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Jharrel Jerome Ignites the Crowd With Emmys Win for Lead Actor in a Limited Series | THR News

– Jharrel Jerome (cheering) – [Tiffany] It was a moment that brought the crowd to its feet. Jharrel Jerome took home the award for lead actor, in a
limited series or movie for When They See Us, at the Emmy’s. Marking one of the most, emotional wins of the night. – I’m here in front of my inspirations, I’m here in front of people who I’m so motivated by. And the reason I’m here
is because of actors like the people I was
in the category with. – Jerome beat out big name actors, Mahershala Ali, Benicio del Toro, Hugh Grant, Jared Harris, and Sam Rockwell, to take home the trophy. (music playing) – [Actor] They said if
I went along with it, that I could go home.
And that’s all I wanted. – [Natalie] The actor
dedicated his award to the real life inspirations
behind the Netflix series the Exonerated Five. Who
were in the audience for the star studded ceremony. – But most importantly,
this is for the men that we know as the Exonerated Five. (cheering) – [Jharrel] Its for Raymond,
Yusef, Antron, Kevin and King Korey Wise. – For much more of the 71st Emmys, and the complete list of winners. Head to Until next time, for The
Hollywood Reporter news, I’m Tiffany Taylor.


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