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JOHNNY DEPP (FUNNY) Reaction To What Other Actors Are Saying About Him… (And How Shy He Is)

So you’re kind of like [the] master of disguise in Hollywood? I feel oh well. Thank you So do you think it’s easier to get into part when you can dress up in costumes? Or is it easier when you’re more like it’s easier to lose yourself when you like for example if you’re in a period film and and the costume makes you You changes your posture makes you stand a certain way. It makes you feel a certain way, so It’s like being wrapped up in the characters skin And for me. It’s always been easier easier Easier is not the word not, more comfortable for me to hide Um in in in a character. It’s always more difficult when you’re planning something that’s closer to you I think are you a little bit shy you think I’m very sure yeah, yeah If I can be accused of anything at all [it’s] ditto. No, I’m not yet not the most outgoing and boisterous of People I’m pretty shy episode. I don’t know if you work with Johnny before you, huh? No
Never did numbers so [one] year why do you think that he has, I mean both grownups and kids love him so much What is it about him you think that makes, Well for one I think he’s what I think is a major talent Two his awesomely good looking Three he’s um He’s not like most people we know There is something offbeat about him that is Intriguing and Ultimately attractive, So something magical about him [Stutters] Your, My kids call him uncle fun You know and he is when you are with him You are pretty certain that nobody else is having as good a time as you are Well, I mean he’s he’s in all different kinds of movies so he connects with you know he’s in films that are for a younger audience and an older audience and he you know does it so incredibly well and You really don’t know I mean. I certainly don’t know um you know who he is as a person [and] so you get lost in his character so easily You still don’t know who is other person that [I’ve] only met him once yet. [oh] yeah, no no, no [oh] I suppose he’s got that that is sort of unique combination of extreme Warmth and Generosity and Doesn’t take himself very seriously in his [anders] So if there’s something inherently kind of accessible about him as well as being utterly mysterious It’s that that sort of contradiction that I think probably makes movie [stars] You cannot think of a 50 year old actor that’s cooler than Johnny no So he’s got this incredible charm Charisma And his presence that I think is attractive to not only you know adults But absolutely women of all ages cuz he’s such a handsome guy, but also kids think he’s cool, too Yeah, so I asked the other actors what why they think you’re so popular with both kids and grownups? And they said it goes you’re cool and mysterious and magical and a little off Morgan Freeman said I love the board says me ah Is it I agree with me a little bit was it [the] little bit all sing it What about the mysterious in the magical I don’t see [anything] for sure?


  1. Kjersti Flaa Author

    So I know I got a lot of comments regarding that I did say "off" instead of "off beat" while presenting Morgan Freemans description of Johnny to Johnny Depp. I did not mean to offend him or anyone else. English is my second language and I tried to remember everything all the actors told me while sitting there on the spot. My apology.

  2. Stewerrvideos Author

    Why would you do the stereo effect so harsh? Makes kinda sense in the wide shot, but generally you would wanna hear, what you hear thru both ears, especially when we're presented to the person to appear right in front of us. Sound should be subtle. This is not.

  3. Gee Male Author

    he really did something for his illuminati ritual to get all this praise; it is overthetop ridiculous. Unnatural for the whole cast to just glorify one actor.

  4. Emrah Ekinci Author

    Off and offbeat are two different things. Mr. Freeman as the gentleman he is worded it perfectly and beautifully about him. I don't know man…

  5. Ben Nas Author

    Those are just normal persons…!! Nothing magical about anyone!! Just humans !! Politicians use Media to idolize them so people focus on them and forget about all serious issues in the world!

  6. honeychurchgipsy6 Author

    If you haven't already seen it the interview with Lawrence Kraus is excellent – Johnny Depp is very candid about himself and shows what an interesting and intelligent man he is whilst managing to come across as humble and self effacing.
    And I agree with all the comments saying what a good interview this is – shame it wasn't longer!

  7. leena mukherjee Author

    so Johnny this magical depp title was given to u by my elder sister, leena but unfortunately there some fans of urs started harassing her and there was almost a good fight going on and so she was heartbroken and ultimately left the site but now she doesn't even like to watch ur pics also, off course our life is also on a total roller coaster ride so … but for me if i can face regular pain without any help then to listen to any person 's comment makes no differences unless i truly get angry then trust me even God can't control me-liza mukherjee

  8. Narcissus* * Author

    Good looking is not all about him you can be handsome with out any humanity but johnny is diffrent he is un selfish ,kind,good_natured,brave with gentle heart . thats all make him johnny depp 💙

  9. Lola Wager Author

    Johnny depp is the sexist of live.i wish i could see him live so i can see your biggest fan of all of your MOVIES.

  10. Luke Kiely Author

    I never knew Johnny depp was shy. I think I like him more now because im shy myself and I personally think he speak very well in interviews for a shy person

  11. Kathie Sherman Author

    Hi ya! I look forward to dropping a note. I wonder if u get any of these. These newer video on utube are really done well and with various new people, done well. I pray u r doing much better. Bless Alice Cooper for having you in his group. It’s really great and ur living an intended dream with the best. You are so fortunate and I know u realize and appreciate it, too! Your personality is so similar to mine. I am so proud of u! I care what u go thru on regular basis and other obligations that u have. Would like to be there for you but until, or if my notes would be recognized by you, i sincerely wish u all great things and I will just pray on it. Be good Johnny boy, lol! I am waiting for good things for u and things to be good for myself. Live for each day. Don’t waste a day. Get ur rest. Eat well but healthy and of course a glass of wine or two. Stay active . Keeps u young. Lock in to what ur kids r doing even if they say, oh Dad, u don’t understand – Tell u do and that’s why your there. Always keep them close. I will pray u get stress free from all the jazz u have been going thru and cheer u on. When I go on utube I often feel a great eye contact with some videos. It’s cool. But not same as in person. Write me or contact! It’s Funny Girl! Follow hints in my notes and seek and u shall find. Bless you! My best always. Keep up the great work! I applaud you. If in need of a good soul, seek and u shall find. 😉🙏🏻

  12. kermie. _ Author

    I Bought all of his Pirates of the carribean dvd's, they r amazing!! Im 13 and Morgan Freeman, yes he is well good looking 😂😂😂

  13. jessie james Author

    hes very intelligent and down to earth. he knows he does a good job and he doesnt care abot what others say. he doesnt mix his private lilfe with show biz. in fact he tries to stay as far away from it all and lives away from hollywood

  14. CaptainAMAZINGGG Author

    He's literally just deeply insecure and uncomfortable with who himself, and people misconstrue that for being "mysterious". He's probably cringing so deeply inside when those things are brought up, I can like feel it :')
    I wouldn't say he's "cool". Which is ironically such a not cool term tbh. He does happen to be effing awesome, tho, and Paul's right, Johnny literally IS magical AF. That's my favourite thing about him (aside from his being such a dorky weirdo) :3
    Soooo magicallll <3 like a majestic unicorn :3 <3

  15. T Dowling Author

    Oh yeah wife beating is funny? There are some advantages to be a middle-aged woman with Asperger’s syndrome, and one of those is that I lived through the 80s as a teen and remember it. And what I remember is that Johnny Depp was known as a ‘bad boy’ with a ‘temper’ and a substance abuse problem prone to attacking people. 

    The people who defend him online, which now tragically includes a woman I had hitherto had nothing but the utmost respect, JK Rowling, seem to have either forgotten or don’t know that the accusations of domestic abuse and assault against Depp by his ex-wife Amber Heard (which include pictures and video and a restraining order against Depp and a text from his manager admitting it and documents from other court cases involving Depp) are just the latest in a line of charges.
    Johnny Depp is very pretty and (like Mel Gibson) seems to be very nice when he’s sober, but he’s also prone to getting wasted and hitting people who anger him. In 1989, Depp was arrested for assaulting a hotel security guard in Canada after the guard asked a drunken Depp and his friends to leave the premises. Charges against Deep were dropped after he promised a judge to be a good boy. (This works only if you are white or rich or preferably both.)

    Then, in 1994, Depp was arrested again on charges of criminal mischief  when he destroyed a hotel room – allegedly because he was having a fight with his girlfriend at the time, 20 year old supermodel Kate Moss. He had to pay almost $10,000 in damages, but again he got off. Likewise, in 1999, Depp was arrested for threatening the paparazzi in London. While it is easy to sympathize with a star threatening paparazzi, it still reveals Depp’s tendency toward violence when he’s hammered and annoyed.
    Incidentally, he was involved with French model Vanessa Pradis at the time, and although Pradis has defended him as a “sensitive, loving” man who never abused her, its obvious he was still capable of attacking OTHER people during their relationship. Bill Cosby didn’t rape every woman he met … it doesn’t mean he isn’t a rapist. Moreover, court documents by Depp’s former management allege “[Depp was being] interviewed by public authorities relating to a serious and troubling issue involving his family … [Depp] knowingly lied to public authorities in several respects in connection with these matters… [His actions] marked lack of concern for certain serious family issues.” So is Pradis lying for her children?

    Johnny Depp was physically abusive to Amber Heard. People accuse his ex-wife for his actions by saying she ‘egged him on’ so they can still enjoy the fandom fantasy of who he is. Just like his friends and fans claimed his rages and assaults in the past were “just Johnny being Johnny,” merely the kind of “outbursts they have come to expect on occasion from an actor who can be as otherworldly as the character he played in Edward Scissorhands.”
    Just like people blamed Mel Gibson’s ex when he hit her, or the alcohol he drank when he called a cop “sugar-tits”. Just like people claim Mia Farrow lied so they can still watch Woody Allen movies in the pleasant denial that he raped his adopted daughter. Just like people have always blamed the victim and given the abuser a pass.

    As for me, I won’t be watching the Fantastic Beasts sequel. I don’t watch the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. I don’t listen to my old Bill Cosby comedy albums or watch his videos. I don’t watch Woody Allen films, and I am hesitant to watch films with actors who have even worked with him in the last 20 years. (Oscars are so much more important than raped little girls?) I eschew any former favorites with Mel Gibson in them.
    I am torn about Miramax films … which ones were the result of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse? I stopped watching How I Met Your Mother, even the reruns, when they had Mike Tyson, a convicted rapist, on the show as a ‘good guy’. (Which was a good move because the last season was reportedly shit.) I try my best not to collude with or support abusers and rapists.

    But what to do about actors or authors whom I otherwise like when they support or collude with rapists and abusers whom they insist are actually ‘good people’? Do they get a little leeway for having the same delusions about their friends and family that all human beings are capable of? I still love Rowling’s books; am I hypocritical to do so or would I be throwing the baby out with the bathwater because she defended know abuser Johnny Depp?
    Denial is certainly EASIER to live with than the complexity of dealing with the fall-out of sexual and domestic violence. I can see why people prefer denial to facing uncomfortable reality.

  16. Sergio Alcantara Author

    I’m glad he didn’t put on his phony accent. It makes me cringe so much when he does it. He’s from Kentucky for goodness sakes.

  17. guitar lover Author

    Him and Keanu should just sit in a room and try and out nice each other, and when their beaten and exhausted, Dave Grolh comes in for the finish

  18. Abhishek jangde Author

    👌👌 It is artificial intelligence movie i don't know about this.But this channel let me know 😃 the name of this movie 🎬 thank you mam ☺

  19. Celia Weiss Author

    I think Johnny is more normal than most because he is reserve in public. When he knows you and likes you or he’s comfortable with you, he is outgoing and friendly. His playful side is when he does and says the unusual. He has a great sense of humor. And, of course, he is a great versatile actor.


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