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Johnny B. Goode – Back to the Future (9/10) Movie CLIP (1985) HD

All right. All right, this is an oldie, but… Well, it’s an oldie where I come from. All right, listen, this is a blues riff in B. Watch me for the changes,
and try and keep up, okay? [Playing Johnny B. Goode] “Way down in Louisiana
Down in New Orleans “Way back up in the woods
among the evergreens “There stood a log cabin
made of earth and wood “Where lived a country boy
name of Johnny B. Goode “He never ever learned
to read or write so well “He could play the guitar
just like he’s ringin’ a bell “Go go
Go Johnny go, go “Go Johnny, go, go, go “Go Johnny go, go” George, I heard you laid out Biff.
Nice going. You ever think of
running for class president? MARTY: [Singing] “Johnny B. Goode “Go Johnny go, “Go Johnny go, go, go “Go Johnny go, go “Go Johnny go, go, go “Johnny B. Goode” Chuck! Chuck, it’s Marvin. Your cousin, Marvin Berry? You know that new sound
you’re looking for? Well, listen to this. [Marty playing heavy metal riffs] [Feedback] [Playing sustained high-pitch note] [Amplifiers humming] I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet… … but your kids are going to love it.


  1. Alberto Santos Author

    Bootstrap Paradox, by playing Johnny B. Goode at the 1955 school festival, Marty becomes responsible for Chuck Berry's rock n roll composing, the very song that Marty would learn to play in the 80s.

  2. American Trinity Author

    if marty learned it from chuck, but chuck learned it from marty, but marty learned it chuck, then who invented it?

    theory: chuck was the one who created the song but it would have taken a longer time to get the sound, so marty going back in time and playing the song and chuck hearing the song cut the time in half that would have taken chuck to created.

  3. Velocinox Author

    After the concert the singer's hand became infected for not receiving proper treatment and within the month he died of sepsis. The timeline has never recovered.

  4. Novalonia Author

    The loser went to the past, to correct the mistakes of his losers ancestors … And then he went to the future, since there his descendants became losers. Trouble.

  5. Dan's House Author

    My dad is an oldies fan. We have major disagreements on what is the best part of this performance. "But your kids are gonna love it" is so accurate!

  6. Luis Fedalizo Author

    Probably one of the only movie scenes where the actor is actually playing the instrument, instead of just miming it, not sure if the singing was done by Michael J. Fox, though.

  7. SUPER SAIYAN GOD HARAMBE the almighty gaming king Author

    Gibberish (basically)
    Ps. Don't judge me, I was tired and bored.
    Ps. I know what you're thinking but somewhere among the rubble is a coin of coherence and once you place it in the slot you'll finally reveal the magical truth about the world and move on to the land of Lions and Leopards.

    Is he actually playing that guitar?
    He's probably not, but if he is then it's not bad.
    I mean it's not great, but it's pretty good.
    Not that I know anything about playing guitars or cellos or violins or any member of the string section.
    Wait a minute, the guitar isn't a part of the orchestra?
    No, but it could be.
    Could it?
    Well you're wrong.
    Am I?!
    There's no need to shout, I'm not deaf. Much as I wish I was given the circumstances.

    So how's the universe been treating you, Jeff?
    Terribly. Life's meaningless and I've been waiting to use the bathroom for three hours.
    That sounds terrible, would you like a towel?
    Why would I want a towel? I thought towels had been replaced by the electric hand drier?
    That's what Barney said and now look at him, two pieces of dead skin taken from the nape of a Corsican taxi drivers neck and stuck to a small wad of blu tack.
    The surgeons must have had a hard time cracking that case.
    They certainly did. By the time they'd finished with Barney three of them were pregnant, two of them became born again Christians and one of them got so hooked on LSD that when he glanced out of the window and spotted a supermodel on a red Vespa he immediately walked a few paces back, ran straight at the bullet proof window at full speed and with a tremendous leap actually managed to shatter the glass and land right back where he started.
    Whoa. That last character must have been tripping Superman's balls or something.
    Not since 1938, my friend. Not since 1938.
    I would think so, the man's at least 110 or something.
    Geez you're right, I'd never thought about that.

    What's you're favourite scene in Back to the Future?
    The one where Dustin Hoffman plays 3D Chess with Paul Simon and the two of them are dressed as a pair of turkeys.
    I don't remember that scene, when did it happen in the movie?
    Have you seen Blues Brothers? it's got Cab Calloway and Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles and Sir Paul McCartney and Indiana Jones and everything. It's even got a scene where Luke Skywalker recites Ancient Greek Poetry whilst cosplaying as Divine from Pink Flamingo's.
    Which glass did you pick up, the green one or the pink one?
    The green one.
    Are you sure?
    As sure as I am of the fact the world was created in seventeen weeks by a Hungarian missionary with a slice of lemon taped to their forehead.
    My theories been confirmed, you have gone mad.
    Congratulations, you have passed the test.
    Wait, what?
    You've passed the test. You may now watch The 36th Chamber of Shaolin.
    That's my reward? A film about bald people with pointy sticks hitting each other?
    Oh it's far more than that. It's like if Star Wars was produced by Shaw Brothers Studio and instead of having to rescue Princess Leia you got to star in Bananas by Woody Allen if it was recut by a monkey in a George Bernard Shaw costume.
    Sounds pretty cool, so what happens next?
    Well basically the main character meets up with Bruce Lee and Chen Zhen in a dark alleyway and they discuss Jungian archetypes and references to Plato in the Italian Job.
    I didn't know Plato and Jung directed the Italian Job?
    No one directed it because it doesn't exist.
    Why do you say that?
    Do you want the honest answer or the dishonest answer.
    I'd like five scoops of custard flavoured ice cream and a walnut with my name written on it.
    The dishonest answer it is. Well basically the whole world is really this enormous simulation being controlled by the ghosts of long forgotten Babylonian kings and Scrooge needs to learn the value of Christmas before Charles Dickens ruins his life with another one of his damned fairy tales!

    From an avant garde, left field, new wave perspective what did you think about that last piece?
    I thought it was lacking in something.
    You thought it was lacking in something, could you describe that something?
    Orange in the middle, soft around the edges, warm on top and shaped like a lizard conducting Beethoven's 5th entirely in Claymation underneath.
    That's interesting…..yes, very interesting. Very interesting in deed. Tell me, Martha and I may call you Martha?
    Sure why not? I mean it's a free country isn't it?
    Ha. Ha. Ha. Yes I suppose you're right.
    Tell me, Martha, are you by any chance married?
    Been married thirty five years, sir.
    35 years? Blimey, I haven't even loved my children for that long and they're at least twenty years older than I am.

    This entire comment + the curvature of the universe at 11:00 tomorrow morning is how I feel about back to the future.
    In short I'd rate this film 8/10 with it's only real flaws being the lack of stripy jumpsuits and Mike Myers cameos.

  8. bw hall Author

    I always thought this movie should have ended with an after-credits, 10-minute extended play outtake of Michael J. Fox and Chuck Berry doing Johnny B. Goode together. That would have brought EVERYBODY up on their feet and torn up every theater in the country.

  9. 정향남 Author

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  10. Jersey LTD Author

    Damn so chuck berry future was altered after this huh lol reminds me of the music industry today..culture vulture of the future hahaha love this movie


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