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John Wick (2/10) Movie CLIP – Noise Complaint (2014) HD

Evenin’, John. Evenin’, Jimmy. Noise complaint? Noise complaint. You, uh, workin’ again? No, I was just sortin’ some stuff out. Ah, well… I’ll leave you be then. Good night, John. Good night, Jimmy.


  1. JugCityKid Author

    I kind of like how the assassins weren't really dumb in how they attacked. Jon was smarter but you got to give them credit.

  2. Papa Khan Author

    I like how he disarms him. He squeezes the guy's hand which holds the knife and with the other hand he applies pressure on the blade so it will slip out of the guy's grip. I have never seen such move and it looks so realistic.

  3. Day May Author

    everyone talking like he did it because he didn’t wanna get killed-

    y’all are fools, Jimmy is the strongest character in the John Wick universe, he obviously could obliterate John instantly.

  4. Why We Love Film Author

    I was always a little confused by this scene. I understand that the Cop knows John Wick and probably what he does for a living. But does he just leave because he’s part of that whole Assassin Underworld and knows to not get involved? Or is he just a regular cop who just wants no part of what’s going on because he’s scared?

  5. Staples Giftbag Author

    Any action movie: guy gets thrown on floor Dies
    John wick: guy gets thrown through window alive John proceeds to shot him to kill him

  6. Aerochalklate Author

    when the cop was cool with it, that’s when you realized he has so much damn street cred he can hang out with the crips and bloods


    Jimmy: Good evening John
    John: Good evening Jimmy
    John: Who's complaining?
    Jimmy: Somebodies complained
    (Saw a dead body)
    Jimmy: You uugghhh…working again?
    John: No, i'm just sorting some stuff
    Jimmy: Ohhh
    Jimmy: Good night John
    John: Good night Jimmy

    Jimmy is a smart guy 😁

  8. Crazy Wolfgang Author

    I'm here after the shitshow that was John Wick 3.
    The first two are far superior, don't waste your time with that movie.

  9. Don G Author

    "you uhh.. workin again?"
    "nah just sortin some stuff out"
    "ah.. ill leave you be then. goodnight john"
    "goodnight jimmy"
    one of the best scenes in movie history.

  10. XxMidnight RosexX Author

    If that was the guard of Skyrim
    "Evening Jimmy. Noise complaint?"
    "I need to ask you to stop. That… shouting… is making people nervous."
    (Looking at the bodies)

    "No, just sorting some stuff up."
    "Now, I know who you are. And… and I know your business… Just, please… These are good folk we got here. Mostly…"
    "Good night Jimmy."
    (John closes the door)

  11. SmeatPlays Author

    The way he says goodnight Jimmy gets me everytime. Like it was a legit friendly goodnight after he had just killed like 10 Mafia assassins

  12. Jo Smo Author

    when I first saw this I thought cool, the cop is just a simple guy doing his job that doesn't want trouble, knows John as a dude of the the community, sees the dead body and thinks "meh, f*** it, I don't get paid enough"
    But after JW2, hes probably an assassin too

  13. Zrock 316 Author

    And once again Fandango gives a good scene a bad rating now if you look over on their Channel they'll give a gay one a great rating even though there is nothing good inside that scene

  14. RedJive_Industries Author

    Each and every single guy who thinks he can kill Mitch Rapp, much less succeed in the arguably more difficult task of arresting him, oughta take a look at this guy.

  15. NDKfilms Author

    Heres a question that CinemaWins asked that perfectly fits the conversation between John and Jimmy

    What do you do when the dragon is burning stuff in his own cave?

    Jimmy is quite smart here

  16. emil toutou Author

    I’m gonna get the papers,get the papers(any gangsters movies lover knows who I’m referring to….

    One thing I am convinced of , this guy is not Jimmy 2 times,because he is not writing or getting no friking papers ,no fricking papers…Forget about the police report,
    Forget about it …


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