1. Darra m Author

    "All these new rappers and no one got creativity"

    Bruh this flow and lyrics is the most generic shit I've ever heard what you talking bout 😂

  2. jamesray2000 Author

    Good track. Didn't realize, "man buns" were popular with troops in the 60's and 70's though. Maybe dude coulda kept his helmet on the whole time. Wouldn't have made what could have been a good video silly.

  3. Manny Blackwell Author

    I'm 58 and I think Ima start rappin you don't need real talent or to be able to write just get a ghost writer and buy some dope beats… Rap about my dick, bling on my wrist, hittin your girl and how much money I don't got…= MEGA HIT!!!! SMDH!


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