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John Krasinski Was Ready To Quit Acting Before ‘The Office’


  1. Bricks'nThings Animation Studios Author

    (0:33) Stephen: "You Directed The Force Awakens…"

    Me: "Seriously…?"

    (0:35) Stephen: "You Directed Raging Bull…"
    Me: "……………………………………"

  2. Alexander Al Author

    Krasinski has incredibly accurate face expressions as an actor, I literally could read on Jim's face all he's got to say, without any words.
    Awesome guy.

  3. everett norris Author

    Colbert you need work on your interview skills! You seem sloppy and disorganized. For a star like John you are out of your league!

  4. MegaGug 95 Author

    I think John should’ve been a therapist if he didn’t go into acting. He has a very comforting and intelligent voice and personality.

  5. SeanTheMan1 Author

    U know he was almost Spider-Man, in 2003/4 Tobey Maguire was not to return as Spider-Man and John Was supposed to replace him as Spider-Man

  6. Meathamski Author

    John was Jim for ONE episode as a dwight prank and it was hilarious. The way it changed his life is insane. Imagine what it did for Randall Park.

  7. jjmah7 Author

    He should’ve quit acting. Seriously the guy can’t act. He’s terrible. I think he’s just a likable guy but is no better acting than someone in high school drama class. The dude hit the jackpot in life and knows it.


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