1. jacques webster Author

    Jordan is mad slept on for almost 2 years now go check his first tape ‚sorry for this‘ alongside his newest tape and also his single ‚cash out‘ like that’s quality music

  2. ThisProbably Author

    Has a lot at his disposal and is talented but is fake, definitely won't get that 10th spot, people see through that shit too quick now

  3. Twat Author

    Is this guy 4 real the Jordan from Salford England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 seem realer than this clown I don’t get you yanks something deep down tells me he is about it though still?i take it back he’s industry

  4. BOSS ZOD Author

    Aqui eu me encontro, viva a putaria! Só agradeço por Deus me permitir está onde minha fabulosa mente quer estar, e isso é meu prazer carnal, meu prazer de riquezas acumuladas aqui na terra, não me interessa riqueza no céu.

  5. BOSS ZOD Author

    Pegar mais uns 2 anos de trabalho árduo para tirar o João Paulo das Trevas , quem é sábio, deve ser porque sabe de alguma coisa, caso contrário, não existiria o cérebro, se os sábios não sabem então que se fodam.

  6. El bah Author


    Clip ufficiale di Afro panthers baby girls❤, massima condivisione e iscrizione. L'Africa vince 💚💛❤

    Afro panthers baby girls❤ clip officielle ,partage maximum et abonnez-vous. l'Afrique qui gagne 💚💛❤

    Afro panthers baby girls❤ official clip, maximum share and subscribe. Africa wins 💚💛❤

  7. Мария Самойлова Author


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  8. NØ SLEEP Author

    Been a while since I heard this song damm it’s fire, and that Asian chick in the video a booty like that for a Asian is rare😂😂🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🔥🔥

  9. Cristopher Alexander Author

    I just heard this song on my PS4 like 20 minutes ago from the time of this comment and I just love that tone that plays in the background on 1:55 here from 8/8/19 3:34PM

  10. Wurd Pley Author

    I love seeing people embrace the culture . Ememin, mgk , lil pump I fuck with all them . I fukd with 69 from day 1 too . I never understood the hate . They embracing our culture…

  11. Anatoliy Antonov Author

    That shit won’t fly u ain’t relevant no more, that ain’t what America is. America is divided and videos like this only add to the division, I like everything and everyone who worked on this but it’s not impressive or inspirational


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