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Jim Parsons on His Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

– I do want to congratulate you
on the star on the Walk of Fame. – Oh, thank you.
– That’s a big deal. [cheers and applause]
– Well– Oh, thank you. I will tell you something
very funny. A couple of days before,
I began to panic. I’d been very busy,
and it’s the kind of thing– Well, anyway, it just–you don’t
know what to think about it, and what do I do?
And suddenly you realize, “Oh, I’ve got to talk!” And so I YouTubed, you know, “Hollywood Walk of Fame
acceptance speeches” and first one up,
Ellen DeGeneres. The most unhelpful thing
I have ever watched. [laughter]
She’s, like, naturally funny. And, I mean, I sort of am, but
it’s not as easy-going as hers. Like, it’s really easy
and whatever. I was like, “Well, that sucks,
and I can’t do that.” So I’ve got–I made
a much more serious and– not somber speech, but– the whole thing had sort of
a funeral aspect to it. [laughter]
It does. It’s like, the next time people
talk about you like this, you won’t be here to see it,
you know? – ‘Cause it’s a lot of people
talking about you and what you’ve accomplished. – Yes.
– And then so you got a wax figure the same day
as well. That’s what I was gonna say.
– The same day they– [laughs]
Madame Tussauds–there we go! [laughter]
Okay. This is really cool,
and I really, really love it, and it’s kind of amazing
what they do. Not kind of.
It’s very amazing, That said, after the day of
the memorial service, to go and see your dead body,
essentially, was– [laughter]
Was a little disconcerting. – It’s very well done.
– Yeah, it is. They’re really good.
– ‘Cause usually you look at ’em and they’re not as well done. I mean, there’s some–
– This one, I came in, and I saw
the back of his head first, and even though–not a view
I normally get of myself, I completely knew it was me
immediately. – Yeah, how did you know
you from the back? How do you–
– Well, maybe the shirt. I gave them that.
[laughter] It’s true, though.
I gave them all the clothes I wore to the–to the–
not the fitting. What do you call it?
The sizing? I don’t know.
When they measure you. – They measured you, and they–
– You haven’t done it? – No.
– Oh, they’re fools. They need to get you in
immediately. – Do they–no.
[laughter] Yeah, no, that’s not going
to happen for me. – Oh, Ellen!
It’s a wonderful day. And you’d look beautiful in wax. – No, no, no.
They can– [laughter] – Write letters.
Get involved, people. Get her in wax.
– No, I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to.
[cheers and applause] Don’t do that to me. All right. See, we’re gonna cut
all that out, ’cause we don’t have time for
it–let’s talk about the movie. Let’s talk about–
– Wanna talk about “Home”? – Let’s talk about “Home.” Tell everybody what “Home”
is about. – Quickly, “Home”
is an alien invasion that turns into kind of
a road buddy movie, with two characters voiced by me
and Rihanna. And that is as odd as it sounds. And, um…
[laughter] And–and–and–we found love
in a hopeless place. No, I mean, wait, wait–
[laughter] They find friendship.
They find friendship. – And–and Steve Martin, right?
– Yes, Steve Martin. Jennifer Lopez.
– Yeah, wow. – Jennifer Lopez plays Rihanna’s
mother–voicing. There’s Rihanna’s character.
Oh! Can I tell you?
– Yes. – I’ve been doing press for,
like, the past four days with Rihanna and Steve, but Rihanna smells so good. [laughter]
I am not kidding. She has a scent, and–
to the point that at one point, I took the elevator down
to press in the hotel we were doing it
and I went…[sniffs] “She was just in here.
She was just in here.” And they’re like, “No.”
And I said, “Oh, yeah.” And I went into the press,
and I came in and I go, “Were you just in the elevator?”
She goes, “Yeah.” I said, “I smelled you.” [laughter]
It is like– Not a bad scent, it’s a–
I see– we were supposed to take
a break. I’ve been talking over it.
– What does it smell like? – Heaven.
[laughter] You have no idea.
I love Steve Martin, and I miss him–
I terribly miss her. I have this weird crush on her. – Well, she’s fantastic.
I love her myself. – She’s amazing.
Has she been on your show? – She has.
– Of course she has. It’s “Ellen.”
– Yeah. [laughter] She’s–but I don’t remember
her scent. But uh, next time–
– That’s a shame. – I’m gonna smell her.
– You should. – Next time, I want her–
Book her so I can smell her. – That’s a wonderful idea.


  1. head hunter37 Author

    wow…all those time i thought that hec act like a sheldon on screen…boi he actually talk and walk like sheldon….

  2. Deepsikha Bhattacharya Author

    I hope to find the real jim somewhere on the internet but i end up seeing long interviews of sheldon. The role must have been easy for him cz HE IS SHELDON!

  3. joshua lozier Author

    What did he get a star for? Being gay playing a straight guy? Neil Patrick Harris, Rosie O’Donnell, and Ellen were doing it in the 90s…before it was cool

  4. Tony Faxton Author

    One of the most irritating ad on YouTube…is Apple and all other Apple products. Over my dead body if I ever walk into their store.


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