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Johanna Jones Gets a SURPRISE PROPOSAL at Hollywood Week – American Idol 2019 on ABC

My mom and dad are here they’ve always believed in me and my music but I wish my boyfriend Matt could be here close He’s the most supportive loving Awesome guy I’ve ever met Because I want to get ahead of myself But I think he’s probably the one but we don’t need to tell them like quite no no nobody knows but I know He couldn’t come this week. He’s finishing up finals. He’s in his last semester school. It broke his heart He was crying actually to me that he couldn’t be here. This is the most important performance in my life and if I could call him and tell him that I got a yes, I just know he’d be so happy and so proud of me and and And I don’t know just excited Seems like you are in love. Yeah, I’m pretty dang in love I’m gonna be singing wicked game World was on fire and no one could save me but you I never dreamed that I’d meet Somebody like you Come on now. Whew!. Come on. And I never dreamed that I’d lose Somebody like you No, I don’t wanna fall in love No, I don’t wanna fall in love With you No body loves no one. Wow. Ha! Ha! Ha! Whew! Yeah! Pulled it out! Go! Go! Go! Baby! Go! My name is Matt Zavarol. I’m Johanna’s boyfriend. Haven’t been here all week cause of exams, but I couldn’t wait another day Johanna, the love my life. Oh my god. Will you marry me? Alright! Get off the stage now! Congratulations you guys! Congrats! Good one there boy! Good one. Congrats! Congrats! Oh my gawd! Good Job! Good Job. Come on man! He did? Ladies and gentlemen, I present I You went down hard You okay? I need make up! Took six exams yesterday. I drove 11 hours this morning just to get Matt is the most amazing man I ever met! No matter what happens I’m gonna go home smiling tonight Hopefully I don’t go home though! I’m not going home Why won’t someone love me like that! Stop it! Luke. Hey YouTube, thanks for watching subscribe below


  1. bhAbyChE Author

    Yeah.. really torn between crying and laughing at the same time.. i really love Katy’s reaction.. 😍 congrats guys.. cheers 🥂
    -sub to sub pls., let me know 😉 thanks everyone 😉🤗

  2. Jayda Hamilton Author

    Why would someone love like that?!?!?!?! Cries Stop it LUKE! Omg she got me laughing.
    My gawd probably they will do it to me Katy I am with you XD

  3. kobe Bryant Author

    The WALL is coming it got em all ain't that right Brittany…😂😂😂😂feminism rears its ugly head the nightmares of loneliness well guys we were alone in the beginning so it will always be an easy genesis for us😉

  4. Diego Juarez Author

    I’m really sad she didn’t make it to the top 20, she’s amazing and was one of the few if not the only one whose both performances (audition and this one) that were trending on YouTube. Sad American idol let her go.

  5. Cookie Gacha Author

    My god when Katy said “why won’t someone love me like that” I’m like girl almost all your boy fans love you like that!

  6. Noah Ortega Author

    I work with her. :)) I met Matt and he’s really cool in person. She’s sweet. But shy sometimes. She stays to herself. Unless you start talking to her. I’m sad she moved, I don’t get to see her anymore. 🙁 but she’s moving on to bigger and better things. Love you Jo if you see this. 💞


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