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John Wick (1/10) Movie CLIP – The Break-In (2014) HD

JOHN: Alright. Come on, then. How you doin’?You need to go?UNGH! OGH!UUGHH! THUG:AUAGHH!UGHuhh♪♪ ♪♪


  1. Cindy Lopez Author

    Has anyone noticed that vein pulsating on Keanu's neck when he is embracing Daisy's dead body? He was really feeling that scene!!!😭💔

  2. nas taran Author

    Nope still can't watch killing this innocent dog , first time I watched John wick ,it was near the end and I still was crying for his dog and cheering him for killing them

  3. Dylon Jackson Author

    2:12 that muscle twitch in his neck is evidence of how damn godly of an actor Keanu Reeves is. Such a subtle detail but it conveys so much emotion.

  4. Ngozia Author

    Hearing the puppy cry out makes me tear up. Seeing that the puppy crawled to die next to John just makes me lose it. Now I have to explain that I'm crying over this scene again.

  5. SkyBlue Author

    Every time I watch this scene I squeeze on tight to my pets. ❤️ your pets comment If you have a pet story . . .

    I once had a pet dumbo rat who thought it was a dog they only live two years and those were the best two years of my/its life. It was midnight and Toby (the rat) laid dying I couldnt sleep but the one time I let my eyes close I heard Toby crying in pain and crawling over to be with me (I let him sleep beside me I knew he was going to die soon and I wanted to be there for him) he nuzzled my face and I held him close and when my alarm went off 2 hours laters he was gone and I just cried and held him close I didn’t want to say goodbye.

  6. chu xiong2 Author

    There’s so much you can do to a man before he breaks but this this is one never kill a mans best friend after that the man will break and will hunt you down even if your apart of a mafia a man will kill you no matter the cost even if they die at the very end that man will get his revenge

  7. Admiral General Aladeen Author

    if you look carefully the dog died at a different location than where we see him in
    1:48 which means he crawled to John in order to die near him :'(

  8. dawsyn Author

    Dude this made me cry bro the fact that they not into killed a dog they killed a puppy!!! Yo I’d rather see humans get hurt over dogs any day hands down

  9. The Universe Galaxy Author

    man its amzing how people eat cows, pigs, chickens and other animals…..and then…these same people claim there animal lovers and they think its not ok to kill a dog but its ok to kill other animals…..its wrong to kill any animal……….but of course….tehse same people think your an extremist….they want to igonre facts, logic, reason, and common sense then……why……well they just dont care and they just want to kill animals then

  10. Masterdevil Author

    I just have a hard time believing that a person who is so revered in his assassin circles for how capable he is would let himself get trumped so easily by a bunch of thugs.

  11. jacob chavez Author

    There have been whole movies about dogs and yet this is one of the saddest dog deaths ever, we only knew the dog for no more than 10 min yet the death is still so impactful

  12. Tim Author

    Really bothered me when they hurt the innocent puppy, but made me happy when John showed no hesitation in killing those who were involved because we all know that’s what we wanted when we saw that. 🥺😁


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