bike. Actually dad, even
I want to talk about the bike. There’s a problem in the
silencer of my bike. It needs to be changed. And to
solve that problem, I need cash. Sure. How much do you want?
– You won’t get any cash. Mom, what’s the problem? You are my biggest problem,
because you don’t listen to me. No mom, first you listen to me. I have finally made one decision. I will solve one problem. What impressed?
He’s my biggest problem. You don’t listen to me. That is the problem
I’m trying to solve. Mom, do you know
where I was? I know. You were sitting on your
bike and talking to the winds. What did you say? Someone ask me who. Ask him.
– Who? In character, and appearance. What happened? You must be wondering
why I’m saying this suddenly today. Actually dad, we two,
for some moments. . . Some moments?
– Yes, a few minutes. . . Dad, intimate. Rahul, who is she?
What is her name? My name is Neha. Neha Avasthi. I don’t have a father.
I have not even seen him. I have a mother.
She only reared me. She is a nurse in
Ruchita nursing home, Lonavala. Ruchita nursing home?
Rahul was born there. Is it? Then you must be
knowing my mother. She’s been working there
since a very long time. Is it? What is her name? Is your father’s name
Tarun Avasthi? Yes. Rahul, drop Neha to her hostel. Mom. . .what?
– Didn’t you hear me? Drop Neha to her hostel. But mom. . .
– Rahul, your mother is right. Go. Come, Neha. Suddenly, so many memories
have come back. Yes, Urmi. We thought
we had left all that in the past. But time brought it all
after us over here. Akansha’s daughter,
and Rahul’s alliance? But Rahul doesn’t know all this.
– Then tell him, Raj. I want to know why you reacted like
that the moment you heard. . . that hospital’s name, and
Neha’s parents names. I don’t understand.
You took such a big decision. . . Everything doesn’t have a reason. But there is a reason for this. There is a reason.
And I know what that reason is. You never had
any problem with Neha. You were so excited to meet her. The moment Neha said
her mother is a nurse. . . and she has no father,
that’s when you reacted. Because you suddenly felt this
girl is not of your status. Our family that owns India’s best
and leading toy company. . . is no comparison
to their family. . . that may not even be able
to buy our company’s small toy. To build India’s best and
leading toy company. . . Akansha is as equally
responsible as I, or your dad. What! You mean. . .
– Akansha worked in our company. Do you mind that your
worker’s daughter. . . Why can’t you just accept that
we don’t approve of this alliance? Just end this here.
– No mom, this is not so easy. I have to know the reason. After knowing the reason, you will
not be able to handle yourself. I won’t tell any more.
– But I have to know! I cannot ruin my future
over some of your silly reason. If you tell me, it’s okay.
Or, after marrying Neha, I’ll know. You cannot marry Neha. But I will marry her, dad ! Didn’t you hear? Your dad told you,
you cannot marry Akansha’s daughter. But why, mom?
– Because she is your sister. You are Akansha’s son. You are Akansha’s son. You cannot marry Neha. Didn’t you hear? Your dad told you,
you cannot marry Akansha’s daughter. Because she is your sister. You are Akansha’s son. ”O God, my lap. . . ” ”I myself filled with thorns” ”You made a blood relation” ”I defiled the relation” ”O Lord ! ” ”I wounded my heart” ”Is this the punishment of
my deeds” ”Or some curse?” ”In the fire of hell. . . ” ”my body is burning” ”It is walking on thorns” ”It is final today,
whatever I do with my life” ”Should I call you my slayer” ”Or hold myself responsible?” ”You tell me, what do I do?” Where were you? I’ve been
trying your cell since so long. Rahul, listen to me. First tell me what is the matter? Nothing has happened to me.
Just get lost! I won’t go anywhere. Until you
don’t tell me what the matter is. . . I won’t go anywhere. I don’t need anyone. But you said we are partners
in happiness and sorrow. I’d gone mad ! I didn’t know what I’m saying,
to whom I’m saying. For whatever I said. . .
I’ll just kill myself! But what has happened, Rahul?
– Don’t ask me that. . . ask my destiny. Ask your destiny.
Ask your mother. Ask my mother. Your mother said something? I have not met my
mother until today. What! Yes Neha, your mother,
Mrs.Akansha Avasthi. . . I have not met until today. Neha, your mother is my mother. Neha, I’m your. . . We are. . . Rahul, where were you all night?
– Gathering courage to die. No, Rahul ! But I couldn’t even die, mom. Rahul, listen.
Rahul, listen to me. Everything will be all right.
– Yes, son. Try to forget this incident. How do I forget?
And what all do I forget? Should I forget
that I and Neha. . . have committed a sin? A sin ! Mom, dad, I want to know
that if I am her son. . . why did she leave me? No, Akansha didn’t leave you.
She loved you very much. Yes, son. After leaving you. . . how she compromised with her
affection, we don’t know. But we know that Akansha,
was a complete mother. Yes, son. Neha, why are you crying? Neha, what happened? Neha, why are you crying?
What happened? What is the matter, Neha? Okay, sit down. Child, tell me what happened. Stop crying and tell me,
what is the matter? Mom, who is Rahul? Yes, Urmila aunty, and Raj
uncle’s son. Who is he? Where did you meet him?
He must have grown up. How does he look? How does he look? If I’m her son,
how did I come to you? This is before you were born. We had a small house. . . where your father,
your grandma, I. . . and the darling of us all, Rahul. . . How long you are taking
in the bathroom. Grandma ! Grandma !
– What is this? Your hair is so wet. You will fall ill.
You don’t understand. Where are my clothes? Your mother has
ironed and kept them. Go and wear them. If I wear them,
what will grandma do? Your grandma will help you.
Come. Come, I’ll make you wear them.
– What are you doing ! What happened? Today, we have go-carting
race in school today. And only I have been selected
from the whole school. I know. I’ve been hearing
it since three days. But you must not have heard I’m
going to come first in the race. I’ve heard that too.
– Grandma, where is papa? Papa, I have
urgent work with you. I can’t talk now.
You go wear your clothes. Come, son. Where are you, Akansha?
– Coming ! When? Hurry, I’m getting late. I’ll send her. He’s screaming since so long. Go.
– This is Rahul’s tiffin. Breakfast is ready.
Please keep it on the table. Okay. How long will you take? Hurry! Akansha, where are you?
– What happened? Where are my
wallet and handkerchief? Where they are always. Talk to Urmila. Mr. Raj has said that the
presentation of our resort. . . I should give it
to him in his office. If Urmila recommends. . . then Raj will surely
listen to his wife. Do you listen?
– Don’t I? Akansha, I have four
presentations today. Let’s see which one clicks. Papa, I have the
go-carting race today. I’ve worked hard on
the presentations, Akansha. Something should click, right? Papa, I’ll stand first
in the go-carting race today. Son, the bank guys had called. The installment is overdue. Why do you worry, mom?
Once my resort work starts. . . all our problems will be solved. That is what you said
even last time. You left a good job
and started business. With what result? We had to mortgage
the house made by your father. Ma, please! It’s done now. Anyway, this time, I am
sure Tarun will be successful. And then, everything is moving. Don’t take tension,
everything will be all right. Mom, I’m leaving. Akansha,
I’ll drop you to the station. Papa, I have the go-carting
race at 3pm. Do come. No, I have an important meeting
at 3pm. I cannot come. I’ll get the car out. Mom, will you come? I’ll try, but I cannot promise. Today is Urmila aunty’s
anniversary. So after lunch, she won’t be there. There are so many meetings.
I’ll have to stay. Okay, don’t come,
I’ll go alone. I’m there. I’ll come. There’s no need. I’ll go alone. But son. . . .
– I don’t want to talk to anyone. Do talk to Urmila.
– Yes. I’ll try. Keep this on the table. Remember you have a lunch meeting
with clients come from Germany? We have to show them samples. But. . .
– You’re not in a mood to go. No problem, I’ll go. You know what? I and Raj are
planning to have lunch together today. We’ve thrown a party in the evening.
We won’t get any privacy. I myself was. . .
– Going to request me. And I said it before you could.
– Yes. What time do you have to go?
– 1 O’clock. On your anniversary, I’ll give
you a whole’s day’s leave. That day, I will do
your share of work. Wow! lovely flowers.
Who sent them? For a beautiful wife, from her
smart, intelligent, handsome husband That’s all? Only thank you?
– What else? It’s our anniversary.
– But. . . But what?
– Look! Urmila, shall I leave? Listen, Akansha.Are you and Tarun
coming for the party tonight? Of course!
How will they not come? Actually Urmila, I have
to stay with Rahul tonight. Why? Anything important?
Is everything okay? Actually, Rahul left very
angry today morning. He has his go-carting race today. He wanted me and Tarun
to come and watch him. Cheer him. But suddenly, Tarun had
some appointment. . . and even I. . . You have to go for
our meeting, isn’t it? Why didn’t you tell me earlier
that you have to go to Rahul? Don’t you know how happy Rahul
will feel when you go to him? I know. But this meeting
is also important. What time do you have to go? 2 O’clock.
– Then you are going for the race. But. . .
– I’ll handle the meeting. And your anniversary lunch?
– Don’t worry about that. And this is an order.
You are going for the race. But come back at five and
finish all the office work. I’ll surely come. Sorry, your lunch. Rahul will be very happy
to see Akansha. I understand. I sometimes wish that accident
would not have happened. Wish you had not
had that miscarriage. Wish the doctor had not
said that you cannot be a mother. Friends, it seems like all streets
of Mumbai have turned this way. It’s an atmosphere filled with
competition. And as you can see. . . the race is about to begin. All
participants have taken their place. The race is about to begin. The race has begun. All the
kids are trying to race ahead. There is excitement in the air. Good you came, Akansha.
He wasn’t in a mood. . . to participate in the race.
Look, there’s Rahul. We see car 7 has suddenly
caught speed. Master Rahul of GK school
is driving it. He has left everyone behind. Surprising everyone, Master Rahul
has surpassed everyone. You can see,in a while, GK school’s
Rahul, who was behind everyone. . . is ahead of everyone. He has left everyone behind. I think, no one can beat him. Master Rahul could
be the winner of this race. Car 7 is suddenly wobbling. Looks like Master Rahul
has lost control of his car. He is holding the
steering with one hand. His other hand is on the hand brake.
Looks like he’s feeling dizzy. . . yet he’s continuously increasing
the speed of his car. Like as if he has decided
he alone will win this race. But his car is wobbling.
What happened? He is increasing his speed. And the way his car is
moving left and right. . . Please wait here. Everything will be fine. The meeting has begun?
. . .What? Akansha has not come yet? Did you try her number?. . . Okay,
try again, even I’ll try. Shall we leave?
– Yes, just a minute. Urmila, we are the hosts. I know. Akansha has not
reached for the meeting yet. I’ll just try her number.
– Okay, you try, I’ll get my jacket. What happened? What happened to Rahul? The doctors are examining him.
Wonder how he suddenly felt dizzy. Doctor, my son, Rahul? Look, I have to discuss
something important with you. Is everything okay? Rahul. . .
– He’s unconscious now. Please come to my cabin. You go, I’ll answer. Aunty, Urmila here.
Can I speak to Akansha? Doctor. Look, what I’m going to tell you. . . you’ll have to take it with courage. Your son has brain tumor. My Rahul. . . . my Rahul. Brain tumor, doctor?
– Yes. That’s why he felt dizzy. But doctor. . . nothing of the
sort has happened before. Look, this had to
happen sooner or later. Though this is a
very big operation. . . but medical science has
made so much progress. . . that everything has
gradually become easier. Dr. Kulkarni has performed
16 operations so far. 99% of them are successful. He was unable to
save one patient. But let me tell you,
the operation is very expensive. How expensive, doctor? About two million. What happened?
What did the doctor say? Akansha, tell me,
what did the doctor say. Tell me, what did the doctor say? Mom the doctor said. . .
– Yes? our Rahul. . . . has brain tumor. What! Yes, our Rahul has brain tumor. The doctor has said he
needs to be operated on. And we need two million
for the operation. And if we cannot arrange
the money, our Rahul. . . Don’t say that!
– What do I say, mom? We don’t have that much money. And if we cannot
arrange the money. . . then Rahul. . . That will not happen, son.
It won’t happen. We’ll sell everything we have.
We’ll do anything. . . but won’t let anything
happen to Rahul. We won’t let anything
happen to Rahul. Don’t worry about the money at all. Mr. Raj, you? Hello madam. Urmila, my. . . Don’t worry about anything. There is no need to worry.
We will bear the operation expenses. Don’t worry at all. But Urmila. . . Rahul’s operation
is important right now. Why are you worrying about the
money? Return it when you have it. And anyway,
you’re not going anywhere. You are with me. Or our Rahul will
earn and give us. I’m happy you took the decision
to go for the operation soon. I’ll speak to
Dr. Kulkarni today itself. Hopefully, he’ll probably do
the operation in 2-3 days time. But before that, fill this form. And before the operation,
please deposit the fees. Yes, Mrs. Sunita.
How are you? Everything okay? No madam, I told you
even before. . . in artificial insemination. . . there is no physical contact
between man and woman The male sperm is planted
in the female uterus. It is very safe. In a way, it is your own blood. Those women who cannot conceive,
this is a blessing from science. There is no need to worry.
Bring your husband here any time. And also bring
that lady along. Has Rahul gone to sleep?
– Yes. Mom, will you stay with
Rahul for some time? Where are you going, dear? Today, Urmila did us
such a big favor. But I did not
even thank her properly. I’ll go to her house
and meet her and come. Okay. Raj, can I ask for
something from you? What I ask from you today
will be a gift from you to me. All right.
– Wedding anniversary gift? Okay. What is this? The doctor was talking today
about artificial insemination. If another woman carries
your baby in her womb. . . Do you know what you are saying? There is no need for a physical
relationship between that woman and you I know that Urmila, but. . .
– Then what’s the problem? Urmila, such a woman. . .
This is crazy! Raj, I just want this baby
to have the blood of this family. He should be our baby.
Just think, Raj. We’ll go to
Shanti Home tomorrow. There are many orphans there.
We’ll talk to them, offer them money. Someone will surely agree. This is crazy, Urmila.
– Please Raj, heed me. Agreed we are issueless, but that
doesn’t mean we get frustrated. Try to understand. A woman who will sire our
baby for just a little money. . . what love will she give him?
– We will give him love. And after birth, that baby
is going to live with us. What will he get for
nine months in that womb? You cannot keep that woman
with you for 24 hours. Why not? We’ll bring her home. And the values that
a child inherits? An unknown woman from Shanti Home,
about whom we know nothing. . . what values will
she give that child? I cannot allow you
to do this madness. Where do I get such a
principled woman from. . . who gives our child
love and values. that is why I’m saying,
remove this thought from your mind. Remove it?
And remain childless for life? It’s not like that, Urmila.
We can adopt a baby. You just spoke of values. If you are ready for adoption,
why not this? Even this is a kind of adoption. Atleast the child will
share our blood. No Urmila, I cannot do it.
– Please, Raj. Relent. Urmila, please stop it.
– Raj, I wish to become a mother. Please relent, Raj. Raj, I wish to become a mother. ”Without a child,
a woman’s life. . . ” ”is like a dry monsoon” ”If there is no one
to call you mother. . . ” ”the courtyard seems desolate” If another woman carries
your baby in her womb. . . I wish to become a mother, Raj. ”Hail Mother Sherawali ! ” ”Glory to thy name! ” ”What is right, and what is wrong” ”When you cannot decide” ”Mother shows the way” ”She leads you to your destination” ”Hail Mother Sherawali !
Hail Durga Kali ! ” ”Hail the Mother who
lives in the mountains” ”Who eliminates all woes” Living for others is life. ”Take others sorrows
and give them your happiness” ”Why fear?” ”When you have the courage. . . ” ”Mother stands by you” ”She leads you to your destination” ”Perhaps it’s written
in my destiny” ”That I do this deed” ”With the blood of my womb. . . ” ”I fill someone’s lap” Akansha, where had you gone. Tarun, I’d gone to thank Urmila. Coincidentally, I heard
Raj and her conversation. God has given them everything. But not a child. It is nine years to their marriage. Urmila cannot conceive. They need a womb. They need a mother. They need a surrogate mother. And they want you to be that
mother, that surrogate mother? In this world, no one
helps anyone for nothing. No Tarun, you’re
misunderstanding. They didn’t tell me any such thing. They have not even told me
anything of the sort. But I want. . .I want to
be the lucky one for doing this. Lucky. . .what stupidity is this? No Tarun, this is not
stupidity. Without your permission
and love. . . I won’t be able to
take this decision. You mean to say you
want to return their favor. No, we cannot return their
favor for life. We can only try to help them. Tell me, Tarun. Are you with me? Akansha, don’t you think, right now,
we must think about our child? And then, later. . . Mom, I. . .
– I’ve heard everything. Child, I’m proud of you. . . that you are my daughter-in-law,
my daughter. But child, before
taking any decision. . . think once again. I’ve thought about it, mom. I want to nurture Urmila
and Raj’s baby in my womb. I want to sire their baby. What is the matter?
Is Rahul okay? Tarun had come to office
to get his proposal passed. He didn’t say anything about Rahul.
– Then what is the matter? Urmila, I want to tell
you something. Yes, tell me, what is it? If my words offend you. . . I’ll apologise. Urmila, I’d come to your
house the other night. . . to thank you. But. . . But I overheard your conversation
about a child. I have taken a decision.
– Decision? Yes. And I have not taken this decision
under pressure from anyone. Tarun and mother
have also given consent. If you two consider me worthy. . . I want to be the surrogate
mother of your child. ”Perhaps it’s written
in my destiny” ”That I do this deed” ”With the blood of my womb. . . ” ”I fill someone’s lap” Your papa was very happy. The work on his project,
Rahul Resorts was on in full swing. And I would go to office. Urmila would look
at me with hopeful eyes. And ask everyday. . . ` is it good news?’ And then, that day came,
when I conceived. Akansha. . .Akansha is pregnant! Raj, I’m going to be a mother! You heard that? You are
going to be a papa, Raj. Akansha is great, isn’t it?
– Yes. You have given me so
much happiness today. . . that you can ask me
for anything you like. Even if you ask for my life,
I’ll readily give it to you. After seeing you so happy,
I don’t want anything else. ”God answered prayers” ”Good moments are here” ”Even I’ll have someone my own” ”Even I’ll be called mother” ”Treating it as my duty” ”As a debt I owe” ”The relationship
of a woman with another” ”I will maintain it” What happened, doctor? ”What wind blew?” ”How did the weather change?” ”The lamp of my home is blown off” ”There is darkness all around” No! ! don’t take my Rahul. What happened, dear? ”The feelings that have awakened” ”Seem very dear” ”Should I believe them?” ”Is this my dawn?” I know you are missing your
Rahul very much. Even I miss him a lot. I have just one regret. That I
could not give my son enough time. What could I do? I was busy trying to make money. But the means of making money. . . Rahul was the reason for it. Children grow up
and support their parents. But my Rahul. . . at such a young age. . . discharged his duty and left. Rahul has not gone anywhere. He is here. In my womb. Yes Tarun, he is Rahul. . . who is with me. . . and soon, with you too. Gather yourself, Akansha. He’s not our Rahul. Our Rahul is dead. No! No Tarun, who can recognise
my child better than me? But. . . but even I
recognise my Rahul. And he is not Rahul. He is Rahul, Tarun.
I’m his mother. But I’m not his father. Rahul was my son.
But he is not my son. That’s the truth. Tarun’s anger had given
my affection a new vigour. The love for Rahul growing
in my womb grew. But after that day. . . I never spoke about it to anyone. But I was sure my
Rahul had returned. And over there, Urmila. . . I was living in my own world. More than Akansha,
I was waiting for your arrival. I would sometimes decorate your
room,and sometimes buy things for you. I would always talk about you. I would think of your school. I’d kind of turned mad. Then for the delivery,
I took Akansha to a hill station. Because I didn’t want the
world to know. . . that Akansha has delivered you. Urmi, the doctor has come. It’s a baby boy. Doctor, can I see the baby? Raj, I’ve become a mother! I’ve become a mother! Congratulations, son !
– Hello madam. Yes, Tarun?. . .Yes,
everything is all right. It’s a boy. . .yes. Yes. . . .yes, Akansha is fine. I think Akansha should take rest now.
And even the baby needs to be fed. Akansha, I have to go today.
I’ll come again. Take care, dear. Shall we go? ”It stole every ray of sorrow” ”This cloud of happiness” ”Some cool winds blew” ”In this lap of motherly affection” ”An empty lap is full” ”I found a reason to live” ”My darling son will live as my
heartbeat in my heart” Happy?
– Very happy! I feel I may turn
mad with happiness. Raj, I’ll get my son today. Drive faster.
– I am driving fast. How much faster? Still faster.
We have to reach soon. You think I’m not in a hurry?
– Then drive fast. Okay. Happy. Excuse me. . . this is for you Akansha Akansha isn’t here, Raj.
Where must she have gone? She must’ve been shifted
to another room, Urmi Shifted? But why? You, here? Are Urmila and Raj with you? I spoke to Raj just yesterday.
I was going to come to meet you today This is a surprise No, Ma. Only the two of us I. . . and my Rahul They don’t even know I’m here I came over, Ma. I’ve decided
not to give them my baby What are you saying, dear?
The baby belongs to them No, Ma. . . no, it’s not their baby He’s my Rahul. He’s our Rahul, Ma You are answerable to Urmila I know what to tell her, and I will.
But I won’t give her my baby Will she feed my baby,
while I immerse in my own tears? Will she teach him to walk,
while I stagger? Will she fill up her life
with his laughter, While I long for a smile? No Ma, I’m not that magnanimous I understand your point, my child But if Urmila doesn’t get her son,
she’ll die And if my baby is snatched away
from me, I’ll die. I’ll die, Ma You. . . Yes Raj-ji? Yes, Akansha is here,
at home It’s not our baby,
it’s theirs, Akansha I’ve bore him in my womb
for nine months They are paying you the price
for doing that Price?
– Expenses over your pregnancy, Rahul’s medical bills,
investment for my business We’ll pay them back, Tarun Years and years will pass, but
we’ll not be able to pay them back We will earn. I’ll earn You will earn Together we will pay them back For whom?
For whom? For this baby of ours I’m telling you,
it’s not our baby But I’ve borne him.
I am his mother But I am not his father Akansha, I was only. . . It’s them I guess.
We have to give them the baby Where is Akansha? Why didn’t she
inform me before leaving? She must’ve been nervous.
– She should’ve called me then Where is she? Where’s my baby?
– There. . . Raj and Urmila are here Let me see. Akansha Akansha, open the door Open up! What’s going on? Open the door! Ma, this is not funny!
– Open the door, Akansha Ma, open the door Raj, why did she shut the door on me? Raj, please tell her!
– Urmila, don’t worry, everything will be fine.
– Look! Urmila-ji is here Open the door.
– Open the door, Akansha Open the door, Akansha !
– Open the door, or I’ll break it Raj, my baby!
– Don’t worry, everything will be fine Why isn’t she opening the door?
– Open the door, Akansha ! What’s going on?
Are you listening, Ma? Either dare to tell your decision,
or keep your promise Akansha, my baby. . . ?
– What kind of a joke is this, Ma? Quiet, Tarun.
Akansha has something to say Now what?
– Quiet, I say. Be silent What do you have to say?
– What’s the matter, Akansha? I have decided My baby will stay with me You are raving, Akansha.
You know very well that it’s my baby, it’s Raj’s baby.
Give me the baby Reason with her, Raj.
– One minute What’s all this, Akansha? You came
to us, it was your own decision Tarun-ji, please. . . Akansha, what kind of a joke is this?
– I have decided ! Decided?
Who are you to decide on this? I don’t conform to this decision.
You know that it’s my baby I won’t allow you to keep him, no way.
Raj, reason with her Listen Urmila. . .
– Tarun, why don’t you tell her. . . ? it’s my baby!
I won’t leave this place without him We’ll talk later, Urmi.
Let’s go for now Akansha, you are betraying me.
– Let’s go, Urmila You had promised me. It’s my baby!
– Urmila, listen to me No Raj. . .
– We’ll talk later It’s my baby, Raj.
– Let’s go Tarun, it’s my baby.
– Enough, Urmila No, I won’t go without him.
– What are you doing? Come on, Urmila He’s my baby. No Raj. . . Not ours, it’s your baby.
Only yours It’s an illegitimate baby Illegitimate? You know very well that
I haven’t sinned, Tarun Whatever happened,
happened with your approval I agree, I had approved. It was also
decided that the baby will go to them Akansha, what’s come over you? You were going to do a noble deed
by giving a childless couple a baby At the cost of my baby? Enough Raj, enough !
– What madness is this? Don’t try to give me hope.
– What are you doing? He’s my baby! Only mine If I have to go to the cops, I will.
I will go to the court too There’s no need to get upset, Urmila.
Relax What relax? We’ll talk to Akansha.
We’ll tell Tarun to reason with her Water! Here, drink some.
– He’s my baby! I don’t want water! How will you reason with them?
How? They are all in league. Husband, wife
and the entire family They want to snatch my baby.
– Don’t say that, Urmila Then what do I say? Tell me If her son is dead,
will she take mine. . . ? You are raving !
Stop it No Raj, it’s my baby!
He’s my baby! My baby We’ll talk to Tarun It’s my baby.
– We’ll talk to Tarun, don’t worry Call up Dr Patel. Hurry up I’ve administered a shot,
it’ll reduce the blood pressure I must ask something, Mr Raj Has she received some kind
of a shock? Yes, doctor Excessive shock can sometimes
derange a person, which could lead to brain haemorrhage
or comatose But it happens
in very extreme conditions Anyway, take care of her. Give her
the pills when she comes around Sure.
– I’ll come back in the morning No! Let me go! Let go My baby! Urmila couldn’t bear the trauma She’d be silent as long as
she was unconscious The moment she comes around, she’d go
crazy, become uncontrollable. . . and run outside She destroyed the room she herself
decorated for her baby And she keeps saying,
I want my baby! To control her, the doctor has to be
called to administer sedatives I could not bear to see Urmila
in this state My baby Her condition is becoming critical If she keeps getting bouts,
it could endanger her life I think it’d be better to take her
to the mental asylum in the morning I can understand your state, Mr Raj,
but. . . Raj, you? Greetings, Ma-ji Ma-ji, I want to speak to Akansha I. . . I want to talk to you I. . . I beg you to save Urmila’s life I know you are not evil Whether you are right or wrong, that’s not. . . I only want you to save Urmila’s life Tomorrow. . . we’re taking her
to the mental asylum Doctors say that if her condition
remains unstable, she’ll have to be bound in chains Because, sometimes she slashes her
hands, sometimes she bangs her head If she is taken to the asylum, Akansha, my beautiful, happy life, my world
will come to an end in just a moment Just. . . I don’t care for myself But every day, every moment,
every second, Urmila is dying a death Akansha, save Urmila Only you can save her.
Only. . . only your Rahul. . . can save my Urmila Akansha, I know
it’s your helplessness, your love, your sentiments But right now I stand before
the Akansha, who had promised to bring happiness
into Urmila’s life But not happiness, I have come to seek life for her I beg of you, save Urmila’s life.
Save my Urmila Akansha, please save my Urmila’s life Save my Urmila’s life Ma, I don’t want to let Urmila die But I can’t tear Rahul apart
from myself My child, I have a request Please don’t call this baby Rahul Ma !
– He is not Rahul Rahul is dead And get that very clear Another thing. . . I don’t want anyone to say that, this baby was the cause
of his mother’s death Forget Rahul. . . . forget Rahul ”Break away from deceit. . . ” ”always resort to truth” ”Rid the evil” ”Be truthful” ”Goodness is the only virtue, ” ”the rest is futile” ”This is the teaching
of the Goddess” ”This is the teaching
of the Goddess” ”She leads you to
your destination” ”Glory to the Goddess” ”Glory to Goddess Durga” ”Glory to the Goddess
of the mountains, ” ”Who rids of all sorrows” ”Glory to the Goddess!
Everybody, chant” ”Glory to the Goddess!
Everybody, chant with love” My baby. . . my baby My baby Look, our baby We’ve found our baby, Raj Look, our baby Look at him. . . look how
he’s sleeping, Raj Our baby My son, my darling Akansha-ji, Rahul. . . What do I say? Thank you. You saved Urmila’s life perhaps I’m responsible for her state Oh no, Akansha-ji Please come inside See how happy Urmila is.
Please come inside No Raj-ji No My own sentiments I have subdued with
much difficulty and with a heavy heart If it is released, the lives
of all of us will be destroyed I must go.
I’ve sworn upon Rahul, not to return. Never I also place you under an oath.
Please do not try to find me After that, we got over
Akansha and Tarun At the behest of Akansha,
we did not try to find them But then suddenly, Akansha’s
daughter Neha came before us and. . . Rahul, son. . . No son. . .
– Don’t weep, Rahul You mustn’t weep.
Everything will be fine Neha, what are you saying? What is wrong with both of you? Why do you want to die?
Why does my Rahul want to die? Because he loves me, Ma And I too love him dearly We were supposed to get married But. . . unknowingly, unknowingly we. . . committed a sin that. . . Let me die, Ma !
I have no right to live How could you take such a step
without knowing the truth?? What’s there to know now, Ma?
Tell me There’s lots to know After leaving Rahul there,
I went home Tarun became busy And I tried my best to forget Rahul Then one day. . . for Ma’s health checkup,
Tarun took her to the city And on the way back. . . an accident killed them I was left to myself So I joined Ruchita Nursing Home Then one day, you were born ”Is this the fruit of my deeds?” ”Or is it a curse?” ”In Hell’s fire. . . ” ”I burn” ”I burn, ” ”I walk on thorns” ”God help us” ”Have mercy on Your people” Rahul, open the door! Rahul, open the door! What have you done, Rahul? What have you done, Rahul? I couldn’t have lived. . . with a burden It’s not a burden Why didn’t you take my call, Rahul? We are not siblings, Rahul Mama said we’re not siblings I’m not Mama’s daughter, Rahul She just raised me We’re not siblings We’re not siblings, Rahul Ma Ma


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