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Jordan Hollywood – LEAVE ME


  1. Sean Staxx Author

    It’s amazing how they shot all those drug dealers and managed to avoid hitting the camera crew! Really good shots. Y’all check out my music 🔥

  2. Iwa Ify Tv Author

    I was here 😍💕12. 12.2018 I often come back. Music is passion, love and longing.
    Music is the only sense of pleasure without the qualification of sin.

  3. TattedBoi Author

    after hearing his XXL freshman pitch and how fake black he tried to sound and how corny he sounded i was not expecting such good shit from him damn

  4. 2BrainsOneVisionT.v Author

    This video do not go with the song what a fucked up and violent visual for this great sound and uplifting words ARTIST REMEMBER TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN VISION!

  5. Aaron Thomas Author

    We need to get this past 1 million! How are you still sleeping on dudes talent and have these whack ass rappers with millions of views. Doesn't make sense to me.

  6. Elvis Atkauķis Author

    Perfect engineering, beat, sound, lyrics – i see talent before it blows up and people are still sleeping on this man, MARK MY WORDS THIS IS NEXT BIG ARTIST!


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