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Johnny Depp’s Scarf Wrangler | Unsung Heroes of Hollywood

(upbeat music) – We’re running late. Everybody’s waiting. The chauffeur’s waiting,
the pilot’s waiting. Tim Burton’s waiting. Johnny Depp is terrified. He’s shaking in the corner
and he’s screaming at me, “Don’t put it around me. “I’m scared”. I had to do my job, I go up to him, I put it around his
neck, easy, nice and soft I say, “It’s okay, open your
eyes, look in the mirror”. He opens his eyes, he looks in the mirror and he goes, “Wow! “This is pretty cool”. I say, “This, right there,
this is why I do what I do. “This is why I am a scarf wrangler”. My work takes me all over the world. India, South Africa, Ann Taylor. Johnny has a quite a taste for the exotic. A scarf is so much more
than just an accessory. It’s a wild thing, it’s a dangerous thing. And only an artist, like
Johnny Depp, understands this. Hats are fine, they’re not
for me but they’re fine. Bracelets, pu. The wrist is merely just the
throat of the arm, right? But the throat, that is
the throat of the body. Hm? The human body is 60% water. So is the scarf. Don’t you understand? This is where we decorate, no? Look at that, beautiful. Now, if you’ll excuse
me, it’s feeding time. Here scarfy, here scarfy. Here scarfy. My name is Gerard Rocher and I am Johnny Depp’s scarf wrangler. Johnny pays me in pirate gold. I bite every single coin
to make sure it’s real. A couple of fake ones make their way through but I
just chew it and I swallow it. And that’s how I know.


  1. thepokekid01 Author

    Never realized I missed this billion dollar idea: hand scarf!

    arms really are the necks of the hands! And like the face, like the head, they get cold, they get bland. You can put on gloves, but who fiddles with gloves? Doctors and Golfers? No one wants to look like they are always about to putt on green or go to surgery. Also with the hustle and bustle of city life, you go in and out of changing temperatures. It's just too much work to remove gloves, you need a hand scarf! You can make it trendy, give it lots of colors, frills, tease it a little. I smell a fashion revolution coming!


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