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Japanese Ice Ball Maker

what’s up guys how y’all doing for today’s video I’m going to put to the test this giant ice ball maker it’s makes sixty millimeter ice balls at a very good I just like that I just froze it in a cup so not really beautiful ice but this ice ball press supposed to make it really beautiful and very so color for these kind of cups let’s see what it looks like okay first of all it sticks up just like this boom then I got your ice and I’m just gonna put it just like that maybe this way okay looks like a little bit too big but no big deal you go. best residential ice maker  woah this is insane look up faucets melt the ice okay Wow you don’t even have to press it or anything it melts it so quickly this is amazing it says give it about 30 seconds and it will complete its process it will press it all the way down and boom look at it almost done I’m gonna help it a little bit you’re supposed to put a smaller piece of ice but if you have a bigger piece of ice which is going to take a little bit longer Wow look at that beautiful ice cube now you put it on a glove like this boom and then you can coca-cola now or whatever you going to think and that looks so beautiful doesn’t it and look you have bowl of ice in now looks so beautiful so you just have to set it maybe on a sound let it warm up so you can use it again because once it’s warm its melt ice over easily okay let’s try this again put this ice in there and then I’m just going to put it in like this. best small ice maker  let’s see what happens should be like 30 seconds to a minute and it should press it into ice ball look up faucets melt in it Wow I’ll let it sit on a Sun for like about five minutes and it’s hot again so it’s best to say with fast whoa that was quick well let it go all the way hopefully this ice oh look at it it wasn’t big enough ice ball stayed up and about a minute later it’s all done let’s pull this out boom we got ourself a 60 millimeter ice ball this is awesome


  1. taylor dreher Author

    Your spheres have flat bottoms 🙁
    You aren't letting the water/air in the lower half drain because you are blocking the drain hole on the bottom with that plate


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